Why Does My Skin Itch After Using a Massager?

A massage is a calming experience meant for relaxation after hectic hard work and chores. While massage can be fun, they can leave uneasy feelings for a few. For some indivuals, whenever they use a massager, they experience intense itchy sensations on their skin, whether on bare skin or on top of clothes. This narrative is often the reason why people who experience such conditions tend to ask, Why does my skin itch after using a massager?

Itchy skin can occur for different reasons after a massage. This can be as a result of bacterial infestation on the massager, to allergic reaction, nerve firing, nitric oxides, spasms, etc

Why Does My Skin Itch After Using A Massager?

Various reasons make your skin itch after using a massager. This section will highlight some of the reasons.

Why Does My Skin Itch After Using A Massager

1. Vibratory Urticaria

Vibrator Urticaria is an unusual and genetic skin reaction. It is a rash that appears red and itchy. This itchy red rash usually emerges at the area of any vibration involving massage and can appear when a person jogs, rides a lawnmower, mountain biking, or operates power tools. Red itches usually appear due to histamine discharge from cells which is temporary but always returns with succeeding vibration. Vibrator urticaria usually happens when the massager has been overheated.

2. Allergic Reaction

An allergic reaction occurs when the massager is employed directly on the skin, not through clothing. It can be an element of the massager, or something it is cleaned with could be causing an allergic effect or irritant contact dermatitis. The massaging oil or lotion used during massage can result in an allergic reaction that may cause your skin to itch.

3. Nerves Firing

After a massage, if your body itches without any visible rash or redness. The itching can result from a boost in blood flow, which results in an expansion in the size of the vessels that transmit blood, which could accelerate nerves to fire. Thereby resulting in an itchy sensation. The massager can enhance the temperature of your skin, and that can instigate itchiness. Since the skin is the greatest sensory organ, it can easily react to vibration.

4. Spasm

Often, you may experience muscle spasms while using a massager. Spasms can be induced by trauma inflicted by high levels of vibration. When your spasms are compressed, they will agitate the nerves, resulting in an achy-like sensation. It is advisable to use lover speed when using s massager.

Some discomfort on the skin can be a good indication of recovery and wakening of weak tissue from the inadequacy of physical exercise. As we age, blood discharge gets constrained in areas. When this occurs, nutrients cannot get to the soft tissue and skin through the blood supply like when we were younger or healthier. When soft tissue starts to break down. As you start massaging and cracking the old tissue, you can suffer some itching which will get better with time.

Should You Ignore Itches After Using A Massager?

If you experience itching after using a massager, do not ignore it. When you are worried about the itching effect, talk with your healthcare physician. Eventually, if the massage is inducing skin discomfort or the effects surpass the value or purpose of the vibration therapy. Seek a recommendation instantly from your physician. Do not ignore an itchy condition; seek help immediately and find a remedy.

Should You Ignore Itches After Using A Massager

Although skin itching is not a common factor after receiving a massage, it can be caused by numerous factors, most of which are not severe health hazards and is usually relatively manageable to remedy. Always report itching or any other unexpected symptoms you see after receiving a message to your therapist.

How Can I Instantly Stop Itch After A Massager?

Different factors can cause itching. It is important to identify what irritates the skin that makes you itch so badly. For example, if an allergic reaction inflicts your itching, it is important to discern what incites the crisis and stop further use. If symptom persist, endeavor to Speak with your massage therapist, ask them to update your records on restriction to discard further use.

How Can I Instantly Stop Itch After A Massager

Itching is an effect of referred sensation from nervous and muscular factors, will reduce and wither as the tight muscles loosen and cease accelerating the nerve impulses described as itching. For quick relief, you can use cold therapy. The cold therapy may prove a brief relief until the patient has received good massage therapy to conserve the loosened muscles. Also, consider that itching reduces over time as the muscles become more used to the stimulation.

For immediate soothing of itchy skin, dermatologists recommend the following tips:

  1. Put a cold, damp cloth or ice bag to the skin part that itches. Allow it to rest on your skin for about five to 10 minutes or until the Itch wanes.
  2. Always moisturize your son. Choose a moisturizer that is free of supplements, perfumes and fragrances.
  3. Make use of topical anesthetics that include pramoxine.
  4. You can apply cooling agents, such as menthol or calamine. You can also put your moisturizer in the refrigerator to obtain a cooling impact

When the itching problem fails to stop for hours after applying the temporary relief measures. Make an appointment with a dermatologist doctor. For some people, massage itching is likely to go away immediately after a massage but others don’t. Once your body gets used to a regular massage, the itching will stop completely. It’s nothing to worry about as this was my case. When I started, I would feel itching, but as my body got used to it, the itching stopped.

Tips To Prevent Itchy Skin When Using A Massager

For you to prevent itching skin after using a massager, it is important to take into consideration the following steps before using a massager:

  1. Do not run your massager at high speed. Run it at a lower speed. Using your massager at a moderate speed enables effective massage. You are also more relaxed and comfortable at a lower speed than higher.
  2. Avoid using a massager on your bare skin. Always put on a piece of or run your massager in a cotton shirt or material before use. This process will prevent skin itching or irritation.
  3. Concentrate by Massaging one area of your body less. Do not run the massager all over your body at once. Finish massaging one part of your skin before moving on to other parts.
  4. Before massaging, it is important to moisturize skin. Moisturizing your skin before massaging bits help in awakening dead skin cells. It also aids a smooth and effective massage.
  5. Eat more food with vitamin E. Examples of foods with Vitamin E are sunflower, soya bean oil, peanut, peanut butter, pumpkin, red bell pepper, almond, spinach, avocado, broccoli, etc. Eating right also plays a vital role in preventing skin itching.


Which of these do you think applies to you? Why does your skin itch after using a massager? Do you have allergies? Is it spasm, bacterial infection, or are your nerves just really sensitive? Try the remedies discussed here and if symptoms persist, visit your dermatologist.

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