What to Do Before a Massage to have the Best Experience?

Body massage is a medically proven therapy to soothe your mind and body. It is an effective way to reduce anxiety and insomnia. It takes about thirty minutes or an hour for the massage but to enjoy the time you should take some precautions. The massage therapist may not inform you of What to Do Before a Massage, but we have made a list for you to follow. These tips will help you to enjoy the massage without any irritation.

What to Do Before a Massage?

Massage therapy is a relaxation service to enjoy quietly. To enjoy the service you should take some pre-steps so that you don’t feel irritated while taking the massage. Here is the list of what to do before a massage?

What to Do Before a Massage?

1. Talk to Your Therapist

Before booking a massage appointment you should ask your family and friends for recommendations. Especially those who have taken the service for aches, illness, and pain. Then call the therapist for the details of price, style, and training.

2. Stay Hydrated

It is best to stay hydrated before you go to the therapists so drink enough water. A massage breaks up and releases toxins that block the essential nutrients and oxygen from traveling inside the body.  As massages circulate these circles again and again so it needs plenty of water.

3. Do Some Workout Before the Massage

Do some workouts before the massage as it is helpful for the body. After a workout, your body is warmed and your muscles are already relaxed. These conditions are perfect timing for massage.

Do Some Workout Before the Massage

4. Eat Lightly

Eat a little bit if you are hungry as it will be awkward if your stomach is noisy. However, eat at least one hour before the massage but fruit and other easy digesting foods are recommended.

5. Wear Comfortable Clothing

Choosing the perfect clothing for the massage is most important. Wear loose-fitting tops, big towels, yoga pants, or sweat pants that are comfortable for the massage. Avoid wearing skinny clothes as they squeeze your muscles and limit your movement.

Wear Comfortable Clothing

6. Avoid Massage If You Are Injured

If you are recovering from surgery or have a bad health condition don’t go for the massage. Because of massaging the injuries may become worse and destroy your relaxation. Moreover, your money is wasted and you need medical help again.

Things You Should Never Do Before Your Massage

You have already learned what to do before a massage, now check the list of what not to do before a massage. Because certain things can badly impact your skin if you do it before the massage. That’s why you should avoid doing the mentioned things below.

Things You Should Never Do Before Your Massage

Avoid Drinking Alcohol:

You may think having a few glasses of red wine may be perfect but it depends on a person’s ability. However, if you try alcohol, you may not feel the touch of the massage. As you may feel dizzy while massaging or may increase the bad effects of any injuries. That’s why according to experts, never drink alcohol before the massage.

Don’t Eat a Lot:

Heavy meals may create an unexpected irritation during the massage. Because, if the ladder is full you may feel urine or poo when there will be continuous massage pressure or Acupressure. Also, a lot of fluid is pushed from your tissues to the bloodstream. To avoid stomach irritation, avoid eating a lot before the massage.


If you sunbathe your skin is burned, becomes inflamed, and highly irritated. As the massage is applied over the skin it may affect your skin badly. Therefore don’t take the message if you have taken a sunbath.


Don’t Apply Lotion or Oil:

The therapist will apply the oil massage on your skin. If you apply lotion or any kind of oil it may not mix well with the massage oil. Because of that, the therapy may not go well or may have a reaction to the skin.

Avoid Topical Medicines, Patches, or Tapes:

If you are using any topical medicine for the particular area of your skin it may spread all over the body because of massage. In the same way, if you are using patches or tapes in any particular part of the body the therapist may avoid that area while massaging. To  Get a massage for the whole body avoid these medications.

What to Do for a Foot Massage?

Foot massage relieves muscle aches and helps to sleep properly as the massage therapist uses some techniques to ease arthritis pain. Sadly arthritis is very painful and common for elderly people. However, it is hard to go for a massage every time you feel the pain. On top of that, it costs a good amount of money every time you take the massage, so what is the solution?

What to Do for a Foot Massage?

Yes, you can use the foot Massager for Arthritis as the solution. which is an electric device that has various options to provide foot massage. It helps with a deep tissue massage and blood circulation in the foot that improves muscle stiffness and joint pain.


You may wonder that a one-hour massage requires the greatest preparation with a lot of conditions. Actually, these conditions are not mandatory and no therapist will force you about what to do before a massage or what not to do? These all are our suggestions to follow so that nothing bothers you when you are relaxing.

You may visit the massage house for the first time or may have faced one of these problems before. That’s why we are trying to warn you with all the preparations you may need to enjoy the relaxation massage. If you like our suggestions, share your knowledge with your friends and family, which will be a great appreciation for us.

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