What To Do After A Deep Tissue Massage? Tips and Facts to Know 2022

After a deep tissue massage, post-care is vital, for it ensures that you enjoy all the benefits the message has offered. Your body parts are going to feel a bit different with all that the massage experience is unfolding. What you will note about deep tissue massage is it offers a variety of benefits that you should indulge in.

What to do after a deep tissue massage? To maximize the massage experience, ensure you relax to allow relief and recovery. Your body needs to feel the improvements the massage has on your body.  It is important to let your body enhance the whole experience.

What To Do After A Deep Tissue Massage?

Deep tissue massage works excellently as it relieves muscle tension and improves your entire health. You will also note elimination in pain that you were experiencing before making you carry on with your regular duties without hiccups. What to do after a deep tissue massage? Let us look into that.


After a deep tissue massage, this is what you should do;

Drink plenty of water – Drinking plenty of water after a deep tissue massage works best to flush out toxins released after the massage. It would be best if you made it a practice to take your water continuously so that none of the toxins remain in your body. It is essential that you improve your hydration levels right after the massage to minimize after-massage side effects such as fatigue, nausea, and soreness.

Eat – After a deep tissue massage, you should eat well, but this does not mean you indulge in heavy meals. It is a fact that your body requires adequate nutrients, but heavy meals are not the answer. Start by taking light meals and plenty of fruits. What a deep tissue massage does is ensure steady blood flow into your muscle tissue; therefore, you must provide that as the blood flows, it carries with all the required nutrients.

Enough sleep – This is exceptionally fundamental. Your body needs to relax to replenish the weak tissues and strengthen muscles. This can be well enabled by having a good night’s sleep. As you sleep, your muscles will recover and gain ample strength vital for your daily activities. Your body also needs to recover from the effects and stress of massage; what better way to ensure this than getting enough sleep.  You will also note that as your body takes some rest when you sleep, the nutrients in your body will be utilized, which are produced as the blood keeps flowing. Ensure you get sleep of not less than six hours; it is very vital.

Follow up appointment – Once you are done with the first session of deep tissue massage, don’t just sit back and relax. You have to schedule a follow-up appointment so that your massage therapist can assess your condition. A single deep tissue massage will only make a slight difference, but if you indulge in several sessions, you will notice a huge difference in no time. Your body will experience significant improvements, the reason why you need to have a deep tissue massage regularly.

What Should You Not Do After A Deep Tissue Massage?

After you are done using a deep tissue massager machine, there are things you should be cautious about doing them. This is to decrease the chances of experiencing pain afterward. It also prevents your body from reacting differently. Let us take a look at the things to avoid after a deep tissue massage;

  • Coldwater: Avoid drinking cold water right after deep tissue massage. Even though water works excellently, drinking cold water is a no-no. It causes side effects because of the temperature that does not work well with your body after a deep tissue massage. You will notice that the muscles get a bit tight when you drink cold water, which should not be the case. This leads to cramps, yet you were working on muscle recovery in the first place. Instead, focus on taking warm water or one having room temperature.
  • Alcohol: Don’t indulge in alcohol after deep tissue massage. So, if you were thinking of taking a cold beer or a chilled glass of wine right after deep tissue massage, well, sorry, but it is not going to happen. Alcohol should be avoided for a maximum of 24 hours after you are done with your massage; taking before then is not advised. Remember, you have just relaxed your body, and it’s now calm. Your blood is also detoxified and purified. Why get the toxins back to your system by taking alcohol when you have just cleaned it? Don’t get high again, so avoid alcohol.
  • Caffeine: Please avoid taking coffee or smoking cigarettes. Anything with caffeine should be avoided at all costs after you are done with a deep tissue massage. What caffeine does is take back the effects of deep tissue massage, so it will be like getting back to zero. Once you take caffeine, your body will be back to how it was before you took the massage. You don’t want to experience this. Your muscles will be strained once more, not forgetting the dehydration you will experience.
  • Avoid running: Running should be avoided after a massage because it will bring back knots to your muscles. This should be avoided because you have just relaxed your gotten and gotten rid of muscle knots. Any strenuous exercise like running should not be indulged because your body is still in a delicate state.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long should you rest after a deep tissue massage?

Take not less than 24 hours to rest after a deep tissue massage. This ensures that your body completely relaxes and gives it time to rejuvenate.

Can you get sick after a deep tissue massage?

You may end up experiencing flu-like symptoms after a deep tissue massage, which is pretty standard. Post-massage soreness can also be experienced though it is nothing to worry about.

How often should you get deep tissue massage?

A monthly session of deep tissue massage is advised for you to enjoy its full benefits. This will help your body to recover fully and to undergo self-body repair though connective tissue manipulation.

Final Thought

A deep tissue massage is extremely crucial because it offers instant pain relief while ensuring that you are experiencing healing. The benefits of this massage are immense; that is why it is highly recommended, especially if you suffer from chronic joint pain.

Do you know what to do after a deep tissue massage? Knowing that helps you understand what to avoid to ensure that your body does not go back to the same state before the massage. Please take a look at what we have discussed and note what to avoid after a deep tissue massage to ensure your body keeps performing well.

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