A Guide on Types Of Massage In 2022 – Ultimate Guide

Over 4,000 years ago, china first started the massage; till now, the need for the massage is not getting less, and it will go on forever.  Just think, people then needed the massage as life was not so hard and stressful like the present time. So why should we not consider to take massage to make our life stress free?

The massage comes in different types as it focuses on different body parts and offers different benefits. Massage is all about manipulating the body by using the hands. Only an expert knows where to apply a solid or delicate pressure on the muscles and the joints to ease the heaviness and pain. In this massage guide, you will know about the types of massage and which one will work for you. Read on and choose the massage that you want badly.

Types of massage

Why Is It Important To Get A Massage?

The demand for massage is getting high day by day. Massage not only ensures relaxation, but you will get more health benefits also. You can maintain a balanced lifestyle if you feel good physically, mentally, and emotionally and all these can be done if you take a massage. Till confused, then check the importance of the benefits:

  • When you are in stress, then your body tends to produce cortisol, stress hormones at a danger level. All these led to headaches, digestive problems, insomnia, and weight gain. The massage helps to decrease the cortisol secretion level, reduce stress level, and improves the relaxation mood.
  • Regular massage reduces the pain, boosts the energy, and helps to relieve the stress.
  • As the massage cuts the cortisol level, you will stay free from anxiety, tension, and depression. All these factors cause high blood pressure; if they get low, the blood pressure will remain low.
  • The main target of the massage is to keep the muscle relaxed. For the massage, the tense muscle gets away; the muscle gets flexible and gets relaxed.
  • The blood circulation gets improved for the massage and promotes the healing of stiff, tense, and damaged muscles.
  • For bad posture, we suffer from muscle, neck, and back pain, and it is a common problem of the maximum people. To improve the position and to heal the pain, a good massage helps a lot.
  • For high stress, the body refuses to fight with the harmful bacteria. This makes the immune system weak, and we get sick frequently. A proper massage helps to improve the immunity system by making the stress level low and helping to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Note: in this section, you have learned about the importance of the massage in summary. Please check the next article about the benefits of the massager; here, you will get a full description of the massager.

Types Of Massage In 2021

Your body will tell when it needs a massage but not the type that will benefit you. For a new massage taker or who is taking just one massage type for long can get confused in choosing the right type of massage. To make the choosing procedure easy, here I have pointed the popular types of massage that promises most of the benefits:

Swedish massage:

This massage is for the new ones who have lots of stress and have a sensitive touch. Through this massage, the muscle knots get a release, and you will feel fully relaxed. The massage therapist will use deep, circular gestures, rubbing, long smooth strokes in the heart direction, tapping and vibration, joint movement, etc. it will take 60-90 minutes.

Hot stone massage

The best massage to ease muscle pain, reduce tension, and get relaxed. This massage is the same as the Swedish massage, but the difference is the therapist uses hot stone. She places the stone in the different parts and uses the Swedish massage techniques with the stone. The heat helps to release the pain, comforts muscle tension, and increases the blood flow. The body gets fully relaxed for the massage. Sometimes the therapist may use a cold stone during the massage session. It takes 90 minutes to give a proper massage.

Aromatherapy massage

To get healed emotionally, the aromatherapy massage works well. The therapist will use the essential oils and apply them on the back, head, and shoulders with gentle pressure. Sometimes you may get a full-body aromatherapy massage if required. This massage helps to boost the mood, releases muscle tension, and reduces anxiety, stress, and depression. The massage session takes 60 to 90 minutes to complete.

Deep tissue massage

This massage requires strong pressure to heal muscle problems like injury, soreness, tight muscle, and muscle pain. The massage comes with strokes and deep finger pressure in the connective tissues and deep muscle layers. The massage requires 60 to 90 minutes to get finished.

Sports massage

This massage is for athletes and sports lovers as they stay prone to injuries. By taking the sports massage, a sports injury can be prevented. You will need a full body massage with deep pressure. This massage lasts for 60 to 90minutes.

Trigger point massage

The body with chronic pain the injury needs this massage. The tight muscles are known as trigger points, and the massage targets the points to release the tightness. The massage is done with combined strong, deep, and relaxed, gentle pressure with big and smooth strokes. The therapist will find out the trigger points and apply the massage to release the pain. The massage can be done for 60 to 90 minutes.


To restore the energy level, this massage is recommended. The massage starts from the gentle pressure to firm pressure in the ears, hands, and feet. This massage needs 30 to 60 minutes to complete.

Shiatsu massage

This massage is mainly a Japanese massage. This massage targets to relieve muscle tension, pain, and stress. The massage is for the whole body, but the therapist will find out the points that need extra attention. She will use her thumbs, palms, and hands during the massage. This massage helps to give relaxation physically and mentally, and you may get rid of depression, anxiety, and stress. You can take this massage for 60 to 90 minutes.

Thai massage

To stay more active with less pain and stress, Thai massage is a good one to take. Your muscles will get flexible, the blood circulation will get a boost, and the energy level will go high after the massage. You will be stretched, twisted like the yoga movement, and the therapist will use palms and fingers to use firm pressure on your body. The massage takes 60 to 90 minutes to complete.

Prenatal massage

This massage is for a pregnant woman. It helps to reduce the cramps, body aches and reduces stress. You can take this massage at any time in your pregnancy. The therapist will massage your legs, back, and hips. The massage session continues up to 45 to 60 minutes.

Couple’s massage

You can take this massage with your partner or friend. You will get a full body massage with spa and saunas. While taking a massage, you can talk with your partner as the two of you will stay side by side.

Chair massage

If you want a quick massage on your back, neck, and shoulder, then go for the chair massage. This massage helps to release the stress and keeps you relaxed. This massage is done on a specially designed chair, and the therapist will start the massage from gentle to medium pressure.  You will need just 10 to 30 minutes to complete the massage.

Foot massage

This massage is only for them who have sore feet and spends a long time in their workplace. The therapist uses her thumb to press the points and give a massage to release the pain. It takes 30 minutes to complete.

Aquatic massage

Yes, this massage is done in the water. To release the stiff muscle and reduce muscle pain, this massage works well. The therapist will help you to move in the water gracefully with a fluid movement.

Note: after knowing the types of massage, I am sure you are dying to know about how to use massager. So what are you waiting for, check the next article about it.

Which Type of Massage is Right for You?

As you have learned about the types of massage, you can say all of them are different. You have to pick the right kind of massage for you. How will you know that? Well,

  • If you have problems like headaches or get sick with the flu frequently, then reflexology massage is for you. This massage works with the reflexology points of the feet that help to give relax to other body parts.
  • To get relief from muscle tension, deep tissue massage therapy is the best option. This massage works with deep pressure on the deep muscle layers.
  • For getting relaxed from the stress, hot stone massage and Swedish massage is the top pick among the sufferers.
  • To relief, the pain, shiatsu massage helps a lot.

Note: in this section, you now know about the type of massage you need. To know more about the best massager for hip pain, check out the next article.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, you will have the answers to the most asked questions.

What is a Tapotement massage?

Tapotement massage is a popular technique that is used in the Swedish massage. You have to use the edge of the hand, fingertips, and cupped hand with rhythmic striking in this massage technique.

What is a Petrissage massage?

A Petrissage massage is the massage movement that requires wringing, kneading, pick up, squeeze, and skin rolling. You have to use the movements with pressure in the deep underlying muscle.

What is an Effleurage massage?

Ans:  The effleurage massage is the massage technique that is used in the Swedish massage. It is the smooth massage strokes to warm up the muscle before starting the Petrissage massage.

Final Thought

A massage helps to feel you better physically and mentally. There are types of massage that you can choose to take just to feel good and happy for the rest of the day. Let me share with you secret tips, try all the massage types, and check how you feel after taking it. This adventure will help you to pick the right massage for your body. While taking massage, connect with your therapist, and say when you are not feeling ok. And always take a doctor’s advice before taking any massage therapy if you have any problems.

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