Thai Vs Swedish Massage: What You Need to Know for Perfect Differences?

Massage is a physical treatment that uses a different kind of physical contact to relax and heal the body. Medical experts prescribed different massage therapy for mental and substantial treatments. There are several types of massages however, Thai massage and Swedish massage have become the most popular massage around the world.

These Massages don’t provide only pleasure or relaxation but also have some mental and physical benefits. You may not know which one is more beneficial, so before you go ahead read  Thai Vs Swedish Massage comparisons for your better understanding.

What Is Thai Massage?

It is a lazy massage combined with acupressure, yoga positions, and old Indian ayurvedic methods. This massage can help to release pain and stress and it is a traditional massage that has been a part of Thai medication.

What Is Thai Massage?

What Is Swedish Massage?

Swedish massage offers entire body massage with the most common techniques to promote relaxation and release muscle tension. That’s why it is called the classic massage. It is a gentle massage that is suited for blood circulation.

What Is Swedish Massage?

Position of Thai Massage

It is a huge fact to explain because Thai massage has a variety of positions that provides a gentle and deep massage to the nerves of the body. Let’s take a look at these joint or back pain removing postures.

  • Bridge pose
  • Back press
  • King cobra
  • Cobra pose
  • Butterfly pose
  • Spinal twist lying position
  • Shoulder stand
  • Plow pose
  • Fish pose
  • Half-Locust
  • Spinal twist

Thai Massage Dress

Usually, there is a traditional Thai dress used for massage therapists or they may wear short sleeves and trousers. You need comfortable clothing such as half sleeves and shorts, yoga pants, and loose lifting tops.

Position of Swedish Massage

There are five main steps in the Swedish massage that attracts the clients most. All the strokes have different purposes and benefits, however, they are applied to clients according to their needs which are listed below.

  • Effleurage Strokes
  • Petrissage Strokes
  • Friction Strokes
  • Tapotement Strokes
  • Vibration Strokes

Swedish Massage Dress

The therapist may wear sexy dresses like half sleeves and shorts if she is a woman. If he is a man, he may wear a short T-shirt and long loose sleeves. Well, frankly saying the uniform is provided by the therapist for clients is only two pieces of white towel. Because you will take massages only with a bare body.

Techniques of Thai Massage

First, they make a relaxing environment that makes you feel separated and relaxed. Such as they use candles in a confined room with a massage table or a mat on the floor. They use different kinds of massage oils to disrobe the body on the mat that helps to give you a smooth massage.

Techniques of Thai Massage

Thai massage uses stretching, pulling, and rocking techniques that relieve tension, enhance flexibility and range of motion. The therapist uses her hand, elbow, palm, knees, legs, and feet to make you feel the series of yoga. This yoga increases the sense and flow of energy of the body. Moreover, they apply deep muscle compression and acupressure

Techniques of Swedish Massage

Swedish massage techniques are applied one by one with a sequence. These techniques help to increase the oxygen level in the blood that releases toxins from the muscle. Before they start massaging they make a tricky environment to travel your mind to a calm environment.

Techniques of Swedish Massage

They use different sizes of candles to make a fancy light and soft scent for a smooth feeling. Apply oil to the body then use their thumbs and fingers while massaging. The basic techniques are

  • Long strokes
  • Kneading
  • Friction
  • Tapping
  • Percussion
  • Vibration
  • Shaking motion

Benefits of Thai Massage

Originally it includes Ayurvedic, traditional Indian yoga, and Chinese medicine. However, the massage is not limited to the bed or mats but can be any position that is useful to release joint pressure. Here are the six science-proof benefits of Thai massage without relaxation.

Benefits of Thai Massage

Relieves Headaches:

In several studies with chronic headache patients, researchers found that Thai massage can reduce the intensity of the headache for both migraine and tension. Moreover, the massage effects can last for a week to 15 weeks maximum.

Reduce Back Pain:

Thailand medical researchers conducted a study about the effect of Thai massage on a group of people with lower back pain. They were tested with joint mobilization, hot packs, and manual stretching.

After four weeks of testing, the group had magnificent pain relief. Moreover, it is good for back pain that includes trigger points-tight, painful muscle cluster-in the upper back.

Relieves Joint Stiffness and Pain

It improves joint function by reducing pain and stiffness when you walk. If you have knee arthritis, an 8- week regular massage can improve your knees. The only alternative we have is a foot Massager for Runners for joint stiffness. That works amazingly to give you a comfortable foot massage.

Flexibility and Range of Motion

As it is associated with traditional yoga it could improve the movements of the body’s joints. A single session of massage may not improve but after a few sessions, you will realize the improvement of your joint flexibility.

Energy Booster

The massage unblocks some of the areas to force them to be more flexible. It works the same as the nutrients do to boost energy. When you are relaxed you feel a revival that makes you more engaging in your daily activity.

Overall Health and Wellness

The users claimed that the massage was helpful for asthma and bronchitis, irregular menstruation, and digestive issues. Some users say that it helps to overcome depression, hysteria, and mental disorders. Ideally, this kind of massage can indeed be an alternative treatment for these diseases.

Side Effects and Warning of Thai Massage

Thai massage has a great impact on the circulatory system of people with the following health conditions.

  • It may cause a neck injury as it has some sensitive joints.
  • If the therapist is imbalanced it may break or twist that part of the body.
  • Pregnancy massage increases the risk of miscarriage
  • Surgery patients should not take the therapy.
  • People with High blood pressure, Diabetes, Heart disease, and Osteoporosis should not use the therapy.

Benefits Of Swedish Massage

It has numerous benefits including relaxation and deep tissue massage that helps to increase blood circulation. Before you go for the massage take a look at its advantages to learn why it is more beneficial for you.

Benefits Of Swedish Massage

Pain Management:

If you are suffering from arthritis and chronic pain, just talk to the massage therapist. She will target those areas to massage with a motion that improves local blood circulation to reduce muscle tension. All efforts are applied inherently.

Decrease Stress and Increase Relaxation:

Today life is so stressful, that can increase muscle tension and pain. Moreover, it can impact your mind by increasing worry and anxiety. Swedish massage can clear your body and mind by calming your nervous system and relaxing muscular tension.

Increase Flexibility and Range of Motion:

The massage elongates the tight muscles and lubricates them to decrease swelling. This process helps to make your movement easy and flexible By increasing fluids in the muscles.

Relieve Headache:

Headache relieves and relaxation is the common benefit of all kinds of massage. Except that Swedish massage improves physical and mental health.

Increase Blood Flow:

Due to overwork and repetitive strain you may have postural imbalances. Or sitting for a long time and injury can make an imbalanced posture. Therefore, Swedish massage can ease the muscular holding to make a balanced posture. On top of that, the blood vessels become wider and increase blood flow.

Overall Energy:

A fresh feeling after the massage helps to improve serotonin levels that help you to sleep best.

Side Effects and Warning of Swedish Massage

Every coin has two sides, negative and positive. Now, let’s take a glance at the side effects of regular Swedish massage below.

  • It may remove headaches instantly but may happen opposite.
  • May cause lingering pain during or after the massage.
  • Fatigue or sleepiness may affect your activeness.

Thai Vs Swedish Massage: Which One Is Better for You?

Already you have read the Thai Vs Swedish Massage comparative discussion and you know most of the information about these two massages. Both of the massages have the same health benefits but a few differences.

Thai Vs Swedish Massage: Which One Is Better for You?

The only difference you may find is one is deep pressure and another applies gentle motion. However, both of them are significant for mental and physical health. After the clarification, I should say which one is better. It depends on your choice and needs.


After a period of hard work over a month, It’s not a bad idea to spend 30 minutes of massage for relaxation. That will lead you to a fresh feeling with no stress. However,  I like Thai massage service for its comforts but which type of massage should you choose from the two of these?

Well, you can read the article Thai Vs Swedish Massage to acquire comparative knowledge. Then you can decide the best one for you though both of them are nearly the same. Then get ready to go.

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