What are the Side effects of Deep Tissue Massage?

There are various types of massage that work to treat different problems. One of these is deep tissue massage, which promises to balance and align the deep layers of muscles and connective tissue. But what exactly is deep tissue massage?

Deep tissue massage focuses on a technique that uses movements similar to other types of massage, but with a very smooth rhythm accompanied by intense pressure, especially in areas where stress and pain are concentrated. It is performed on those with chronic tension and contractures in areas such as the neck, lower back, and shoulder.

However, any part of the body can be treated with this technique.  With lots of benefits, the deep tissue massage has side effects also. In this article, I will present the side effects of deep tissue massage are. Let’s dive into it.

Are Deep Tissue Massages Safe?

Deep tissue massage is safe for everyone because it uses firm pressure on our bodies. It helps to improve blood circulation that reduces pain, and heals the body aches quickly. Also, the flows allow relieving tension and fatigue by stimulating the lymphatic system. The system eliminates toxins and other harmful germs that help to reduce muscle inflammation and tension.

What are the Side effects of Deep Tissue Massage

Almost all types of pain can be alleviated with deep tissue massage. Regularly using the massage on the pained area, it will get away forever. The massage stops the scar tissue growth by repairing soft tissue. Also, it reduces anxiety and depression in all conditions. It allows us to move more freely than previous by improving flexibility in muscle joints. If you have blood clots disorder, never try the deep tissue massage. Otherwise, it is safe for everyone; even surgery patients can apply deep tissue massage.

What Are The Side Effects Of Deep Tissue Massage?

Although deep tissue massage is safe for everyone, it has some side effects that vary to users’ health conditions. It applies firm pressure and provides a comfortable feel to reduce pain and soreness within short times. Here, I have listed some side effects of deep tissue massage that are minor in my view. Let’s see them.

  • Extend pain

Deep tissue massage helps to reduce pain within shot times and lasts for more than 1 day. If your pain is not relieved within a couple of days, you must contact specialist doctors. Continuing the massage can prolong the pain.

  • Muscle pain

Sometimes, during the massaging period and DTM session, our muscle becomes stiff, moderate, or severe. The soreness of the muscle can be longer for 2-4 days.

  • Headache

During deep tissue massaging sessions, some feel a mild headache that is awkward to everyone. The headache happened for new massage users, and after a few days, it will be eliminated automatically. Also, stay relaxed when preparing for a deep tissue massage.

  • Skin rashes

Those who have allergy diseases could face skin rashes and redness during deep tissue massage, although it provides firm pressure. For improving blood circulation, the redness of the skin happens. The skin rashes happen for improving lymphatic systems.

  • Not safe for pregnant

For pregnant mothers, deep tissue massage is not safe because blood clots disorder happens due to the massage, which is risky for pregnant women.

The side effects are big issues, and almost all of us are familiar with the effects in daily life.

Why Do I Feel Sick After A Deep Tissue Massage?

I have flu-like diseases and symptoms that make me sick after deep tissue massage. The cases are different and vary to people’s body condition. Some cases are mild, and some are severe. Let’s go to the answer: why do I feel sick after a deep tissue massage.

  1. I have been suffering from allergies and skin sensitivity for 9 years. After taking a deep tissue massage, my skin redness comes out, and I see some rashes. Also, I had suspected Parkinson’s disease 2 years ago that can create problems after the massage. Some people faced edema and heart failure for the deep tissue massage.
  2. Pregnant women have blood clots disorder, and the massage can create a big problem in the mother’s womb and harmful for the baby. The massage is cause for sickness when you have allergic manifestations, thrombosis, circulatory problems, contagious disease, pregnant and recent birth. After all, it is advisable to always refer to the doctor in case of doubts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here, I have answered some frequently asked questions about deep tissue massage.

Does deep tissue massage release toxins?

Yes, deep tissue massage helps to improve blood circulation and release toxins to cleanse the body. It heals the pain area that is affected and has severe pain.

How often should I get a deep tissue massage?

It depends on your condition. You can apply DTM daily, weekly, and as a therapist recommendation. If you want to take messages several times daily, I recommend doing 2 times daily to stay painless.

Can a deep tissue massage cause damage?

Normally, deep tissue massage has no major damage found. If you are a chronic patient, you will face trauma by the deep tissue massage, which leads to sensory injury.

Here is an Overview of Deep Tissue Massage Side Effects

Final Thought

The side effects of the deep tissue massage are mild for everyone that happens daily with us. Many problems can be treated effectively with deep tissue massage, including whiplash and repetitive stress injuries, postural and sciatica problems, sports injuries and falls, tensions or muscle spasms of the buttocks, and hamstrings, quadriceps, back, etc. In the treatment of pain, this manual skill has proven more effective than many others, including physical exercises, drugs, chiropractic treatment, or acupuncture.

At some points in the treatment, most people experience some discomfort. It is good to know this because the deep pressure is aimed directly at the injured or painful areas. You should inform the massage therapist about the most painful areas, and if the pain becomes a little too strong. Multiple treatments have positive effects because they help the body adapt.

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