Neck Hammock Review [2022] – Is it Really Relieve From Neck Pain?

More than 30% of the American adults encounter neck discomfort each year, and 50% of them develop chronic neck pain. Neck pain becomes a big issue considering the interference of neck pain into the daily life of up to 70% among the sufferers. OTC medications cannot be a solution for a recurring problem like neck pain; it needs a better home remedy.

Meet the Neck hammock that saved my day countless times and relieved my neck pain without any OTC meds. It’s a portable cervical traction device that treats neck pain, anxiety, tension, frustration from all-day work in just 10 minutes or less. Read the Neck hammock review if you’re suffering from neck pain and looking for a solution other than medications.

What Is Neck Hammock?

Before getting deep into the Neck hammock review, let’s know about the device a little, what it is, and how it works. The neck hammock traction device that stretches your cervical disks in your neck and relieves tensions that are causing pain. If you wake up with a stiff neck and need a deep, inner stretch, neck hammock does that without any medical attention. 

What is Neck hammock

After a long working day, the neck takes the most stress as it carries the head and contains the cervical disks. When the disks from C1 to C7 stacks and starts to irritate or pain, the neck hammock works like a charm. I take it to my office in my backpack, use it anywhere, any time to relieve neck tension. It takes less time and space but does a superior job decompressing my neck than the other devices.

Neck Hammock Main Features

Ever since I’m using the neck hammock, life has become less stressful and way more joyful. Here are some of the impressive features that I’ve found so helpful in the neck hammock device: 

Neck hammock Main Features

Relieving neck pain naturally 

The main feature of the neck hammock is its pain relief capability from the neck and the surrounding area. Its clever design stretches the cervical disks and soothes the area to get the ultimate relief from neck pain. Rather than using any extra force, it uses the weight of your head and the force of gravity to do the job. As it doesn’t use any external force, your neck stays in the natural position while stretching and decompressing. 

Stress and anxiety is now a myth

The stress and anxiety from all-day work are depressing, and the neck hammock can be the right tool to fight that. If you’re stressed, anxious, and depressed after a day of har work, take 10 minutes of your time for the neck hammock. Only about 10 minutes or so on the neck hammock, and you’ll feel completely different and relaxed. It makes me so relaxed and helps my brain release more dopamine that I often fall asleep. 

The DIY pain management device

Most people with neck pain who don’t want to have medications for good go to a chiropractor to treat it. However, the problem with that isn’t only the expensive visits, but also the time being wasted for the treatment. The neck hammock makes it way easier and handier with the DIY design. You can use it yourself right in your home, office, plane, or wherever you need a session of ultimate neck relaxation. 

Fits a busy schedule or small space

The neck hammock isn’t only a DIY device, but also a portable and handy one that you can take anywhere and use any time. Its foldable design with a small footprint makes it easier to place in your backpack without taking much space. You can also just carry it individually with the included pouch-like carrying bag and hook it up with something.

Comfortable design and build quality

I’ve been using the neck hammock for a while now, and it’s by far the most comfortable neck support device I’ve ever used. It has extra cushioning in the neck bed and the sideways to support my neck with the utmost comfort. The connecting straps and the metal hangers are rigid and feel premium to touch, just like it feels while using. It has never broken on me, and I’m sure that the rigidity of the product should support me for a long time. 

Setting it up is straightforward

Although its high quality and well-thought design may seem like it’ll be hard to use, it’s not; setting it up is easy. Using it has a straightforward process and doesn’t require a lot of steps to confuse you. Almost everything is pre-attached and has an easy-to-understand process for the detachable strap as well. You’ll love it.

Are Neck Hammocks Safe?

Whenever selecting a neck hammock, the first question people ask is, will it be safe, and that’s understandable. You’re using a device that’s going to manipulate your neck’s cervical disks, and it might even hurt if not safe! Well, as long as this Neck hammock is concerned, I can assure you it’s the safest neck hammock ever. 

Are Neck hammocks safe

It doesn’t put any extra pressure on your neck; rather, it uses the natural weight of your head and the gravity. There is no way it’s putting any unnatural pressure on your neck that can hurt your body other than comforting it. All it does is stretch the tensed disks and bones, relax the neck, and get you the comfort you deserve.

Are Neck Hammocks Effective?

Are Neck hammocks effective

Using the neck hammock can be the most effective way to treat your neck pain naturally. If you’ve been using OTC medications and visiting expensive chiropractors, it’s time to upgrade to a better yet affordable solution. The neck hammock will help you relieve your neck pain without putting extra pressure or medications for your neck. Only a 10-minutes session with your neck hammock can get you the relief from the pain you’re craving for. 

Are Neck Hammocks Good For You?

Who needs the neck hammock, and why should anybody get the neck hammock to treat neck pain? The answer is simple; if you have neck pain, you need the neck hammock more than anything in the world. The neck hammock will take you pain away and get you relief, whenever and wherever you want. Nobody knows when he’s going to wake up with a stiff neck in the morning; the neck hammock can help fight that instantly.

How Does Neck Hammock Work?

The working process of the neck hammock for relieving neck pain and stiffness is pretty amazing. All the cervical disks in your neck absorb the shocks from your body and save the head. As a result, the disks and the muscles around them get stiff, and you end up with pain, discomfort. 

When you put on the neck hammock, it uses your cervical traction to ease the disks and the muscles around. It stretches the muscles and the veins in the area, increases the blood circulation and releases more feel-good hormones. After using it for 10 minutes or so, the area becomes free again, and you get relief from pain!

How to Use a Neck Hammock?

Using the neck hammock for the first time is simple as it has a straightforward process. It takes less than a minute to set it up; here is how you get your neck hammock ready and start using:

How to Use a Neck Hammock

Hook the strap

Hook the strapHook the strap

First off, you have to hook the hanger strap to a firm place where you’ll hang the neck hammock. It can be a rail, a door handle, or a door hinge that can take the weight of your neck, head, and upper body. Make sure the strap doesn’t slip away or tear the door handle; I suggest using a window rail or making a custom hanger. 

Clip the neck hammock

Clip the neck hammock

After hooking up the strap, take the neck hammock and clip it to the strap you just hooked up to the railing. The rest of the neck hammock doesn’t need any assembly or any other steps to use it. When you clip the hanger, make sure the clip is in its place and test with pressure before you start using it.

Use properly

Use properly

There is nothing much to the usage; you lie down under the hammock and put your head inside it, that’s it. It comes with a blindfold onboard; put that on if you need uninterrupted time with your neck hammock. Be sure to lie in an optimal position where you don’t feel any discomfort with it. 

Can Anyone Use The Neck Hammock?

Can anyone use The Neck Hammock

Anybody who’s suffering from neck pain and discomfort can use the neck hammock to release the tension in the neck. It’s a very good choice for any adult who sits behind the desk or who stands all day. If you do a job that puts pressure and tension on your cervical area, get a neck hammock. It will help you take care of your neck pain and headache at the end of the day and help you get a peaceful sleep. 

Is Neck Hammock scam?

When I heard about the neck hammock for the first time, I had a skeptical mind about it. However, since I was suffering from ongoing neck pain, I decided to try it out, and I’m grateful that I took that decision. The neck hammock put an end to my daily frustration and made it easier to cope with the pain. It takes only a few minutes of peace lying on the floor, and the neck hammock does the magic. 

What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of A Neck Hammock?

As you’re using the neck hammock to manipulate and relax your cervical tension, you should know what its advantages and disadvantages are. Here are what I found great about the neck hammock and where it could be better:

  • The neck hammock has a solid construction and comfortable fit for any size neck.
  • It takes only 10 minutes or less to relieve cervical tension and alleviate neck pain.
  • You can hook it anywhere; it doesn’t require special treatment for use.
  • It doesn’t use any external force to the neck and does the job naturally.
  • It’s lightweight and portable for taking it anywhere and using it at any time.
  • It needs a strong hanger to hang it with proper support for the strap. 

Where Can I Buy Neck Hammock?

Is Neck Hammock scam

Getting the original neck hammock should be easy if you buy it from the official vendor’s website – Right now, the official website is rolling out the neck hammock at a discounted price with free shipping in the US. You can even get 2 neck hammocks for free if you buy 3, or get 1 at a 40% discount if you buy 2 together. On top of that, you can easily ship the neck hammock back to the manufacturer if it doesn’t work for you! The money-back-guarantee for the neck hammock helps you make a completely worry-free purchase in 30-days. 


Here are the most frequently asked questions about the neck hammock that are people asking around the globe, and you might have and interest in: 

Does a neck hammock really work?

Yes, the neck hammock does a great job as a cervical traction device to relieve the cervical tension and alleviate neck pain. You can use it anywhere from home to office, or on the go. 

How long should you use a neck hammock?

Using the neck hammock doesn’t take long to relieve the pain; it depends on the severeness of the pain. You can use it anywhere between 3 minutes to 1o minutes a day to get the result. 

Does Neck Hammock work on all doors?

Any door with rigid hinges or strong handles does just fine hanging the neck hammock on. You can also hang it on the window rail to get an even better and uninterrupted experience with it. 

What does it do for your neck?

The neck hammock Relieves headaches, reduces herniated disks, and relieves pressure. You can get the ultimate relief from neck pain naturally, without using any external force with it.

Final Thought

Neck pain shouldn’t be that hard to handle, and certainly shouldn’t take medications to alleviate the pain. When you work all day, the cervical discs of your neck become compromised, which you can treat with a neck hammock. 

I hope the Neck hammock review helped you understand its potentials to give you relief from chronic cervical pain. Alongside alleviating neck pain, it releases pinched nerves and gets you the relief you need after a long stressful day. It’s the device you can rely on, just like the athletes, chiropractors, and wellness professionals do for themselves and their patients. 

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