Best 3 Medical Breakthrough Massage Chair Reviews of 2022

Back in the day, when there was still muscle pain among the people, they used to endure the pain. There was no way out. But, now with all of the modern technological development, pain management has become easier than ever.

To be specific, you can think about Medical Breakthrough as they offer us all of the effective massage chairs to relieve our pain. Read on this exclusive medical breakthrough massage chair reviews to know everything about it. We hope this in-depth article will assist you to choose the best product. So, without further ado, let’s begin.

About The Company

Medical Breakthrough started their journey with their passion to help people by giving them a proper solution for removing their nerve pain. Not every massage chair manufacturer had the opportunity to work in the same industry for 36 years before starting the actual production. In that case, the medical breakthrough is pretty much advanced as they made the massage chair by using their 36 years of chiropractic experience.

The company is quite determined to build only world-class products which are highly recommended by doctors. In fact, many doctors are working behind the scene to improve the overall user experience of the product. According to their official website, their office address is 28577 Industry Drive, Valencia, CA 91355. Over 26 MDs recommended their massage chairs as they always serve us with top-notch products.

Medical Breakthrough always tried to serve us massage chairs with top-notch quality. But, the best part is these chairs are designed by qualified doctors, surgeons, and chiropractors. With 36 years of professional experience, this company is helping us with all the innovative products.

To give us full-body reflexology, this product comes with preset massage programs. All of the professional doctors and engineers who worked hard to make this chair are always passionate about delivering quality massage chairs.

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Top 3 Medical Breakthrough Massage Chair Reviews

All of the MB products are pretty much good and you can easily rely on it. However, below we are reviewing 3 top medical breakthrough massage chairs, so you will be able to select the right one.

Medical Breakthrough Massage Chair Review

1. Medical Breakthrough 6 v4 Recliner 3D Massage Chair

Medical Breakthrough 6 v4 Recliner 3D Massage Chair

When you talk about the medical breakthrough 6 V4 massage chair, it has so many types of effective massage techniques. From Japanese Shiatsu, Greek stress relief to yoga stretching, it has everything to give you a comfortable feeling. The medical massage chair comes with multiple types of advanced medical care systems to keep your body fit. Besides, it will ensure that every single inch of your foot is getting the massage with its innovative reflexology foot massage system.

No wonder, you’ll surely like the human hand massage system of this chair and you’ll feel like getting massaged by a real chiropractor. Besides, this exclusive model will ensure that you have covered the maximum massage areas of your body. With an advanced L-track massage system, you’ll get at least 3x extra coverage so that you don’t need to miss any massaging opportunity. While daily stretching up your body in the right way is so much important for your physical fitness, this exclusive product will ensure it properly.

Needless to say, 6 V4 is the ultimate choice for you, to improve your stamina and to relieve your pain. It has a true 4D arm massage to give you nothing but ultimate comfort. On top of that, the smart full-body medical scan is one of the major specialties of this exclusive massage chair. There is no doubt that it will detect the right spot to deliver an effective soothing massage.

Medical Breakthrough Features:

  • It comes with advanced medical care systems to give you the ultimate comfort.
  • The reflexology foot massage system will ensure effective massaging in every inch of your foot.
  • It has a human hand massage system to get a feeling like a licensed chiropractor.
  • Advanced L-track massage system maximizes the total coverage area.
  • A smart full-body medical scan will detect the right area for massaging.
  • 3 times more coverage
  • Full body yoga stretch
  • True 4D arm massage
  • Foot roller and calf massage
  • Easy to assemble
  • Little bit expensive

2. Medical Breakthrough 4 v2 Recliner Massage Chair

Medical Breakthrough 4 v2 Recliner Massage Chair

One of the main benefits of using medical breakthrough chairs is they are built based on certified doctor’s advice. When it comes to the 4 V2 recliner chair, it has everything to give you the ultimate comfort and relaxation. The massage rollers of this chair can be easily customized with the help of an innovative full-body scan feature. So, you’ll get the exact massage that you need to get the maximum benefits. The extra padding which comes along with this chair will help you to get even more comfort.

On top of that, it comes with enough wheels which makes it mobile enough so that you can move it without any hassle. Besides, the L-track massage system of this exclusive chair will ensure that it covers at least 3 times coverage. With around 167 air cells, you’ll get the ultimate relaxation while using this chair. Not to mention, this chair is specially designed to massage every spot of your arm. The true 4D arm massage comes in handy when you need to apply soothing massage to your arm.

When you talk about managing your pain, this product will give you an optimum solution with its intense heat therapy. Another exciting reason for the popularity of this product is it will offer you a full body massage. Whether you need to massage your shoulder or back, this product will get the job done. Undoubtedly, the head-to-toe back massage system is pretty much perfect to make your body fit and to relieve pain. If you are looking for a massage chair for large person, without any doubt, this product will give you an optimum solution.

Medical Breakthrough Features:

  • Zero gravity seating position to make you feel virtually weightless.
  • Comes with wheels so that you can move it conveniently.
  • The heating function is present and can be enabled by pressing a switch.
  • Full body scan feature to identify the right spot for effective massaging.
  • L-track massage system to get maximum coverage.
  • Full body medical scan
  • True 4D arm massage
  • Easy to move from one place to another
  • Wide range of massaging coverage
  • Has many shapes and sizes
  • The instructions manual is quite inadequate

3. Vending 5 Massage Chair by Medical Breakthrough | for Businesses (Black)

Vending 5 Massage Chair by Medical Breakthrough | for Businesses (Black)There is no denying the fact that medical breakthrough chairs are specially designed by certified doctors, surgeons, and chiropractors. Likewise, the Vending 5 massage chair comes with many exclusive features to provide you with a comfortable feeling. The intelligent massage hand technology that is used in this chair will ensure effective full-body massaging with this device.

You can easily put your trust in the four-wheel system which conveniently fits your body curve. On top of that, the backtrack comes with vertical motion to give you extra comfort. The calculated reclining feature enables you to get deep soothing massaging in your body. Like the other two medical breakthrough chairs above, the vending 5 comes with the full-body medical scan feature as well. So, you can rely on this device when it will detect the right spot for applying the massage.

Japanese shiatsu, flapping, kneading, or even knocking, you name it! This product is programmed with all the effective and exclusive massage techniques to relieve your pain. You’ll find a total of 6 automatic massage programs in this chair. Besides, with 5 different levels of speed mode, you will have control over the intensity so that you can easily set your priority. So, you can start with light pressure and eventually can move into the hard intensity level to get the maximum benefits from it.

Vending 5 Massage Features:

  • It comes with a trigger point therapy feature to massage the targeted area of your body.
  • You’ll feel virtually weightless with the zero-gravity seating position.
  • Specially designed by qualified doctors and practitioners to give you the ultimate benefits.
  • True 3D deep tissue massaging system to relieve your pain effectively.
  • Innovative four-wheel system to fit the curve of your body.
  • Superior vending design
  • Full body medical scan options
  • Hitting and triggering the pain points conveniently
  • Zero gravity sleep system
  • Innovative hip twist system
  • Little bit pricey

Medical Breakthrough Vs Kahuna Chairs: Which Is Best?

You can’t deny that Kahuna offers some top-notch products in terms of durability, and customer service at affordable rates. Especially when it comes to customer service, they are so agile and try to solve the problems as soon as possible. The upholstery of their products is pretty much thick. That is why you’ll feel a rough feeling in their foot massage.

Medical Breakthrough Vs Kahuna Chairs: Which Is Best?

But, then again, we are so much satisfied with their customer service as they kind of listen to your problems first. On the other hand, Medical breakthroughs always produce massage chairs in top-notch quality. When you talk about upholstery and parts of the medical breakthrough, you’ll be certainly amazed to see the quality. But, on the contrary, their product price is usually quite higher compared to Kahuna chairs.

That said, we must admit that any kind of MB chair can give you the ultimate satisfaction. No doubt, you’ll get the ultimate satisfaction from them, but they will take a good amount of your money. However, if you want to get the ultimate value for money, Kahuna would be the best. On the contrary, if quality is your priority, you should go for medical breakthrough massage chairs.

Why Choose This Medical Breakthrough Massage Chair?

A massage chair becomes extremely important if you experience pain so often. Massage chairs are becoming so popular these days as they offer a range of benefits to your body as a whole. Especially, when you talk about a medical breakthrough massage chair, it comes with many exclusive features. We have mentioned some great products in the medical breakthrough massage chair reviews section above.

Why Choose This Medical Breakthrough Massage Chair

No wonder, they can satisfy all of your needs. First of all, all of the MB chairs are mainly doctor-based. They are specially designed by certified doctors, surgeons, and chiropractors to give you ultimate satisfaction. Besides, they offer full body medical scans so that they can identify the target pain point to apply the message effectively.

With a zero-gravity seating position, you’ll feel virtually weightless and comfortable. The extra cushion or padding will improve the comfort of the chair. On top of that, the wheels of the chair will help you to easily move it over places. In a nutshell, the medical breakthrough massage chair will offer you a complete body massaging option.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We already have covered every key thing about medical breakthrough massage chairs. However, still if you have any queries, please explore the FAQ section below to get a quick answer.

Where are medical breakthrough massage chairs made?

Medical breakthrough is a world-class brand for massage chairs. Although you can get it in any place in the US, in most cases, they are made in China.  You may find multiple suppliers of these MB massage chairs, but the majority of them are based in China.

Will health insurance pay for a massage chair?

When you have already used the deductible and now you want to get insurance coverage for the cost of your massage chair, we are afraid you won’t get it. In a general sense, there is no DME or insurance medical code for massage chairs. For that reason, there is no insurance coverage for massage chairs.

Is a massage chair a good investment?

Of course, investing in a massage chair worth the money. You’ll get so many benefits from it. To remove tiredness and make your body relaxed, all you need is a good-quality massage chair. Besides, it will relieve your pain in a convenient way. If you have a massage chair in your house, it will save you a lot of money and time as well.

Final Words

No one would deny that medical breakthrough is a trusted brand. Because their chairs are exclusively designed by qualified doctors and massage professionals. With so many exclusive features, they will help you to relieve your pain. Almost every MB product comes with top-notch quality.

All of the products we have reviewed above can satisfy your needs. Then again, our recommendation is the Medical Breakthrough 6 v4 Recliner 3D Massage Chair as it has many exclusive features. For instance, it will give you a true 4D arm massage with increased coverage. Furthermore, with a full-body scanning option and an advanced L-Track massage system, you will get a great user experience from it. We hope that these medical breakthrough massage chair reviews have helped you to choose the best option for you.

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