Massager Buying Guide – Top 10 Expert Advice

There was a time when I was freaking out with the work pressure load and irregular sleep. I was getting sick day by day. Before anything bad was going to happen, one of the friends suggested me take a massager and use it before going to bed. From that day on and still, I never forget to give one big thank you to my friend and the massager in my home.

People, there is nothing better than taking a good massage to release stress and tension from the muscle. And this is only the reason you are here to look for the perfect massager. You are in the right place at the right time. In this massager buying guide, you will know about the types of the massager, what are the benefits, and the facts to consider to choose the one for your body.

Massager buying guide

Types Of Massager

You may ask, why a massager? What is the problem with professional massage therapists? Well, let me clear one thing, and that is, there is no problem to take a massage from the therapy center. They offer the best therapy to heal your stress and anxiety. By buying the massager, you will save money and time if you need a regular massage but have no time to go to the center. The massagers come in different sizes, shapes and focusing on different body parts. The types are:

Head massager

The head is the part that holds all the tensions of our life. When you are in full stress, the muscles near your head and neck get tighten, and you feel jammed. To relieve this tension, a head massager is the best option.

Shoulder and neck massager

To get relief the stress from the neck and shoulder, this massager is perfect. You can drape this massager over the shoulder, and there are four shiatsu nodes to give a massage. You have to adjust the pressure from the front grip with your hand.

Pillow massager

This small and portable massager is popular among users. It runs with the car battery or adapter smoothly. All you have to do is lay the massager on the back and let them work. You can also attach it to your car seat to enjoy the massage while you are driving.

Back cushion massager

This cushion gives the feeling of a massage chair. There are panels with shiatsu notes and an air pillow and a button cushion for vibration. This massager provides relaxation in your full body; all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the massage.

Percussion or handheld massager

This massager is the popular one for the size and versatile use. You can use it on your back, leg, and feet also. Whenever you need a massage, just put on the body part where you think the massage will help and enjoy it.

Massage chairs

If you want something big and luxurious, then the massage chair is for you. When you are on the chair, the chair will go to the zero-gravity location and provide you a full-body relaxation that you can ask for. It is worth it to invest.

Foot massager

For your sore and tired foot, a foot massager is a must-have machine for your home. All you have to do is to put your feet in the machine and feel the care. Your feet will be ready for the next long day to work.

Massager sticks and rollers

Lastly, the simplest massager for you. If you are looking for a simple but effective massager, then these are for you. They come in different sizes and shapes to make the use easy in different body parts.

Note: from the above section, you have learned about the different types of massagers. In the next article, you will know about the types of massage.

How To Choose A Massager

I think now you have a clear picture of the need for the massager in your life, but now it is the time for the tricky part. You have to choose the massager that will help you to get relax from the pain and stress. As there are types of the massager, you have to pick the right one. Because the massager doesn’t work in the same way. The different features offer different purposes, and then the confusion starts. Here I have shared my personal experience with what points I have targeted while picking the right massager for me. I hope it will help you also, so let’s get started:

Why you need a massager

The first thing is, you have to know why you need the massager. Some massager works with specific body parts, and some offer a full body massage. There is mechanical, electrical, and deep-tissue massager among the massager types. Now it is up to you to pick the specific one per your requirement.

Consider physical condition and age

It is evident that the massage result will differ in different age and physical condition. As we grow old, our muscle gets weak and have the least toleration to deep or heavy massage. So pick the massager that goes easy with your age. A pregnant woman, a cardiac patient, and an injured person can’t use all the massager. They have to pick the massager that allows them to use it without any harm.

Convenient massager

For home use, a massager with a long handle and a relaxed grip is perfect. When you are buying one, make sure it has a user-friendly feature and comes in light in weight. Because it is hard to handle a heavy massager all by yourself.

Budget-friendly massager

To get a budget-friendly massager is everyone’s top choice. It is obvious that a massager with maximum features will be expensive. But it is not worth it, because you will not need all the features. So be picky while choosing the massager that you can afford and meets your purpose.


The weight and the size of the massager fully depend on your needs. For example, you will need a big massager if you have back pain. On the other hand, for your leg, you will need a small massager.

Power consumption

The electric massagers require power to work. Different massagers need a different power supply. Like the deep massager needs more electricity than the simple ones, and so do the multipurpose massager. So know the voltage requirements of your preferred massage machine.


As you invest in a machine to get service for a long time, you have to pick the high in quality material. The maximum massager comes with a plastic, and it is light to use. Pick the quality plastic that ensures a long time run.

Massage heads

Some of the massagers come with different massage heads that are effective for different massages. These are versatile massagers. There are also single head massagers that work on a specific part.

Power cord or cordless

The electric-powered massager may come with a cord or cordless option. The corded ones don’t have the battery option, and the cordless ones run with a battery. Among both, the cordless one is portable and rechargeable. Ensure the long battery backup of the cordless one, or else it is a total waste. Check the length of the power cord of the corded one. If the length is long, then you can use it in any room you want.


You have to ensure the safety of your own while using the massager. As the massager runs with electricity, then you have to check the safety features of the massager you pick. It is important, especially if you have children in your home.


The branded massager offers a warranty within a specified time. The longer warranty ensures safe to use, but make sure it comes with an affordable budget.

Note: In this section, you have read about the points you have to consider while choosing the massager. If you want to know how to choose the best deep tissue massager machine, go to the next article.

Benefits Of Massager

The instant benefit of the massager is to feel calm and deep relaxation. You will get more with these benefits:

  • You will not feel anxious anymore after having a massage. Because the parasympathetic nervous system gets triggered and increases the calmness in your mind.
  • If you have insomnia, then it is high time to get a proper massage. Yes, the massage slows down the activity of your nervous system and lets you have a deep sleep.
  • The massage eliminates fatigue and keeps you calm to breathe and sleep.
  • For the massage, the stress level gets low and maintains the immunity balance to keep you healthy.
  • You will feel that you can focus on your work more than before, and it will happen only after taking a good massage.
  • For sportspersons or athletes, injury is a common occurrence. But the real challenge is to heal the injury in the right way at the right time. Some also suffer from joint pain for many reasons. All these pains can be healed with a proper massage. You have to take the doctor’s advice before going for a massage.

Note: If you want to know more about the how to use massager, you will find a detailed article about this topic in the next article.

Frequently Ask Question

in this section, here are the answers to the most common question asked by the users. The answers will help you to learn more about the massager.

Is massager good for health?

Yes, it is good for reducing muscle tension, pain, and stress. Your problems with the digestive system and anxiety can also be healed with the massager.

Are vibrating massagers good for muscles?

Of course, the vibrant massagers decrease stress, relieve the muscular tension, stimulates the nerves, and improves the blood circulation.

Are vibrating massagers safe?

Not always, because of the intensity level of the vibration. If it is too high, then you may face severe back pain and lumbar injuries. So you have to stay careful about the intensity of the vibrations.

Final Thought

There is no doubt about the benefits of the massage and the massagers. So you have to be very careful about picking the right massager to get the perfect massage. I think this massager buying guide will help all the new and existing users to know about the need for the right massager to make your busy life stress free and healthy.

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