How to Fix Massage Chair Remote Not Working [2022]

Massage Chair is one of the crucial machines that provide relaxation after a hyperactive day at work. This becomes a part and parcel for some users who regularly use it. If you are one of them, what will you do if your Massage Chair Remote Not Working suddenly? Don’t be frustrated as you don’t need to be an expert to resolve the issue.

If you notice that your remote is not working, then initially, inspect, whether your power cable is outright or not. sometimes due to damaged cable, your remote won’t work. If there is a problem with the battery or flashing light, you may confront the issue as well. When the remote doesn’t work, we think that there is a defect in the remote but actually not.  However, in this context, we’ll show some massage chair self-repair tips.

Reason for Massage Chair Remote Not Working

A Massage chair comes with a ton of benefits.  It can reduce your stress and anxiety along with decreasing the pain from sore muscles. As stated by some therapists, “Massage chairs enhance the physical flexibility and circulate blood properly thus you can get sound sleep”. Besides, if you are suffering from lower back pain, knee pain, this can be the best solution. Massage Chair  For Short  Person is available in the market as well.

However, a maximum number of users face a common issue that the remote of the massage chair won’t work properly. Actually, there are several reasons connected to this problem. The most typical objectives behind the issue that we have found out are power cable damage, a problem with the flashlight, infrared sensor, and more.

Sometimes, if the power of your massage chair is burnt or not installed properly, then there is a chance of not working your remote properly. Nowadays, many brand chairs come with LED remote that hold LED light. If the light fails to respond then your remote won’t work properly, that’s the fact.

How to Fix Massage Chair Remote Not Working

Resolving Massage Chair Remote Not working is not a hardened task that you must be a massage chair expert. By exciting some simple steps you can easily solve the problem. You may not believe that you can fix it, right? Let’s look at the steps and then decide if you have said the truth or words or not.

Massage Chair Remote Not Working

Change The Massage Chair Battery

Most of the time the massage chair remote does not work properly if the battery is drained. In that case, the initial thing that you can do is change your battery remotes. After inserting the battery, inspect whether the problem has been solved or not. If not then make sure that you have placed the battery appropriately.

Check the Battery  Cables

If the battery cable that is connected to the massage chair is damaged, then your message won’t respond anymore. So, when you’ll notice that your chair doesn’t work exactly, then check the cable connection whether it is stable or not. If not then it’s better to bring a new one.

Test the LED of Your Remote

As it has been aforementioned, nowadays several brands come with LEDs that are connected to massage chairs. The LED sensor with the remote sometimes fizzles out to respond. If it happens, that means the problem is in the LED sensor not in your remote. You can change the faulty LED or get a new one that is available on the market.

Another thing that you should keep in mind that, if your remote won’t be up to operate the chair’s features, that means the difficulty is on your remote chair, not on your remote. So, take your chair to the dealer from where you have purchased it if the warranty is available.

Inspect Blown Fuse

If your remote stops responding then check the blown fuse by switching on the power button of your massage chair. If there is no power supplied, it clearly indicates that the issue is occurring due to the fuse. You’ll get a bad smell if there is a burned fuse.

To alter the fuse, you don’t need to take your chair to massage chair experts. You can replace the fuse simply. Just take a screwdriver, open the plug and replace it with a new one.

Check The Heat Function

Inspect whether the heat materials of your massage are still working or not. To get confirmed, try having a massage, and then notice you get proper heat from all sides of the massage chair or not. If it is not functioning properly, take it to an expert to fix it or replace it if the warranty is available.

Fix the Switch ON/OFF Problem

If your massage chair doesn’t respond or is having trouble with turning the switch off and on, check the power cord first. There can be two primary reasons behind the issue.

  1. Either the Power Cord is damaged or Burnt
  2. Or there is a problem with the installation process.

If you confront this problem, then test whether your massage chair is getting sufficient power or not. You’ll be up to check the power capacity by inserting the power cord with any other device like an iron, steamer, or something like that. If the power cord is damaged then replace it. And then inspect if your remote is working or not.

Check the Other Massage Features

If the massage chair, you possess abruptly stops or makes an unexpected sound, turn off and reset it again. Make sure that the massage features work properly according to your desire. For instance, if your massage rollers yield to your back, fix the position of your massage chair accurately.

For alleviating unusual sounds, inspect the massage chair’s air pump. If there is a problem, open the hose tube and then refit the air pump.  Operate the sound of the massage chair’s motor closely. Generally, the motor of the massage chair makes an oppressive sound. If it doesn’t that means, it is an underlying problem. If you notice the motor sound is unusual then get it replaced as soon as possible.

Regular Maintenance Tips for Massage Chair

You may know the Quote “Maintenance is terribly important”. Yes, it is. The durability of your massage chair depends on how you take care of your massage chair. The mistake we make while using the chair is, we use other power cables or adapters, but we should use the adapter and power cables that we get with the massage chair.

Regular Maintenance Tips for Massage Chair

Cleaning fabric materials of your massage chair are simple, you don’t need to be an expert. Truth be told, a fabric massage chair doesn’t require much more maintenance. Just take a soft and smooth fabric cleaner and cleanse the dirt within a few seconds.

Removing dirt from Leather Massage Chair is comparatively difficult. There are two different types of massage chairs available. One is natural leather and the other comes with synthetic leather. Whatever, the dirt cleaning way for both is mostly similar. You don’t need to use detergent or soften clothes, just use normal clothes to make them clean. It is better to clean leather chairs once or twice a week.


Undoubtedly, Massage chairs are one of the greatest innovations that help you, people, to get a full body massage. You don’t need to go to a spa or take appointments with therapists to get a massage. Simply, purchase a massage chair that uses advanced technology and take massage whenever you need it.

Finally, we have come to the end of the context. Throughout the article, we have demonstrated how to resolve the Massage Chair Remote Not Working issue. A number of solving methods have been demonstrated in the above that will surely help you to get out from the problem with ease.

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