Best 3 Lifepro Sonic Massage Gun Reviews in 2022

Handheld massagers can help you with moving your stiff muscles, provide good circulation, and reduce anxiety. When you want to choose the best handheld massager, getting it from a reputed brand is the best option. Lifepro is one of the best brands in the massager machine industry.

This lifepro sonic massage gun review will help you decide if it’s a perfect choice for self massage or not. They have a huge variation in features for comfortable pain management. We chose only the best massagers from the lifepro sonic series. If you’re interested to know about your next handheld massager, let us help you explore them well.

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Top 3 Lifepro Sonic Massage Gun Reviews In 2022

Lifepro is a well-known brand, and they manufacture a variety of products, including high-end massage guns. Their handheld massage guns are durable, smart, and highly functional. Here is the lifepro sonic massage gun review from our expert team after researching all the sonic series massagers:

lifepro sonic massage gun review

1. Sonic X Personal Percussion Massage Gun

Sonic X Personal Percussion Massage Gun

A lifepro sonic massage gun review can’t start without the Sonic X Personal Percussion Massage Gun. This handheld massage gun is very powerful and designed for athletes to boost their performance. Usually, our muscles develop tight knots after a workout, but it will help you recover mobility to improve comfort. Its powerful vibration therapy can regenerate cells to reduce downtime between workouts.

It has a powerful brushless motor to provide a deep and pleasant massage from deep inside. You’ll get 5-speed adjustment settings that can reach up to 3200rpm. An easy speed adjustment knob allows optimum control and you can choose your massage intensity to recover soreness;. The massage gun has four different heads to provide high-penetration vibrations with trigger-point therapy to the body’s joints and muscles.

Besides, It’s durable build and ergonomic handle design makes it ideal for full body massage. This massager has a 2,500 mAh battery for an extended massage session and rapid tension relief. Its high-end battery will give you up to 6 hours of continuous run time with a full charge.

What We Loved
  • Deep muscle relief.
  • Precise massage with powerful vibration.
  • Long battery life.
  • Adjustable speed intensity.
What Could Be Better
  • Battery could be a little bigger.

2. Sonic Mini Quiet Massage Gun

Sonic Mini Quiet Massage Gun

This one is a compact but robust handheld massage gun that is combined with durability and performance. Its heavy-duty shell protects the motor inside and prevents being heated after the longtime operation. The narrower handle makes it easy to hold and use without putting much pressure.

Moreover, its powerful brushless motor offers speed adjustment to gain a precise massage where you need it. The motor can provide 1200RPM gentle motion to intense 3200RPM deep tissue massage. This level of vibration body triggers rapid myofascial release, as well as regenerates cells to repair torn muscles.

It comes with six different heads that suit almost every body part to reduce knots and soreness. On the other hand, its rechargeable LG battery allows users extended massage sessions without interruption. This massage gun’s overall weight is 1.6lb, which is extremely portable thus easy to carry.

What We Loved
  • LED indicators display.
  • Providing relief to hard-to-reach muscles.
  • Easy to operate and carry.
  • High speed deep tissue massage.
What Could Be Better
  • The gentle massage should be even softer.

3. Sonic Handheld Percussion Massage Gun

Sonic Handheld Percussion Massage GunThis massager’s powerful motor can deliver high penetration vibration to provide comfort and reduce stress. Its unique design and robust motor send waves to relieve knots from deep inside. The massager’s durable construction and deep relaxation formula make it an ideal Deep Tissue Massager Machine available at an affordable range.

It has a compact and lightweight massager design with an ergonomic handle design that ensures a comfortable grip. You’ll be able to use this massager gun single-handed, thanks to its easy control button. The overall structure is built with high-end materials to withstand long time use.

Besides, Its powerful battery allows fast charging and a long operation time of 6 hours. This massager’s built-in LED indicator will let you know when you should stop your massager and recharge. Furthermore, you’ll get five massage heads that will suit almost every body-part on-the-go chiropractic massage therapy. Its variable speed level will provide intense to gentle massage according to your preference.

What We Loved
  • Single-button fingertip operation.
  • Provide active and comfortable massages.
  • Ultra quiet
  • Ready for chiropractic therapy.
What Could Be Better
  • Takes a little long to recharge.

How Do I Use My Lifepro Massage Gun?

Using a Lifepro massage gun isn’t difficult. You’ll get the full process and installation on your user manual. If you want to know the complete using procedure in simple words, follow the step by step guide below:

Step 1: Preparation

First, take a hot shower before starting treatment if possible; it will increase the massage effect. Now start with your handheld massager gun; try to get one from above to get the best performances. Apply a massage where you feel knots or pain; begin slowly with a low-speed setting.

Step 2: Go slow

Start with the low speed; it will help you understand how much pressure or intensity you need. Don’t use maximum vibration on sensitive muscle groups. And use only the recommended head for specific muscles.

Step 3: cover the areas

Move your massager gently and cover full areas where you feel pain or muscle knots. Keep moving up and down the whole area and try to stop once or twice if needed.

Step 4: muscle stretching

After massaging for a few minutes, do some muscle stretching exercise to prevent muscles from going tight.

Step 5: Precautions

Never use your massager gun for too long. Long time use could increase heat that might hurt your skin. Another thing is, don’t touch the massager head while it is running.

Benefits of using a Lifepro Sonic Massage Gun

The LifePro Sonic massage gun is designed for athletes to increase their performance and reduce downtime between workouts. They’re very lightweight but highly functional. Using a Lifepro massage gun have many benefits, including:

  • The Lifepro massage gun provides perfect treatment against aching muscles, knots, and sore muscles.
  • Their powerful motor and speed adjustment feature deliver deep-penetrating waves to relieve deep pain.
  • Regular massaging can improve recovery time before and after the workout to boost athletic performance.
  • Lifepro sonic massage guns’ consistent vibration can improve mobility and flexibility to muscle joints.
  • Can reduce muscle tension and myofascial pain to keep fit and provide comfort.

Final Thought

Suffering from muscle soreness or knots due to workouts or other injuries is common. A good massage gun can shorten the rehabilitation time and boost flexibility. We hope that the lifepro sonic massage gun review has helped you pick the best massager gun to help you fight pain.

We recommend you to go for the Sonic X Personal Percussion Massage Gun as the best value for money. This massage gun’s powerful moto provides an in-depth and comfortable massage that effectively reduces pain recovery time. It’s usable in almost every body-part; its four-head attachment makes it more convenient. Plus, its variable speed control and extra-long backup will surely help you extensively.

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