Is Massage Good For Hip Pain? Our Useful Tips To Know 2022

Pain in your hip, buttock, and the thigh area can be a big issue at normal movements like walking or sitting. If you’re suffering from hip pain, it’s important to treat the area before the pain becomes severe. In some cases, if the pain goes untreated, it may maximize the affected area or become chronic. Some trigger points around the pain area where you can press and get relief from the pain.

The gluteal area has the largest muscles in the body; the impact or the pain from arthritis goes through these muscles. You can easily eliminate the stiffness of the muscles to relieve the source of the pain. If you’re wondering, is massage good for hip pain, should you go to a therapist, you can go for it. Stick to the article to know the benefits you’ll get from a massage to get rid of your suffering.

Is Massage Good For Hip Pain?

Hip pain can turn into a chronic disease unless you treat it earlier with proper steps. A massage therapist can spot and press on the pain sources and effectively relieve any pain in your lower back or hip area. Hip pain concentrates on some specific points prone to massage because they usually get stiff while in pain.

Is massage good for hip pain

While massaging, the therapist will treat the area with different types of massage methods. The deep tissue massage method will go deep into the connective tissue layers and reach the pain sources. The deep pressure on the hurt tissues and the slow strokes on them will make you get instant relief from pain.

Benefits Of Massage For Hip Pain

Your buttock’s gluteal muscles are the largest among the body muscles, which can get sored sometimes. Have you been thinking, is massage good for hip pain? Here are the main benefits you will get if you massage your hip after getting pain to the area:

Reduce tightness

Overuse of the related muscles can cause tightness in the muscles that can cause pain in the hip. One of the common reasons why people go for hip massage is to reduce the tightness in the muscles. Your massage therapist will identify the tight spots and gently put pressure on the tissues and ligaments to ease them.

Release tension

If you have a tensed muscle in the hip area that is bothering while movement, you can massage it to get relief. Muscle tension can occur from a sudden impact or a bad posture while sitting or sleeping. There are so many joining muscles in your buttock area that joins the lower body to the core. If you get the tension to them, massage will help you ease them with a direct press to the tensed tissues.

Increase circulation

To maintain good health on the lower body, you must keep a good circulation to the area. You must keep the oxygen level and the circulation of the nutrients in a good state to ensure better health. When you massage your hip and thigh area, the blood circulation becomes much higher. With better blood circulation, you can circulate more nutrients and oxygen to the inner tissues. The connecting tissues become stronger, support your posture, and relieve pain as well.

Ease the trigger points

The pain in your back or hip area has trigger points that are responsible for triggering the pain. When you go for a massage therapy, the therapist will spit the trigger points and apply a firm press to them. It’s the deep tissue massage method, and they work magically at relieving your pain in your hip.

Muscle recovery

If you’re an athlete or do heavy workouts, getting muscle pain in the hip or lower body is a common thing. However, if you leave the pain untreated, it may get its permanent place in your hip as it’s the largest gluteal muscle area. You cannot use medications regularly because pain killers aren’t good in the long run. The best way to treat it naturally is to get massage therapy with proper deep tissue penetration.

Reduce scar tissues

If you have a cut or scar on your hip area, it can be annoying to move or sit properly. They are stubborn, and you cannot get rid of them and have to live with it. However, you can get help from massage therapy to reduce the scar tissues. While you’re healing from the scar, you can massage the area for 10-15 minutes a day, 5 minutes in every turn. Once you can take in more, you can start massaging the place in a circular motion firmly for a better result.

Recovery from injuries

If you’re recovering from a hip or lower back injury, massaging your back will help you recover faster. When you massage the injured area, the blood circulation around the area increases and helps the impact recover, you can also improve your range of motion with a massage on your hip and pelvis area. If you get an injury on your pelvic joint, massaging it will become a great help to recover faster.

Improve the gluteal muscles

The gluteal muscles are the largest in your whole body, and when you get an impact on it, the hip inflames. Gluteal muscles are active during your walk or run, and they make a suspension for the stress on the back. If you massage the muscles, they get more nutrients and perform better to support your back.

Fight back tight quadriceps and hamstrings

If you have tight quadriceps or hamstrings, it may directly connect to a stiff muscle in the hip area. During this tightness, you will face difficulties moving, walking, and running with pain and achy sensation. Massaging on them can effectively release the tightness and relieve you from the overlay stiffness.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most frequently asked questions about hip pain that people have asked around the web. You’ll find them helpful if you’re also suffering from hip or lower back pain and relate them with yourself:

Can you massage a hip?

You can massage a hip and get rid of stiffness in the area or correct the pelvic joints. You can increase the mobility in the area and improve the hip movement and ease the hip joints.

How should I sleep with hip pain?

Once you have pain in your hip, you should change your sleeping position and weight to the unaffected area. Plus, use a soft cushioning to the affected area to avoid any impact.

When should I go to the doctor for hip pain?

If you don’t notice any improvement in the area after massaging, or the sensation of pain goes higher, it’s time to see your doctor. Also, get some over the counter painkillers before you go.

Final Thought

Hip pain can be a result of different causes, including injury from an activity, arthritis, or a problem in the pain spot. No matter what the reason behind the pain is, applying natural remedies should be a regular treatment. Massaging on the area can help you fight the pain and get drastic relief. To awaken your psoas and to improve the overall motion experience, massaging can help.

You can effectively improve leg pain during pregnancy difficulties and make it easier to move around. If you need reasons why is massage good for hip pain, these natural benefits are more than enough to help you decide to go to the therapy center. I hope these benefits helped you decide why you should try massaging before seeing your doctor or taking medicine.

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