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Massage is not a luxury activity anymore as the AMTA study suggests that 67 percent of the total individuals who take therapy have medical reasons. Taking that outrageous number in mind, massaging is serving its purpose and keeping people on the good side of their lives. There are countless benefits of getting a massage, whether it’s with a massager device or from a professional therapist.

If you’re suffering from stress, a posture malfunction, or even have a sleep problem, getting a massage can help you get better. However, sometimes it won’t be a good idea to get a massage in some situations like physical injuries or infectious skin. I will get you through the thing that will help you understand why is massage good for health in the first place. So, stay with me to know if you should plan to get a massage this weekend or not!

is massage good for health

What Are The Different Types Of Massages?

Although there are so many massages available in a massage center, not every type would suit your body as they have different procedures. Here are the main types of massage methods you can choose, depending on your situation:

Swedish massage

If you have no prior massage experience and your body is sensitive to human touch, Swedish massage is for you. It’s gentle on the process; it has many tension relief moves and can relieve your muscle knots.


It’s the massage method for those people who need emotional healing rather than a physical one. It’s full of energy that can boost your mood and reduce anxiety and the symptoms of depression and stress. It also works like other methods for muscle and pain.

Deep tissue massage

This massage is for those who have severe pain, stiffness, and soreness in their muscles. It works deep under the muscle layers and simulates a finger pressing and tension relieving sensation.

Hot Stone massage

It’s a pure therapeutic massage that can ease your muscle tension and boost your blood circulation. You can effectively alleviate pain and get rid of stress with it as it works as therapy on your body using mild-heated stones.

Acupoint massage

Acupoint massage is a famous Chinese massage method that can effectively work on chronic and severe pain. It uses pointy strokes on the trigger points of the human body and penetrates them to help you get relief.

Shiatsu massage

Shiatsu is the famous Japanese massage method that can work directly on your stiff muscles and relieve you from pain, stress, and tension. It can boost you both physically and emotionally and keep you out of anxiety, depression, and headache.

Thai massage

Thai massage is great for boosting your physical and mental energy as the therapist will use firm finger pressure on your stressed points. It will increase your blood circulation throughout your body and give you muscle flexibility.

Is Massage Good For Health?

A message includes rubbing, pressing, stretching, kneading, tapping, heating, and so on. All of them have so many benefits in the human body; here are the health and mental benefits of massage that will help you understand why  is massage good for health:

Improve your sleep

Good sleep is one of the most crucial things to have for anybody to maintain a healthy life. If you have problems with sleep because of stress or anxiety, a massage can get you the sleep you need. It will soothe your body and mind, get you a better release of dopamine in your body, and help you get better sleep. The relaxation from the massage will make sure you’re falling asleep right when you need it. It also helps you get a deeper sleep if you’re suffering from shallow sleeping tendencies.

Massage can boost your immunity

Massaging your whole body can give you a great chance of boosting your immune system and keeping fit at any age. When you massage your body, it helps your body produce more white blood cells. White blood cells are the soldiers in your body that fight against the diseases in your body and keep you healthy. If you’re suffering from a health issue that needs more of your immunity than medications, massage is the way you choose.

Reduce age wrinkles

Age wrinkles are the most annoying thing when you’re getting older from your mid-age. Getting age wrinkles is a natural process as your skin gets less oxygen, blood circulation, and energy to keep firm. If you get a massage regularly on your skin, it will help you prevent your skin from loosening off and get a wrinkle. Massaging gets more oxygen into your skin cells, and it increases the blood flow in your skin. Massaging in the right direction can improve the blood direction as well, which will keep your skin firm.

Alleviate your muscle pain

Massaging is the process of penetrating and manipulating the muscle tissues and stimulating them for better circulation. When you get a massage either with a massager device or a professional therapist, you can ease your muscles easily. There are tons of benefits of massager devices because you can use them with multiple massage methods. They can go deeper into your layers of muscles in your body without getting tired.

Relieve anxiety and depression

If you have depression and anxiety disorder, getting a massage can help you reduce the symptoms. When you get a massage, your parasympathetic nervous system response system improves. When you have a better parasympathetic system, you will get better at mental health and get rid of anxiety. Furthermore, the human touch is always a great thing for another human touch if it’s professional. It helps you get a better interaction between your brain and body to increase bodily functioning.

To develop better physic

If you’re a bodybuilder, doing an intense workout is a must for you, which leaves you with muscle tears and injuries. You have to help the torn muscles heal up, and getting a proper massage will boost the healing process. As the massage directly works on your muscle tissues, they will get a better healing process. You’ll be able to keep building muscles and keep healthy inside both simultaneously.

Fibromyalgia and Headaches

Chronic pain of headaches or a musculoskeletal condition like fibromyalgia are the problems that over 5 million Americans are suffering from. The fatigue, stiffness, lack of sleep, multiple disorders, and so many other problems occur. Hopefully, getting a massage therapy can help you decrease your stress hormone level and simultaneously increase your serotonin level. Massage helps you get the rest you need in your sleep or the ease you want after work. So, you can live a better life even though you have fibromyalgia pain to keep you distressed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most frequent questions about Body Massage that people ask about, and you would have an interest in:

What toxins are released during a massage?

During a massage, you can flush out and reduce toxins like lactic acid from your body.

Is too much massage harmful?

Yes, too much pressure on your body cells can cause rhabdomyolysis, which isn’t a good thing.

Is it OK to massage every day?

If it’s not a medical issue, you should get a massage only once or twice a week.

Watch Out the Biological Benefits of Massage Therapy

Final Thought

There is nothing more important to have good health and a sound and responsive mental state. Getting overlapping medications is never a good thing; rather, you must try to live as naturally as you can. Massaging is the most effective way to stay sharp, get more productive without side effects.

However, when the question comes, is massage good for health or not, you must maintain the safety measures. Never over-massage your body; getting excessive can get a bad impact on your health. And, never start with an intensive massage method; rather, try to start with a mild one.

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