Is Deep Tissue Massage Good 2022– Is Right For You?

When it comes to massage therapy, there are tons of types of massages you can choose from. One of the most popular types of massage therapy is deep tissue therapy, and there is a lot of controversies. The idea about this massage type is, your therapist will apply firm pressure on tissues under the muscles and fascia. It can be so much pain for some people while it’s a lifesaving therapy for the others.

Relieving pain from different areas, releasing stiff fascias, neck, leg muscles, relieving back pain, the sore shoulder is the primary perspectives of this massage. If you’ve been wondering how is deep tissue massage good or not, you will get a clear insight into this article. Stick to the article before you go to a therapist and seek for a deep tissue massage.

Is Deep Tissue Massage Good?

If you’re looking for a treatment for musculoskeletal issues, chronic stiffness in muscles, deep tissue massage can be a solution. Getting quick relief from sports injuries, strains, stiff neck, or other muscular parts of your body is possible if you get a deep tissue massage. While you’re recovering from an injury or getting a hard time walking, it can promote a faster healing process to the treated area.

is deep tissue massage good

Deep tissue massage doesn’t only help you with physical problems heal faster, but also relaxes your mind in a better way. It can make your sleep way better and improve both your mental and physical health. However, it can also harm your body, especially if you’re prone to heavy penetration on your tissues.

Benefits Of Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage doesn’t only benefit you physically but also makes you stronger mentally. Here are the most promising benefits of getting a deep tissue massage:

Relieving chronic pain

There are two types of massages that work on chronic pain: therapeutic massage and deep tissue massage. Studies show that deep tissue massage reduces chronic pain within 10 days of regular massage. Deep tissue massage includes firm press on the tissues under the muscles on the fascias for quick relief. The cross-fiber soft strokes make the tension go away and relieve the pain, which has been there for a long time. Furthermore, it’s proven that a proper deep tissue massage alone can relieve the pain without any help of medication.

Lower the blood pressure

If you’re a patient of high blood pressure, deep tissue massage can be a relief for that as well. Deep tissue massage will have a positive effect on your systolic diastolic and lower the arterial blood pressure. Statistics show that deep tissue massage gives a significant change in higher blood pressure reading. A study among 263 volunteers shows that a consistent deep tissue massage between 60 minutes lowers their blood pressure significantly. While they had 10.4 mm/Hg before the massage, they ended up with a drastic reduction of 7.0 mm/Hg after the massage.

Reducing stress and muscle tension

The most popular benefit of any massage is the positive impact on reducing anxiety, stress, and muscle tension. You can have a drastic relief from an ongoing physical or mental stress with a massage. The deep tissue massage makes it more effective with deeper penetration into the tissues under your muscles. Medical science suggests that the massage can release more oxytocin and serotonin, known as the “happy hormones.”

Remove scar tissues

If you had an injury or a surgery that left you with scar tissues, regular deep tissue massage therapy could remove it. The deep tissue penetration helps the tissues around the scar break down and erase the visible scar gradually. Deep tissue massage improves your lymphatic circulation, which makes it possible to drain the toxin. It will improve your range of motion in the affected area and get you great flexibility. The extra flexibility on the organ and the skin will erase the scar tissue and make it go away from the exterior.

Heal injured muscles

If yo’re suffering from an injured muscle on your body and want to heal it faster, deep tissue massage can help you with that as well. Deep tissue massage helps you get a better circulation on the treated area and release more toxins from it. The muscle gets more stretch, and you will get more twists on the tissues under the muscles. Because of the blood circulation on the damaged tissue, you’ll get a much faster healing process. The relaxation from the massage also will help the tissues with pain and release the stress on the scar.

Improving athletic recovery

If you’re an athlete, you may get injured regularly; you will need rapid recovery from them. If you get regular massage therapy, you will get a much better blood circulation in the affected area. The deep tissue massage will improve your lactate clearance and delay your onset of muscle soreness. Recovering from the injury will have a much faster process if you get a regular deep tissue massage. Furthermore, the penetration of the tissues under the muscles will prevent you from getting injured easily.

Help you with delivery pain

If you’re a mom who will deliver her child, it’s likely to have anxiety and stress both physically and mentally. You can Get massage therapy to get relief from pain and stress on your lower body and your mind as well. You can get a better delivery experience if you get massage therapy before the labor pain. It will ease the birth canal with better blood flow and make it easier to deliver the baby. However, make sure the message doesn’t go too harsh on a mother because it may leave a severe pain if poorly treated.

Reduce your toxins and arthritis

The deep tissue massage therapy can help you reduce the toxicity levels of your body. If you have arthritis problems, you can also get rid of chronic arthritis’s ongoing pain and anxiety. A deep tissue massage will accelerate the healing process if there is damage to the tendons and your muscles. The extra detoxification process of the deep tissue massage will help you make it much faster at healing any wound.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most frequent questions from people about how is deep tissue massage good for health and they can help you. Get through them if you’re also planning to get a deep tissue massage soon:

Are deep tissue massages painful?

If you have scar tissues or adhesions on the place where the therapist is applying deep tissue massage, it may hurt. If you feel unbearable pain, you can ask your therapist to go softer on that spot.

Does deep tissue massage release toxins?

There is no medical proof that deep tissue massage can directly release toxins from your body. However, the massage will increase blood flow and help the body to release the poisonous myoglobin toxin.

Can you get sick after a deep tissue massage?

Deep tissue massage itself isn’t harmful to the human body, but some people may feel dizziness after the therapy. The post-therapy malaise and soreness may lead you to the flu, though it won’t last long.

Final Thought

Deep tissue massage can be a great way to treat stiff muscles and a quicker release from mental and physical stress. The process will include a lot of concentrated presses and slow strokes under the muscle layers. If you’re wondering how is deep tissue massage good, you can rely on it if you’re suffering from chronic pain or stiffness.

So, you have to be sure you take it slow on the tissues while massaging and to adapt the muscles with the press. A restricted movement of any organ will have a quicker relief from the stiffness with deep tissue massage. You will get a higher circulation, which will have an immediate impact on your body and mind.

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