How To Use Foot Massager Perfectly

A foot massager is a tool that gives you a relaxing foot massage. This normally works by creating vibrations on your feet and increasing the circulation of blood. It also lets your blood bring all the toxic elements away. Before investing your money in a foot massager you need to know how to use foot massage? You need to turn on the massager and place your feet into it to enjoy the massage.

In this article, we have covered the facts why you should take care of your feet, how many types of massages are available, how to use a foot massager, and what are the health advantages of using a foot massager. Let’s check these out!

Why Should You Take Care Of Your Feet?

You must keep your feet tidy so that you can have healthy feet with a sound mind. If you do not keep your feet neat and tidy you can have trouble with your overall body. We know the lower muscles of our body are connected with the bones of our feet and our feet control the movement of our legs.

Why Should You Take Care Of Your Feet?

If you do not take care of your feet it will affect the nerves of your legs. Damaged nerves can change the shape of your legs. If you do not maintain the cleanliness of your feet, the damaged oil glands can cause dryness to your legs.

However, throughout different seasons our feet go through a lot of troubles. Feet get dry, sweaty, stinky, and numb. Every season requires different treatment to feet. When you leave your feet unwashed after the full day of work, these stay stinky. The bacteria will grow on your feet and damage your skin. Without moisturizing, during winter your feet can get dry.

Furthermore, uncleanliness of feet can lead you to even fatal diseases like diabetes or infections.

Types Of Foot Massagers

There are plenty of foot massagers that you will find offline as well as online. Here is a collection of foot massagers. These will help you find the different functions of each massager.

How to Use Foot Massager

1. IDIDO Foot Massager

IDIDO Foot Massager

This is a type of foot massager that gives your feet a clean environment besides massage. It comes with shiatsu and kneading, air compression, heating, and rolling functions. It gives you full coverage of your feet from ankle to toe. It also contains changeable sleeves for your feet that you can wash and keep neat.

2. OSITO Blood Circulation Massager

This massager uses high Technologies like EMS and TENS. It works with no noise or vibration so that you can have a decent massage and relaxation. Along with massage, it strengthens your muscles.

3. TISSCARE Foot Massager

This is an automated massager that has both automatic and manual functions. It provides a heated-up kneading massage to let you relax. It also has a programmed timer that allows the massager to stop working after a certain period. This massager takes care of your safety along with your feet.

4. FIT KING Leg Air Massager

FIT KING Leg Air Massager

It is an airbag holding a massager that seems like winter boots. It contains four airbags inside and has a handheld controller. With the controller, you can control the functions of the massager. If you are interested in  Foot And Calf Massager then you should continue till the end.

5. Snailax 2 in 1 Foot and Back Massager

This massager contains 8 rotating rollers inside that heats the environment and helps you come out of the fatigue of a long day of work. It is portable and washable with a handheld controller with it.

6. NEKTECK Shiatsu Foot Massager

It comes with 6 types of massage techniques including kneading, scrubbing, rolling, and so on. This also works without any vibrating noise to provide you with a perfect relaxing environment.

7. Human Touch Reflex 4-foot Massager

It helps you feel the expert hands and techniques of the therapist. It is a stylish massager that gives you a rigorous massage by covering the leg.

8. RENPHO Shiatsu Foot Massager

This massager can give you all you need as it is ergonomically designed. It has options to control the intensity of the massage. It is designed to deliver the ultimate relaxation.

9. Miko Shiatsu Foot Massager

FIT KING Leg Air Massager

It has two independent chambers with multiple air pressure settings. It functions by rolling and heating. The best part of the massager is it is a remote control with which you can customize your massager

How To Use Foot Massager (Step by Step)

You have purchased a foot massager for having a relaxing massage at home but do not know how to operate it. Then the massager will bring you no value. The general steps to use any foot massager are as follows:

How to Use Foot Massager

Step 1: First plug the wire or power cord into an outlet. If your massager does not need electricity to function then just turn on the massager. The indicator will show signs that the massager is coming on.

Step 2: After plugging on the cord, you have to put your feet into the massager. If the massager has two independent chambers then put the feet into the chambers. Put the feet together if it has a single chamber. Wear the massager if it is wearable.

Step 3: Done with this so far gently press the power button. Turn the massager on in the lower level or setting of the intensity. Besides, you will first keep the heat level lower too.

Step 4: After the massager has successfully come on, you may change the intensity of heating power. If your one has any of the wireless or handheld controllers then customize the intensity of your massage through this.

Step 5: While having the massage you can customize the functions. Besides, if your massager has high technologies used in it then you can enjoy different techniques of massage. Some massagers come with different advantages like portability and flexibility.   You can also change the mode of intensity and heat through the buttons or options available.

Step 6: If your massager has an automatic timer then it will turn off after a certain period. But if the massager does not have any timer then you can shut it down after you are done with the massage.

Step 7: The messengers that have additional sleeves, can be changed. You should change the sleeves quite often to maintain hygiene. If your massager is washable then wash it after using it once or twice. This will ensure a clean environment and healthy massage. You can carry your massage anywhere if it is portable.

These are certain steps to follow. These are applicable for any massager out there. So, make sure you know these steps before turning on the massager.

Health Advantage Of Using A Foot Massager

A foot massager comes with plenty of advantages for your physical health as well as mental health. The advantages a regular foot massager brings to you are:

Health Advantage Of Using A Foot Massager

  • It helps your blood circulate through your body. Thus the blood and lymph carry the toxic elements away. Enabling blood circulation keeps your muscle performance normal.
  • It gives you better sleep. When you are tired and worn out after the busy day and have a foot massage it helps you relax. The massager eliminates your stress and pain.
  • The massager helps you eliminate the stress and fatigue of the whole day. After a busy day, you certainly need some source of relaxation. A foot massager allows you to relax.
  • You often get muscle and toe pain. The massager Enables your muscles to be activated and working.

It also gives solutions to many troubles like swelling and so on. It allows you to have healthy feet.


A foot massager provides solutions to a lot of problems regarding feet. Hence, knowing how to use foot massager becomes a vital thing. Using the massager is a piece of cake to anybody who has gone through this article even once. Here, the article illustrates every single thing you should know about relaxing your feet and keeping them tidy.

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