How to Reset Massage Chair Perfectly – A Complete Guide

Are you feeling exhausted nowadays? Dying to have a vacation but not possible for workloads? Then go for a massage chair for your home. You will stay relieved and stress-free just by sitting on this chair. sometimes you may face some problems while using the chair. Most of the issues can be fixed by resetting the massage chair. Well, how to reset massage chair?

A simple line you may not be able to find the full procedure. For a quick solution, turn off the massage chair first, and then grab the remote and kneading buttons with power buttons for 5-10 seconds. This process will help you to reset the previous data of your massage chair.

How To Reset Massage Chair

You have to take care of this chair to enjoy the benefits or else it will not be able to support you for long. To get the suitable one, you have to pick the one by going through trusted Massage Chair reviews. A massage chair requires resetting for some reasons while using but not major ones. If you don’t know the settings’ basics, then you will end up with a broken chair.

How to Reset Massage Chair

In this part, I will discuss some issues and fix solutions that you may face during resetting settings. Read them carefully and apply them during the rearranging process, your good old chair will be back in form again.

Few General Massage Chair Issues

No matter what type of machine you are using, you need to stay ready to experience some malfunction issues at any time. As the massage chair is a machine, you have to face some problems while using it. Most of them are common issues like:

  • Running out of power
  • Unstable temperature
  • Overheating issues during frequent use
  • Remote control becomes unresponsive
  • Automatic time display gets stopped
  • The whole chair stopped working
  • Producing huge noise
  • Faded upholstery

Massage Chair Resetting By Factory Reset

This setting makes the chair start the system all over again. Remember by resetting the factory settings you will delete all the previous mechanism history from the chair system.  The factory reset process is:

Step 1: Make sure your chair power is turned off. Don’t use the chair during resetting time.

Step 2: Look for the power button in the remote and hold it for 5 to 10 seconds.

Step 3: At this time, you will get an error sign in the remote display.

Step 4: The diagnostic system reset will start with a vibration. If you are on the chair, you will feel the vibration.

Step 5: All of the previous messages from the system will get removed forever. You have to set up the system from the beginning.

The chair’s system is ready to set up like a new chair. But these settings are not the same in all the brands. Different brands come with different settings.

Repairing of Parts

You cannot fix all the parts of the chairs. Some features come in repairable options but they need lots of time and effort to get fixed. The parts you can fix in a massage chair are:

  • The electric cord
  • Remote control
  • Motor
  • Heating system

If you face a problem with these parts then you can work on them.

Fixing The Massage Chair

Fixing The Massage Chair

Now comes the fixing part. Here I have covered the most common problems and the solutions the users may face while using this chair.

  • When your massage chair is not starting or the power button stopped working then check the cord. You have to ensure that your massage chair is getting the proper power supply or else it will not start. If you find a burned cable, then replace it with a new one. Check the fuse if the cord is ok. Sometimes the fuse gets burnt or damaged; change it.
  • After securing the connection, if the chair doesn’t work then you have to check the remote. Maximum chair remotes come with an LED display, so check the sensor whether it is working or not.
  • The important function of a massage chair is the heating system. If you are not getting the proper warmth feeling from the chair, then there is some problem with temperature function. You can take expert help to fix this problem.
  • When the chair suddenly stops working by making a weird noise, then you have to go for a factory reset system. It works most of the time.
  • Sometimes the massage rollers get stuck. Try to adjust the sitting position of the chair.
  • If you find the motor is sounding like a grind, then you have to replace the motor.
  • To get rid of the weird sound, repair the air pump if it requires.

Fixing the Human Touch Massage Chair

Nowadays, the massage chair comes with new technology – a touch system. There are kinds of massage chairs with touch technology in the market.

When you are facing a problem with the touch system, then switch the power off. Avoid using the chair that time and check all the parts for any types of defects.

If you find a damaged wire, fix it by joining the ends and cover the wire with cloistering material. For a damaged wire, you will need a new one.

As the remote works with LED light, try to fix the remote if the chair is not responding. When you don’t find any defects, then contact the manufacturer to find out the problem.


When you are thinking of getting a massage chair for your use, make sure you have enough information about how to reset massage chair. Because you may need to solve the common issues all by yourself. Don’t worry, the problems are fixable and you can fix them instantly.

Don’t try to fix the major ones or else you will lose your favorite chair forever. A massage chair is a costly investment, so it requires extra care and maintenance to enjoy the most benefits from it. Grab one and get rid of all the stress from the body forever.

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