How to Massage Your Own Feet in 6 Simple Steps!

Everybody loves massage, especially after a long hectic day, right? But can you massage your foot perfectly? What are the risks and considerations when massaging the feet? Before that, do health specialists recommend massaging the feet?

Right, these are pretty important things massage lovers should understand before indulging in daily massage sessions. Herein, you shall learn how to massage your own feet, the risks, and considerations for such activities. Before that, we shall enlighten you whether massaging the foot is recommended as a good activity.

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This article carries information on the steps to massage your foot as well as the risks and considerations for this exercise. Before that, let’s find out whether it’s good massaging your foot.

Is it Good to Massage Your Foot?

Foot massage has for quite some time now been a remedy for several bodily health conditions. People have indulged themselves in massage to relieve stress. But do specialists recommend massaging your foot?

Is it Good to Massage Your Foot?

Absolutely, all forms of massage are important in activating the nervous system. Consequently, the activity boosts blood circulation that helps to maintain body muscles and tissues healthy throughout. Furthermore, foot massage is a remedy to problems like ingrown toenails, sores, corns, and many others.

How to Massage Your Own Feet

Foot massage is a science and an exercise itself, offering both physical and mental health benefits. Out there, we have several Best Foot Massager and parlors offering foot massage services. However, the exercise has gained popularity, and it’s now carried out from our home. Let’s discover how to massage your own feet step by step.

How to Massage Your Own Feet

Step One: Start with Footbath

How you start your foot massage means a lot to the overall results from this activity. A foot massage is well started with a footbath, and you need a warm footbath, not a cold one. Doing this, you can incorporate any essential and aromatic oil to gain from these products’ calming sensations. Experts recommend the use of lime slices and lemon as they also help improve the mood.

Start with Footbath

Step Two: Rotating the Entire Motion

After completing taking a footbath, it’s time you indulge in rotating the whole foot. You will use both hands, with one holding the foot and the other rotating the foot in opposite directions. Apply the process to all the feet and also repeat the same to your toes. The rotation helps to warm the feet and improves blood circulation in your toes as well as the ankle region.

Rotating the Entire Motion

Step Three: Application of the Arch Pressure

The third step involves applying the arch pressure, and most parlors have a way to do it better. Experts in this field or massage stations employ foot cream or other related oil for this purpose. Likewise, creams like coconut oil, foot massage cream as well as massage oil do better here.

Application of the Arch Pressure

Right at the center of the arch, place the cream between the thumbs. Start rubbing the thumbs in a clockwise and anticlockwise manner to meltdown stress in these parts. Continue massaging as you apply more oil, as well as move the rub to the entire foot. Do the procedure repeatedly using firm pressure but not too much of it.

Step Four: Employ Expert Parlor Tender Toe Techniques

While rubbing the toes and entire feet, the pressure might build up. The tender toe technique reduces the feet and toes’ pressure by providing a relaxing experience throughout the massage period. But how does the tender toe technique function?

Employ Expert Parlor Tender Toe Techniques

The whole thing here is about the usage of the massage pressure points. Here, you require to squeeze the toes continuously using your index finger as well as the thumb. Under the toes, use the thumb still to carry out some rubs clockwise and anticlockwise in small circles. This process should continue on each toe for about 15 seconds or so.

Step Five: Commence on the Sole Massage

Here, you will still use the massage pressure points to apply pressure on the toes using your thumb. Make several small rubs across the sole using the thumb. Use both hands here, whereby one thumb goes clockwise and also anticlockwise using the other hand.

Commence on the Sole Massage

While doing this, the thumbs should meet at the center when making the circles. Since the heel falls at a strategic point, consider exerting more pressure on it than what you exert on other parts. Carry the exercise repeatedly for a minimum of seven minutes or until you feel worn out.

Step Six: Completing the Massage Session

Lastly, you will deal with the area below the ankles and ensure you do the massage better, like in the other parts. Here, you will squeeze this area using both the forefingers as well as the thumbs. Handle the Achilles tendon excellently as you continue squeezing the hollow area severally. Carry out these massages, and indeed you will enjoy the best experience of going for a foot massage.

Completing the Massage Session

Risks and Considerations

Now, doing any healthy activity needs extreme care to ensure you do only the right thing. Before indulging yourself in doing a foot massage, ensure the feet are in a suitable condition. Here, you will check on things like cuts, sores, or if there is any bandage on the feet as well.

Risks and Considerations

Consequently, other conditions like diabetic neuropathy also need consideration before indulging in massage exercises. The pressure exerted during a foot massage might affect certain conditions or even worsen them greatly. Nevertheless, pregnant women should consult their doctors before they indulge themselves in massage activities.


Foot massage is an excellent exercise as well as a remedy that has proved to provide us a lot of benefits. Not necessarily you get it at a massage station, but others do it from their comfort zones alike. Save your time and money you would spend hiring a parlor’s service by getting the service from your partner.

The massage steps above enlighten you how to massage your own feet perfectly. Just think about trying a combination of the two massages, and you will really enjoy the experience. Foot massage is an excellent exercise as well as a remedy to give a try.

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