How To Give A Good Hand Massage In 2022?

If you’re returning from a long, stressful working day, it can be a lifesaving experience to get a hand massage. The sored and tired body can get a great release only with a few strokes of massage on your hands. Hand massage can easily beat the stress after the day and make you relaxed, refreshed, and rejuvenated. It increases the release of good hormones in your body, stimulates circulation, and enriches your blood with oxygen to improve stress anxiety.

If you’re feeling like you need a hand massage and don’t know how to give a good hand massage, I’m here to help you. You must know how to massage the right way because the wrong approach may put you on serious health issues. Stick to the article to know how you can give a good hand massage and get rid of the stress and other health issues.

Why Does A Hand Massage Feel Good?

Our hands and the bottom of the feet contain the acupoints that are connected to different body parts. When you get a stroke on a certain point on your hand, it affects that connected body part. While working throughout the day, your hands and head take most of the beating and cause stress. Your body parts get stiff after the pressure of the work on them; it can happen for over-pressure or less of it.

How To Give A Good Hand Massage In 2020

When you massage your hands, especially the palm, and stroke your acupoints, they increase the circulation to that body part. Once you get better circulation, you release stress on your body and feel more comfortable. On top of that, your brain starts to release, which we know as happy hormones like dopamine, oxytocin, endorphin, etc. As a result, you don’t just relax your body and start to feel good from inside.

How To Give A Good Hand Massage?

Hand massage is indeed one of the best ways to get relief from several types of health problems. Here is How to give a good hand massage and the steps you should follow for an effective release from stress and anxiety:

Know how it works

First, you don’t need special equipment or a professional degree to perform a good hand massage. All you need is the proper knowledge of how it works and the steps of doing it without hurting your hands. You can do it for 15-20 minutes a day to get the most out of the hand massage. You can apply oil or lotion before you start massaging; for the oil choice, the essential oil is the best option for its healing capability. Tree oil comes with antioxidants and other nutrient elements that can help your pain go away faster. A massage before you go to bed is the best time to massage for better sleep, but it works fine during the daytime.

Safety precautions

As the hand is a sensitive area, massaging on it should be very precise and well planned. If you put heavy pressure, it may harm your hand, especially if you have pain. You must avoid putting in extra force or sharp tools during the massage. Instead, you should go with a mild, soothing, and light pressure to get the best result; you can increase the pressure depending on your sensitivity level. Applying heat during the massage is pretty common, but it should be limited because too much heat may cause problems. If you want to apply heat, go for a level to call it soothing warmth, not hot.

Steps to follow for a hand massage

To get an effective result from the massage, you must follow the right procedure, here is how to give a good hand massage: First, you must sit in a comfortable position where your body has no stress, tension, or anxiety, not internally. You can put your hands on a table with soft padding under the hand to avoid getting sandwiched between two pressures. Applying gentle strokes on the area of pain first, use your palm and fingers for the job. Apply gentle pressure from the wrist to the fingertips, then start pinching your skin, be sure not to be harsh. Use your forefingers and a thumb and press the area in a circular motion and go back and forth several times.

What Are The Benefits Of A Hand Massage?

Massaging your hands can have a great improvement in your body, including both your body and mind. Here are the most beneficial aspects of hand massage after a stressful working day, even if you have palsy or other movement issues:

  • Hand massage is one of the most effective ways to deal with toxicity within your body. If you want your lymph fluids to run around your body and want effective drainage of the unwanted toxicity, hand massage could be our go-to.
  • Another great reason why you should get hand massage is, it improves your circulation throughout your body. A hand massage will ease your stiff muscles on the treated area and relaxes your sore limbs to help you with stress.
  • If you have sleeplessness or shallow sleep problem, hand massage can get you to sleep improvements. A small session of hand massage can effectively improve your anxiety and get a relaxed and deeper sleep.
  • Hand massage can also help you if you get headaches pretty often; it’s because of the penetration on the reflexology points. As you apply light pressure on the reflexology points on your hand, you can get significant and almost instant relief from headache.
  • Getting rid of the trigger finger problem is also a popular benefit of hand massage; if you have it, go for hand massage. If you have a limited range of motion while retracting or extending your fingers, get a good hand massage to unlock them.
  • If you’re a patient of carpal tunnel syndrome and suffering from weakness, pain, or numbness, hand massage can help you. It can be a great way to deal with this nerve disorder and get relief on the wrist, including the arms, shoulders, and neck.

Final Thought

To sum up the topic, I can assure you that getting a gentle hand massage can improve your lifestyle every day. It can help you get rid of many problems, including hand pain, without getting medications. Your hands contain the acupoints linked to your body’s vital organs, which you can stimulate with a hand massage. Massaging the hand helps you stimulate them and relax them with soothing relief.

However, as you now know how to give a good hand massage, you must not overdo it or apply too much pressure. Depending on the level of pain and stress, make sure the message isn’t putting excessive pressure. If you feel much pressure or pain, don’t forget to consult your doctor for proper medication.

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