How to Fix Homedics Back Massager [Solution ]

If you are acquainted with the health and wellness products, you probably know about Homedics brand. This brand aids in building a healthy home environment that assists you relax your body, reduce tension and unravel your life. This prominent brand was established in 1987 that manufactures several products. Electric parts, accessories, beauty products and more back massager are their signature goods.

Though Homedics provides the best back massagers, you can confront some problems with them like broken cord, pillow heater replacement and more. If you ever face these types of difficulties and don’t know How to Fix Homedics Back Massager, this context is going to help you out. So, without any further ado, let’s move to the main object.

How Long Do Homedics Back Massagers Last?

Homedics manufacturers the best Back Massager for Knots that is convenient to use. From home to the office you can bear their back massager because of its lightweight size. This brand guarantees back massager from infirmity in substance and manufacture for a period of 24 months from the date of purchasing. But the given guarantee doesn’t include devastation caused by accident, or misuse. However, if anyone uses a homedics back massager with proper care, It’ll last more than 2 years.

How to Fix Homedics Back Massager

The majority of users recently confront some difficulties with back massagers. Sometimes, back massagers stop working, massage action does not start, and massage roller stops while running. If you face these sorts of difficulties, what will you do then? Don’t be frustrated, here we are going to confer some of the best solutions to fix back massagers issues.

How to Fix Homedics Back Massager

Fix Massager Doesn’t Start Issue

This is one of the typical issues among the Homedics back massagers. It is annoying when your massager doesn ‘t start but you need it badly. In that case,  you’ll be up to resolve this issue by taking some steps that we have provided below.

  1. Inspect to see whether the power cord of the massager is broken or has been set up inappropriately.
  2. Now make sure that the power outlet is generating sufficient power to start your massager. To test the power outlet, plug in another electrical port just to be sure whether it is up and running or not.
  3. Supposing that the massager has had its fuse blown, change it with a new one by turning the power off and using a screwdriver.

After accomplishing the procedure, switch on your massager and see whether to start or not.

Resolving Poor Functioning Massage Techniques

ofttimes, massager could be functional but some of its particles provide unorthodox performance. In that situation, you have to make sure that the efficiency of your massager’s bits is to the point of relying on the position of your body.  Here are some tricks that can help you fix poor functionality.

  1. In case the massagers boards flame out to reach some of your body portions, you must balance the setting of your massager properly.
  2. If the backrest is in vain to work, exchange the base or air pumps of your massager.
  3. Yet the air pums of your massager make noise, that means the air tubing has some issues. In that case, you must alter the tube to inspect whether the connection is protected or not.

What If the Remote is Non-Functional

If it is identified that your back massager’s remote is not working, what should you do?  Well, don’t be panicked, here are some effective things that you need to accomplish as you look for remedies to solve the problem.

  • First of all, check the cable connection of your remote. If the cable is not connected appropriately, your remote will stop working. Even after being well connected, if you face the issue, it is better to replace it.
  • Sometimes the remote with LED lights work but lights do not. That’s why the majority of users think that their remote doesn’t work. If that bothers you, then you can take it to the dealer to replace or repair it.

Resolving Faulty Heat Controls

Heat controlling a massager is crucial if you intend to have a much more anticipated massage. If the heat control of your massager is non-functional, here are some tips that you can execute.

  • Turn the back massage chair on and operate it in heat mode. This process will make you perceive whether you are getting the sufficient amount of warmth at the side of the massager’s backrest.
  • If you don’t get enough warmth, then replace it from the dealer of the massager.

Simple Maintenance Tips for Back Massager

Most of the people use back massager but very few people can maintain their massager properly. We have provided some simple maintenance tips for back massagers here that will make the product last longer.

Simple Maintenance Tips for Back Massager


Always keep your back chair clean. Before cleaning, make sure that you have unplugged the appliance and allowed it to cool. Clen only with a sponge that is soft and damp. Don’t allow water or other liquids to come inside the appliance. Stay away from using sensitive cleaners, brushes, or paint thinner to clean.


Locate the appliance in its given box, or in a place that is safe and cool. Keep it away from the objects that can cut or puncture the fabrics of your back massager. never cover the power cord anywhere with the appliance.

Final Thought

We hope you have got the proper explanation about How to Fix Homedics Back Massager. Four different problems and their solutions have been demonstrated above. If you  ever confront the difficulties that we mentioned earlier on back massager, you can resolve it by executing the above mentioned procedures for sure. To get regular updates about massagers, keep an eye on this site.

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