How To Fix A Massage Chair In Few Minutes

To secure a lavish and secure lifestyle, we stay busy for the whole day.  But while securing the future we are not thinking about our health. To restore that energy, you can use a massage chair in your home. Some avoid using this chair as they think they do not know how to fix massage chair.

Fixing a massage chair is easy if you know the methods properly. Such as, connect the power cord, check the fuses, wire, and remote control connections. Also, You need to check the motors and other mechanisms. Then you may find the problem and fix it as soon as possible. Check out the methods in this article that will help you to fix your favorite chair.

9 Best Methods To Fix Massage Chair

9 Best Methods To Fix Massage Chair

If you have a massage chair in your home, you will not need a therapist or visit a spa center to get a relaxing massage. As the chair is electric you will face so many problems while using. Don’t panic if your chair is facing a problem. Follow some simple steps to make your chair work the same as before. When you are looking for the problem, make sure the chair connection is completely off.

Method 1: Fixing the Power Connection and Cable

When your chair is not working at all, then check the electric connection. Look if the cable is properly plugged in or not. Then check the power supply cable from the chair connection, whether it is plugged or not. Try to unplug and plug the connection. Now look for the damages like roughness, cuts or twists in the cable. If there is one, then replace the damaged one with a new cable.

Method 2: Fix the Fuses

Sometimes the chair gets a circuit breaker to prevent big damage. When you find your chair is not working or getting started then check the fuse first. If it is blown then change it. Replace the circuit breaker with a new one. If you don’t understand the circuit breaker, make sure to go through the instruction or seek an expert.

Method 3: Resetting the Chair

If none of the previous two methods starts your chair, then you have to rest your massage chair. Different chairs have different settings. Some chairs work by switching the power on and off, and some chairs already come with a reset button.  There is some chair that requires holding two buttons kneading and tapping together to get reset. So check which settings your chair has.

Method 4: Fixing the Inside Wires

While using your chair all of a sudden, your massage option or vibration or heat function will stop working. Start by checking the power cable or connection. Unplug all the connections from the power source then look for disconnected or damaged wires inside. Do the wrapping or cutting the edges if it requires. Replace the damaged ones with a new one.

Method 5: Fix the Remote Control

Check the remote control when the chair stopped responding. Sometimes the remote shows some problem suddenly. Check the connectivity settings of the remote. Try the resetting option after plugging the remote control.  If the remote still doesn’t work like the LED is off or the display is not working, you have to take a new one.

Method 6: Fixing the Airbags

You will find some airbags in the chair. Sometimes they stop working for some reason. You have to find out the reasons to fix the problems. First, you have to check the power that works to fill the airbag. You have to check both power and air connections. Sometimes you will find the problem in the motor not in the power connection.

It only happens when the motor gets burned for some reason. As there are a number of airbags, sometimes only one airbag may show the problem. So you have to check every single one to detect the problematic one. If one airbag is showing a problem then look into the hoses and power connection of that bag. Also look for leakage if you see the airbag is not filling with air.

Method 7: Fixing the Motor and Massage Settings

When you get weird noise from the chair then your motor has some problems. Probably the motor is burnt or the gears are broken or the belts are stripped for some reasons. When you hear the motor is spinning but you are not feeling the chair’s function, then the straps have become loose. You have to replace that belt. Make sure to use the same belt or else it will not work.

Method 8: Upgrade the Upholstery

The chair comes with different materials. Don’t go for the thin material because it doesn’t last long.  After some use of the chair it gets ruined, so avoid such materials. It should be wise if you know about the right materials before using.

Method 9: Get Help from an Expert

If none of the methods works for your chair, then you’ll need help from an expert. Take help from the manufacturer to get the authentic service. Before going for fixing check if you have a warranty or not.

Final Verdict

A massage chair is now getting popular in every house. Life is not simple and easy like before. Every single person has to struggle to stay well and for that they need to do a lot of hard work. To motivate your body and mind to keep the struggle on, you have to take a massage chair.

This chair helps to give you comfort and relieves you from all the stress. If you are a new user, I hope you already learned how to fix massage chair. Whenever you are feeling down, just hop on this chair and take a power nap.

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