How to Clean Massage Chair Perfectly!

Several people own expensive massage chairs, but they lack an idea of how to clean them perfectly. So, are you a massage chair owner who doesn’t understand how to clean this furniture? What do cleaners need to do such a project? And, how do you maintain massage chairs to provide you an extended service?

If you need to understand the logic behind cleaning massage chairs; stay tuned in this article. We shall provide massage chair owners as well as readers four steps to guide you how to clean massage chair perfectly. Consequently, we shall offer them an insight into the regular maintenance practices of massage chairs.

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Our presentation covers the steps of cleaning massage chairs effectively and the regular maintenance tips of this furniture.This part will help you to find out the part within a second.

What You’ll Need for Cleaning a Massage Chair?

When intending to handle a particular project, you need to start it from availing the necessary tools for it. Now, in cleaning a massage chair, what you gather depends on the cleaning procedure, materials, and maintenance requirements. Most Massage Chair For Small Space get designed with either vinyl upholstery or synthetic leather materials. Their cleaning requirements are similar, and any chair designed out of this requires a different approach.

What You'll Need for Cleaning a Massage Chair?

Cleaners should gather cleaning necessities like mild soap, a clean and damp towel or cloth, and a spray bottle. Other essentials include distilled water, mild metal cleaner, and a suitable sanitizing agent or solution. Always remember to disconnect your massage chair from any electrical connection before starting the cleaning process.

How to Clean Massage Chair

Massage chairs are among the few furniture that requires little maintenance to continue providing long-term service. Just a simple cleanup exercise regularly marks an essential way of maintaining them. But very few massage chair owners understand cleaning them effectively. Below we have a step-by-step procedure to guide you in accomplishing the task faster and effectively.

How to Clean Massage Chair

Step One:

There are massage chairs designed with extra cushions on them or other massaging devices as such. You need to remove them before starting the cleaning process and have them cleaned separately. Pour your sanitizing solution in a spray bottle and spray it over the devices and cushion. Complete by wiping their surfaces and getting them somewhere to dry.

Step Two:

After dealing with the cushions and massaging devices, you can embark on the chair. Using a clean and damp cloth, wipe off dirt on the surface; this can be hair, dust, or even dry skin. There are hidden areas that water and soap might not penetrate, making it hard to clean. Ensure you work on them excellently since they are hideouts of several forms of dirt.

Step Three:

Ensure you wipe all forms of dry dirt on the chair before you move to the third step. Now, here, you will use your soap and water solution or any favorable sanitizing solution to clean the chair. Work on the sticky dirt on your chair until you scrub off everything. Experts recommend using distilled water in this case since it removes dirt as well as contaminants effectively.

How to Clean Massage Chair

Now, when spraying your sanitizing solution, you need to do it carefully as well as discreetly. Remember, you do this just to avoid spraying the solution to places that will damage the chair. Lastly, use a clean and dry cloth once again to wipe off the solution from your massage chair.

Step Four:

Cleaning a massage chair is as easy as such. After accomplishing the above steps, set the chair somewhere to allow it dry naturally. During this stage, avoid sitting on the chair or placing anything on it until it’s completely dry. Finally, get back the cushion and massaging devices to their position and start using your chair.

Note: Most people prefer using soap-water to clean their massage chairs. Such solutions don’t require air drying on the chair since this can leave hard-to-remove spots on surfaces. After using soap water solution, it’s advisable to wipe the surface to avoid the creation of these spots.

Consequently, it’s advisable to use the best cleaning solutions depending on the materials used to construct your chair. Otherwise, other sanitizing solutions might damage the fabric used to build your massage chair. Consult the experts to enlighten you on the best and recommendable solution to perform the cleaning task.

Regular Maintenance of Massage Chair

Massage chairs need little maintenance to continue offering you a long-term service. And actually, maintaining massage chairs requires little; just regular cleaning, and you stand to receive excellent continuous service. Other than the regular cleaning, these chairs require periodic deep cleaning as well. This is where you disassemble the entire chair to accomplish a thorough cleaning of all components.

Regular Maintenance of Massage Chair

Consequently, you need to consult experts whenever your massage chair develops an issue. The internal components, for instance, might create problems to make the chair malfunction. In such scenarios, you require hiring an expert to repair it before problems develop big. Some issues that can raise the alarm include strange noise, difficulties turning, and switching issues between massage modes.


Now you know how to clean massage chair properly. Massage chair owners need to maintain their assets to continue reaping the immense benefits they provide. After a massage session, the chair will have all rancid oils and several massage stuff on its surface. All these are the dirt that you require to wipe off from them before destroying your chair or giving it a useless gross look.

With the cleaning steps above, nothing is impossible in performing the task fast and effectively. This is a project you should carry out at least once or twice a week since they are fond of efficiently gathering a lot of dirt. Nevertheless, a monthly deep cleaning exercise is important to consider to ensure all components work effectively.

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