How to Clean Homedics Foot Spa 2022 [Step by Step Guide]

Many people frequently feel Headache and Foot Pain after a hard day’s work. It needs to relax their feet to avoid these types of circumstances. Relaxing one’s feet has an inter-connection with relaxing the whole body. In recent times, Foot Spa with Homedics is getting more popular for professional and personal purposes. According to Dr. Elaine Felix, Homedics Foot Spa works as a great remedy for reducing depression and anxiety.

Having a Foot Spa in your collection is not only enough. An electronic device like Homedics Foot Spa needs to clean after each client or end of the day. Many people don’t know how to clean homedics foot spa in a proper way. Not cleaning a Homedics Foot Spa machine on a regular basis can contaminate it with germs and debris. Which may cause Pedicure Infections. In this write-up, we present an effective method to clean your Homedics Foot Spa, let’s see.

How Often Should You Clean Your Foot Spa?

Scientist has discovered there are 200 types of fungi colonising our feet on average. The favorite place of fungi is human toenails and between the toes. Therefore, using a foot spa continuously without cleaning is a risk. Expertise suggests cleaning the foot spa to disinfect it from germs and debris as well as from fungi. An electrical device like a foot spa machine is not like a regular thing that can be washed randomly.

How Often Should You Clean Your Foot Spa

A foot spa machine should clean properly once a week. It should soak overnight once a week. Thus the fungi and germs kill properly. To clean your foot spa machine, follow the manufacturer’s guidelines sincerely. In the manufacturer guideline, they suggest cleaning foot spas after every use. If you use this machine for a professional purpose it is needed to clean it regularly after the end of the day. 

What You’ll Need to Clean Homedics Foot Spa

Homedics Foot Spa is a sensitive electronic device. This should be clean with a suitable cleaning kit and Every Day Cleaner. There is a manufacturer guideline to clean a foot spa. They suggest some necessary things which should be used while cleaning. Expertise suggests not to use any oil-based cleaning product. Because oil-based cleaning products are a safe ground for breeding bacteria. There are some safe things to clean your Homedics Foot Spa by yourself. They include_

  1. A good quality detergent
  2. Fresh Water
  3.  An EPA-registered hospital disinfectant
  4. Cleaning Brush
  5. Soft Cloth

The water and quantity of detergent should mix in a balanced proportion. For a regular massager, you should mix 4 tsp detergent with 500 ml water. Unless you have a massager for large feet the quantity of water and detergent solution is constant. For that kind of massager follow the manufacturer’s guideline to clean it in a proper way. 

Safety Precautions When Cleaning Homedics Foot Spa

Cleaning Homedics Foot Spa not only ensures the device’s durability but also ensures disinfecting it from harmful germs. Without taking some precautions while cleaning this device this may be damaged. According to the manufacturers of Homedics Foot Spa, the device should unplug from the power before it is cleaned. There are other essential things that need to follow when cleaning a Foot Spa is that the device should be in cool conditions when clean with water. Disinfect Foot Spa in warm conditions may be harmful to its parts.

After cleaning the Foot Spa machine it should dry properly. Because a wet spa machine is the breeding house of bacteria. This should be ensured after each time cleaning. Another precaution you should ensure is you don’t use any strong abrasives and detergent while cleaning.

How to Clean Homedics Foot Spa

Foot Spa has been linked up with the outbreak of skin infections. It is exposed to a Mycobacterium. Thus the risk of skin infections can be reduced by following these steps by disinfecting it in a proper method.

How to Clean Homedics Foot Spa

  1. Pour the Foot Spa with the water. To get a better cleaning use some warm water because warm water is enabled to clean the germs perfectly.
  2. Clean any debris and then clean the basin with detergent and hot water. Use a brush to eradicate the dirt from the basin and rinse with water.
  3. Fill the foot spa with warm water and detergent and enable the recirculation system. Let the circulation system run for 5 minutes and then drain and rinse it with fresh water.
  4. If you use 5% chlorine bleach as a detergent, enable the recirculation system for at least 10 minutes.
  5. Erase the filter screen, drain plug, jets, and other dumping parts. Clean any debris behind them. By using a brush, clean all the dumping parts with warm water and detergents.
  6. Disinfect all the dumping parts which have been removed from the foot spa machine with an intermediate and high-level disinfectant. To be sure about the proportion and the contact time follow the manufacturer’s guidelines.
  7. Place all the removal parts back in the foot spa machine after the rinse and air dry.
  8. Store the Homedics Foot Spa in a dry and dust-free place.

Never mix ammonia products with chlorine bleach because these produce toxic chlorine gas. The details of Intermediate and High-level disinfectants are listed in the manufacturer’s guide. Know what kind of disinfectant is suitable for your Homedics Foot Spa.


After a busy working day, it’s common for everyone to feel tired. Especially the people who work by standing for a long time, they know how painful it is. After completing the work all they need is relaxation. Foot Relaxation with Homedics Foot Spa can be the perfect solution to get them to relax. As we said earlier, having a Homedics Foot Spa machine is not enough. Without knowing how to clean homedics foot spa, people can get long-lasting benefits from that machine.

So, cleaning and disinfection are essential to ensure their durability and long-lastingness. Nevertheless, your Homedics Foot Spa may be the reason for your skin infections. Therefore, to avoid this kind of situation it is essential to clean and disinfect it by following the manufacturer’s guidelines.

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