How Much Water To Drink After A Massager [Professional Guide]

Have you ever wondered why your massage therapist asks you to drink extra water after a massage session? Is this just because drinking water is good for your health or the therapist is concerned about your health? Well, the importance of drinking water after a massage is far more than you ever think.

During a massage when a therapist will manipulate your muscles, your muscle tissues will release toxic materials. And drinking water will help to flush out all those toxic and metabolic wastes from your body.

In that case, a simple question that may arise in your mind is How Much Water To Drink After A Massage. Well, based on your massage types, you may have to drink 4-12 glasses of water. You can get more detailed information about drinking water by following this context, so stay tuned.

How Much Water To Drink After A Massage

Whether you take a massage from a therapist or get a massage from a reliable 3d Massage Chair, both have some post messaging impacts. Along with flushing waste products, drinking water also helps to reduce muscle soreness.

Though you have to drink half your body weight converted in ounces, you have to drink extra water after a massage session. The ideal option is to drink about 800 ml of water for twelve hours. However, How Much Water To Drink After A Massage completely depends on what type of massage you have just taken.

How Much Water To Drink After A Massage

If you just have a relaxation session, drinking 4-6 glasses of water would be a good option. On the other hand,  if you take a hot stone or deep tissue massage, you should drink 8-12 glasses of water after a massage. So before deciding what amount of water you should drink after a massage session, you must consider the type of massage.

Health Benefits Of Hydrate After A Massage

Massages are one type of dehydrating, and therapists will use movement to work your muscles. The movements will encourage fluid to flow out of the soft tissues into your circulatory system and eventually into your kidneys. Therefore, you have to be hydrated after a massage. Below, we will elaborately discuss the health benefits of hydrate after a massage, have a look.

Health Benefits Of Hydrate After A Massage  

Eradication Toxins

As massage increases blood circulation it also allows acids and other wastes created in your muscles to enter the bloodstream. A massage session will remove toxins that were stored on your kidneys, skin, muscles, and digestive processes. And the removal process requires water, so the more water you drink the more toxins will be removed from your body.

When your body will release toxins, the water level of your body will drop. Therefore, you have to be hydrated after a massage to restock up the water level that you lost during massage.

Improve Liver and Kidneys Functionality

When you drink water, your kidneys function by suppressing antidiuretic hormones. During a massage session, our body deals with metabolic wastes by using our kidneys and liver. These two are the main detoxifiers that perform disarm, transform and excrete as well.

As a massage will decrease the water level, you just have to drink more water to keep the kidney’s functionality on top. Kidneys will help to purify the blood and all the organs of the human body.

To Avoid Lightheadedness

Though massage helps relax your mind and body, sometimes a gentle massage can also trigger headaches too. Deep tissue massage can cause headaches or lightheadedness, and it happens because of dehydration. In that case, hydrating should be the best way to get rid of lightheadedness.

If you suffer from headaches immediately after a massage session, you better drink two or three glasses of water to prevent it. Hydration will help to keep headaches and lightheadedness away.

Prevent Soreness

Whether you take a deep massage or deep tissue massage, it’s normal to feel sore where your therapist mostly focuses. In that case, drinking water will help you to prevent soreness from your body. Along with preventing soreness, drinking water will also help to eradicate feelings of soreness. Drinking more water will also help to speed up to feel refreshed and recover health in your muscles, tissues.

Improve Overall Health Condition

As we earlier mentioned, a massage session can cause dehydration which can lead to many health issues. When you take a massage, your body will lose water through bowel movements, breathing, or sweating. However, sweat after a massage means your body is flushing out toxic components from your body.

Therefore, you must drink plenty of water to keep your body organs going well. Drinking water after a massage will regulate body temperature, protect internal organs, moisten tissues, and lubricate joints.

What should You avoid after a massage?

To make  your massage therapy fruitful , you must avoid plenty of things after a massage session. You have to consider some factors after taking a massage; here are the main few of them.

What should You avoid after a massage?

  • Do Not Eat a Large Meal

When you take a massage session, it will increase your blood circulation and digestive system. However, you must avoid large meals after a massage as it will make you tired and lazy. Moreover, the heavy meal will also make your body feel bloated and sluggish as well.

  • Avoid Coffee

You also need to avoid drinking coffee after taking a massage because coffee can work as a diuretic. Moreover, caffeine is a stimulant; it can increase your heart rate and make your muscles tense.

  • Avoid Drinking Alcohol

Along with avoiding coffee, you also need to avoid drinking alcohol after taking a massage. Alcohol will fully affect a massage, and it will also ruin your relaxing feel as well. Moreover, drinking alcohol after a massage will increase blood pressure and stress levels too.

  • Do Not Take a Shower

Another thing that most people do wrong after a massage session is taking a warm shower. Massage will boost your blood circulation and taking a shower also does the same, which will lead to congestion. Taking an immediate shower will wash off used healing oil which should stay until it gets absorbed into the skin cells.

  • Stressing Out

You should avoid stressing out after a massage session because it will ruin the relaxing mode. After taking a massage, always avoid doing heavy stuff and try to relax completely relax your mind and body.


Our body is composed of about 60% water and drinking enough water helps to regulate body temperature and prevent infections and many more. Along with drinking water on a general basis, you have to drink plenty of water after taking a massage session. To eradicate toxins, and avoid nausea or lightheadedness you have to drink extra water after massage.

Though most massage receivers often get confused about How Much Water To Drink After A Massage, now you know the accurate amount. Drinking the required amount of water will help you to remove wastes from your body and make the kidneys function effectively. Along with flushing out all accumulated materials, drinking water will also help to extend the massage benefits.

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