How Long Should You Use A Back Massager? [Need To Know]

After a very stressful day at work, using a back massager to relieve every knot and tension is a nice treat and a friendly self-care activity. It reduces your back pains and releases tightness in your back. It would also help with blood circulation and relieve headaches, but it is essential to ask how long should you use a back massager?

The feeling gotten from using a back massager is very incredible, and you might get carried away. Still, if you have ever used a back massage for a very long period, you would notice that using it for a long time does not have any added benefit, but instead, it would even start bruising your muscles.

The back massager could be like a workout session; although a workout session could help build your muscles, stamina, and body, you would end up being sore when you overwork yourself. In the same vein, it is not good to overuse a back massager as it could injure your muscles and worsen the injuries already present in your muscles.

Are Back Massagers Effective?

Yes, back massagers are very effective as they could go a great deal in relieving the pain from a very sore back. These massagers can alleviate stress, relieves sore muscles and achiness, calm the nervous systems, help the digestive organ, and heal injuries like strained or pulled muscles.

Are Back Massagers Effective

The back massager is a piece of excellent equipment to be owned by individuals with a stressful job as they usually come home with pain. Back Massager For Knots can heal knots deep inside the muscles, target sore spots, relieve aches, loosen tight muscles, and stimulate blood flow. These massagers use prolonged but firm pressure to relieve these knots and pains.

Back massagers are safe to use and could also be beneficial for people who have arthritis, back stiffness, sciatica, neck stiffness and pain, and muscle strain as they increase the blood flow in the body through vibrations. They are perfect for dealing with both acute and chronic musculoskeletal issues, although the relief they provide is usually temporary.

What Are The Different Types Of Back Massagers?

Many people experience back pain, and due to the effectiveness of the back massager relieving this, a lot of people would want to purchase it, making it a perfect business. Different brands have made this back massager, and each of these has different styles and unique features. These different types of back massager include:

What Are The Different Types Of Back Massagers

  1. Theragun Pro Percussion Gun Massager: This back massager is an expensive high-quality device that people efficiently use and provides powerful massage. This massager could also recede cellulite with the proper technique.
  2. Restock Shiatsu Back Massager: This back massager has two loops hanging to allow the resting of hands. It is also possible to control this massager’s heat, direction, and motion so you can have total control of it.
  3. Ireliev Percussion Massager: This massager delivers a shiatsu massage to the back and upper neck, and it also has a kneading motion to make it feel like a hand massage. It has a heating option which is perfect for sole muscles.
  4. Zillion Shiatsu Back Massage Pillow With Heat: This massage delivers a shiatsu massage. It has a device to protect the temperature that will stop once it is not safe. This device also reduces pain caused by blood circulation issues.
  5. Aku Mat: This Aku Mat has tiny spikes that deliver acupuncture. It increases lymph circulation and blood flow by stimulating nerve centers. It also triggers endorphins release to reduce pain, stress, anxiety, and inflammation.

How Often Should You Use A Back Massager?

It would be best if you used a back massage three or four times every week so it would have a maximum effect on your back, shoulder, and neck pain. Although the duration is dependent mainly on the type of massage you want and the type of back massager to be used, this is the recommended duration.

Apart from the type of massager, your body and health status are other things to consider. We advise a pregnant woman to use the massager for a lower duration – once a week. We also recommend always consulting a doctor before using the back massager if you are recently injured or if you have chronic diseases.

How Long Should You Use A Back Massager?

You should use the back massager for just fifteen minutes. The duration should be shorter when taking a very intense massage like deep tissue massage to prevent bruising and inflammation of muscles. We also advise setting a timer before starting a back massage.

How Long Should You Use A Back Massager

If you are using a back massager for the first time, it is crucial to take it very slowly by starting with the most accessible massages for just relaxation and a shorter time. Although using the massager for a long time could be tempting, it is better to take things slow and increase it with more experience.

Most models of back massager come with a timer to help remind users of when to stop. When using a back massager without a timer, it is essential to set it on a microwave or your phone, so you don’t overexert yourself.

Is It Bad To Use A Back Massager For Too Long?

Yes, it isn’t excellent to use a back massager for a long time. When you spend too much time receiving a massage, the deep tissue massage, you will start receiving muscular damages and inflammation of soft tissues in the body.

The worst thing about back massager is that it’s mechanical, and you won’t know when it’s hurting you until after you turn it off. The back massager could worsen injuries by reopening already closed wounds in the muscles. If someone with a condition further exacerbated with movement uses the back massager, this back massager could worsen the individual’s situation.

Tips To Use A Back Massager Effectively

A back massager has a lot of benefits than a manual therapist. With the back massager, you could enjoy all of these benefits in the comfort of your home; there are various tips you must know before using the back massager:

Tips To Use A Back Massager Effectively

  1. Have Some Warm-ups: Rub your skin and knead your muscles gently before using the massager. Little exercises would help the massager spot the sore spots quickly and improve the massager’s effect.
  2. Maintain The Proper Position: When having a massage with the back massager, sit straight on a chair and apply the back massager directly on the area that requires the treatments (sore spots).
  3. Adjust The Back Massager Appropriately: Using an electric back massager that has features that allow for adjustment, it is essential to find the perfect heat, intensity, and speed that would work for you.
  4. Don’t Over-exert Yourself: Excessive massage would not only tire and strain your muscles more but could also injure them. Therefore, it is essential to know your body limit and stop once you get to it, although the suggested time for a massage is about 10 to 15 minutes.
  5. Relax: After every massage section, it is essential to take a break. We also recommend drinking water to aid with your blood circulation. Taking a nap is an excellent way to relax after a good back massage.


It is essential to know the answer to the question – how long should you use a back massager?. You would know how long and how often you should use it to prevent getting an injury from overusing it with the knowledge.

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