Best 2 Fujimi Massage Chair Reviews in 2022 (Must See Before Buy)

Do you search for a comfortable massage chair that can relax you with cutting-edge technology? Then this fujimi massage chair reviews is the right place where you can get an in-depth answer. Fujimi manufactures some of the most advanced massage chairs for maximum relaxation using Zero gravity technology. However, Fujimi has a wide range of models to choose from which is enough with these features.

Besides, Zero-Gravity massage chairs are a bit more complicated than the regular ones, you have to be careful while shopping. Want to get the best massage chair without getting into a daunting process with confusing spec sheets? Get into the article and choose the best massage chair that matches all your expectations!

About This Brand:

Fujimi is a manufacturer and designer of high-end massage chairs and physical therapy units. Their corporate office is located in California, and they run their business with a pretty good reputation worldwide. Fujimi brand’s main aim is to provide chiropractors therapeutic massage with a chair.

The brand has many patented massage chair designs, and they use their own technology to ensure comfort for those using their upgraded massage chairs. Lastly, their massage chairs come with therapeutic massage features that provide full-body comfort and relaxation.

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Best 2 Fujimi Massage Chair Reviews in 2022

As Fujimi has many massager chairs, it could be a bit tricky to choose the right one. Our expert team researched them all and included the best ones in these fujimi massage chair reviews. Get through them to grasp the most promising massage chairs in the market today:

fujimi massage chair reviews

1. Fujimi EP8800 Massage Chair (Brown)

Fujimi EP8800 Massage Chair (Brown)

Our fujimi massage chair reviews remain incomplete without this highly functional as well as most popular massager chair. This robotic body massage system offers both roller and air massage to reduce stress and pain. It uses an upgraded 27-inch S-Track to move massage rollers everywhere on the back. Also, you’ll get a total of 53 airbags to massage full-body from backrest to feet. This massage chair’s strategically positioned airbags are robust and great for stress relief.

Its multi-level incline offers all the way back and reduces pressure on the spine. This chair provides a real  Zero Gravity recliner to elevate your heart at your foot level for better circulation. You’ll get Thai Sole Scraping Therapy on your feet because it has a three-row massage roller around the footrest. Additionally, it has eight 300cc magnets that provide Gua Sha-style magnetic therapy for the calves and soles.

Additionally, this massage chair comes with several pre-programmed massages, including kneading, shiatsu, tapping, and knocking. You’ll be able to choose different massages for targeted muscle groups in your body. Fujimi also added a touch control panel to the massage chair to get easy control to its various features.

  • 27-inch S-Track.
  • Intelligent massage roller technology.
  • Powered backrest and footrest.
  • Adjustable length leg ottoman.
  • No music function.

2. Fujimi Massage Chair EP7000

Fujimi Massage Chair EP7000Fujimi EP7000 is a hybrid massage chair that uses an intelligent  L/S track, and it can extend a staggering 53” in total length. Its robotic roller can follow your body’s natural curvature and extend them to the glutes and thighs. Besides, this massage chair’s 3D roller tech offers an extraordinary output of simulating the feeling of human hands.

This massage chair also includes a 3D body scanning technology to detect shoulders, arms, legs, and feet position. So you get full control over your massage process and adjust according to your comfort level using the remote control. Additionally, its strategically positioned airbags and air massage location provide real Zero Gravity recliner body massage. You’ll be able to activate backrest reclines, seat tilts, and footrest elevates to distribute proper body-weight and get deeper relaxation.

Further, its infrared heating system offers fast and comfortable pain relief on the entire back. Users can alter the temperature as per their comfort level, and it is completely safe and secure. Besides, you can enjoy music while massaging your body. The adjustable timer also allows users to get an interval message and customize the duration as you prefer. Its three memory slots let the user set their customized massage routines via a simple remote.

  • 53-inch L-track.
  • Zero Gravity recliner.
  • Infrared heating system.
  • Adjustable length leg ottoman.
  • A bit heavy.

Why Choose This Fujimi Massage Chair?

Fujimi Massage chairs come with the most advanced technologies to ensure maximum relaxation and comfort. Their massage chairs have true zero gravity with full body massage modes alongside a huge variety of massage facilities. Also, they include some additional benefits that make them significantly superior to others, such as:

  • Every fujimi massage chair has a hybrid track design to ensure maximum relaxation from upper to lower body parts.
  • Their body massage chair’s intelligent rollers can detect our body’s natural curvature to provide smooth massage where needed.
  • The massage chairs offer real zero gravity positioning recline so that knees stay above your heart to boost therapeutic benefit.
  • Fujimi massage chair’s easy access control allows users to adjust, customize massage when required.
  • Each fujimi massage chair has high-quality elements in the construction to ensure their longevity as well as comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions

Any confusion from the above discussion? Go through these frequent questions we get for a simple and clear answer:

Does a massage chair really work?

Yes, a massage chair has lots of health benefits. They can stimulate the blood flow to relax muscles and increase physical flexibility.

Is it bad to use a massage chair too much?

Excessive use of any therapy machine is not good for health. If you use a massage chair more than the recommended time of about 30 minutes a day could lead to muscle damage.

Do massage chairs use a lot of electricity?

A massage chair uses a similar amount of electricity as a computer does. The amount is approximately between 150-watts to 300-watts.

How often should you use a massage chair?

To get maximum health benefits, you should use a massage chair three to four times per week. Don’t use a massage chair more than 3 times a week to prevent risks.

Final Thought

Investing in a massage chair is not easy; people get confused while shopping for a massage chair. We hope that these fujimi massage chair reviews helped you understand what fujimi manufacturers and how well they function. Both the massage chairs are capable of producing high-end massage to ensure maximum comfort and flexibility. However, if you want experts’ recommendation for the best value for money, we’d recommend getting the Fujimi EP8800 Massage Chair.

This massage chair comes with intelligent massage technologies that make it highly functional at relaxing you efficiently. Its 27-inch S-Track design and 53 airbags alongside zero gravity massage ensure therapeutic benefits. Besides, this massage chair’s advanced touch control panel allows users to get full control over the machine.

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