Does Massaging Your Buttocks Make It Bigger?

Does Massaging Your Buttocks Make It Bigger? Can you get a bigger butt without having any surgery? Thousands of such questions come to mind when we think massaging buttocks. There are a couple of methods to make your butt bigger.

The most effective one is massaging your buttocks. However, massaging, exercising, along with a proper diet, can provide lasting results without too many side effects and monetary investment. This article helps to make you know about – does massaging your buttocks make it bigger or not!

Does Massaging Your Buttocks Make It Bigger?

Yes, exercise, food, and most importantly massage can obviously make your butt bigger. Even it helps to improve your lifestyle. The Buttocks area is a combination of muscle and fat. The gluteus is considered the largest muscle in our body. Indeed, the muscles of the butt are essential for stability, movement and aids posture.

Does Massaging Your Buttocks Make It Bigger

Massaging the butts help relax all the important muscles and ease pressure on the other part, such as- the legs, spine, and back. It is really a fantastic method to make your buttocks bigger. Butt massage increases blood circulation and flow. People like this method because there are no side effects.

One point you always need to keep in your mind is you need to massage regularly. If you massage one day and skip ten days, this is not gonna help at all. At least massage 2-3 months consistently. You can use several methods for it. Coconut oil and gasoline may help a lot. You can go for coconut oil for 5-10 minutes. Or, can use gasoline.  Also, ensure the right clothing while massaging. A perfect massage is really going to make your butt bigger.

Benefits Of Massaging Buttocks

Buttocks is a combination of muscle and fat. There are a huge number of gluteal muscles in the butt. They are essential for movement, posture, and stability. Whether you are fat or thin, you should know about the benefits of massage to make your butt bigger.

Benefits Of Massaging Buttocks

You can get many benefits due to massage. Not just the buttocks, massage is very effective for your whole body. Here we have discussed some benefits of massaging butts:

Effective for Back Pain

Around 80 percent of Americans suffer from back pain. Some of them are chronic. Before going for surgery or medicine, you can try butt massage for back pain. It will help to remove back pain from:

  • Bruise in the butt due to injury or fall
  • Tight glutes
  • Tailbone pain
  • Herniated disc
  • Sciatica (It is a sharp and burning pain that can be felt in the butt and generates from the sciatic nerve)

Gluteal muscle will be relaxed after the massage of the butt. It will release all the pressure on the legs, spine, and back. Relaxing is the best way of recovery. This will reduce muscle pain, damage and strain.

Useful for Leg Pain

Similar to the back, the leg also depends on the butt. It helps to walk, move3, run, and even to sit. When the glute muscles of the lower half of the body don’t work well, you may feel leg pain. Butt massage will remove leg pain which is caused by the following issues:

Useful for Leg Pain

  • The tight muscle is caused by overactivity. It may also happen due to the lack of stretching or wrong exercise
  • If you do not properly you may face the inactivity of the glutes which will cause leg pain
  • Bursitis

Improve Athletic Performance

Inactive glutes are not strong and effective enough like the active muscle. This may hamper athletic activities indeed. Athletics are always concerned about the lower part of their body. You need to keep in mind that weak glutes are able to increase the possibility of injury. So, athletes always work on this issue with their fitness expert. They massage and stretch deep in the butt, lower back, large muscles, and upper leg. It helps to recover from injury and improve performance.

Good for Pregnant Women

Additional weight in the abdomen may create high strain and stress on the back muscle. This type of pain will increase when the baby will grow. For overall muscle relaxation, prenatal massage is effective. Massaging butt is particularly helpful for mothers. It will stretch and relax the muscle of the back. So, they will enjoy better experience and posture to less overall pain.

Improve Range of Movement

Due to the lack of inflaming or use the muscle of your butt can be weak. It may happen for irritation, infection, or overuse. You may feel uncomfortable when you move your body. But  butt massage will help you to remove this tightness. A massage therapist or physical therapist may help you to make your butt bigger. Therefore, you will be able to retain the range of motion slowly. Butt massage will also help to improve circulation and strength.

Improve Range of Movement

Let’s learn some other benefits of butt massage:

  • It helps ease the usual tension associated with the hips and legs.
  • Improve muscle recovery
  • It stretches hard-to-get muscles
  • The most important benefit of all it helps to make buttocks bigger, curvy, and attractive.


For quick butt enhancement, you can go for surgical procedures. Fat injections and surgery can cause some side effects. But massaging butt has no side effects. So make a wise decision. Surely there is no doubt about does massaging your buttocks make it bigger?

In this article, we have analyzed this issue in detail. It is true that the buttocks get bigger because of the massage. So, don’t feel shy, tell your spouse/partner or therapist  to rub your butt for making it enlarge. So if you also want to enlarge your buttocks, do not hesitate anymore. Hope you loved our discussion!

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