Does Massage Help Restless Leg Syndrome? You Should Know 2022

Restless legs syndrome is a sleep-depriving condition that makes it hard to move the lower limbs. There’s no known cause of restless legs syndrome, and most of the time, it happens almost before sleep. It can grow to be an intolerable condition due to its severity that comes with strange sensations and a lot of pain. Massage is said to help in restless leg syndrome causing significant relief.

How does massage help restless leg syndrome? Massage helps relieve patients from RLS symptoms, mostly if the massage is done regularly right before bed. Massage therapy is one of the RLS treatments that are quite effective. To promote better sleep, massage is highly recommended for restless leg syndrome. To relieve your pain, rub your muscles regularly more so your calves before going to bed for a good night’s sleep.

Signs And Symptoms Of Restless Legs Syndrome

When you are faced with restless legs syndrome, you usually have a high urge to move your legs. This is an uncomfortable sensation that generally occurs during nighttime hours when you want to lie down. This unpleasant feeling condition is said to get worse with age and disrupts sleep.

Does Massage Help Restless Leg Syndrome


  • Intense urge to move legs, arms, and whole body
  • Overwhelming sensations in limbs such as burning, crawling, itching, and throbbing
  • Trouble sleeping at night
  • Unable to sit for a long time
  • Feeling fatigued all the time

When you start having unusual feelings in your legs, it may be because of restless legs syndrome. The feeling does not go away quickly, for it feels like throbbing and aching. This can be felt on one side only or might be felt on one side, and then it moves to the other side.


  • Leg discomfort that often leads to limb inactivity
  • Bedtime discomfort problems that make you leave the to stretch your limbs
  • Daytime sleepiness mainly because of failing to fall asleep at night
  • Poor work performance issues such as poor concentration and behavioral problems such as moodiness
  • Abnormal nighttime leg kicking and twitching throughout the night

Does Massage Help Restless Leg Syndrome?

A lot of research has concluded that massage can be a great aid in relieving restless leg syndrome pain. Therefore, if you have been speculating, does massage help restless leg syndrome? It does, and most importantly, it helps in doing away with the discomfort of this unbearable condition.

Effective results

Massage produces effective results when you knead and press the specific points that cause the sensation. It is paramount that different stimulation skills are applied during the massage to eliminate muscle problems. Habitual leg massage is known to bring out the best results to those suffering from restless legs syndrome condition.

Pain relief

Though restless leg syndrome can be a long-term problem, it can be managed well if the right massage technique is applied. This helps in relieving pain, which leads to better sleep. You can also try massaging your legs by soaking them in warm water.

Boost circulation

Massage is said to be effective due to its ability to improve blood circulation. Other than that, it also improves lymphatic circulation, making it easier to enhance blood flow. Massage works in moving congested blood from the area.


Restless legs syndrome can cause a lot of anxiety that can make you unable to settle down. This is even worse at night because it can be a daunting task to get some sleep. You know that you won’t sleep well, and you may have anxiety about losing more sleep. Massage helps by eliminating tension, calming your mind that way, improving relaxation.

How Do You Massage Restless Legs?

Massage is highly recommended as one of the ways of having relief from restless legs syndrome. Restless legs are massage by kneading the areas having an uncontrollable sensation. This should be done mostly in the night time right before going to bed. Additionally, restless legs should be massaged for about 45 minutes for effective results.

Massage is a relaxation technique that, if appropriately applied, can give you significant relief from restless legs syndrome. Massage your legs regularly for 30 minutes to reduce symptoms of this nervous system disorder. Massage treatment can be applied by a professional or done at home, and the best part is it has no side effects.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is massage good for restless leg syndrome?

Massage is highly recommended for restless leg syndrome, for it works by relieving pain. Massage also promotes relaxation, which is suitable for people suffering from restless leg syndrome.

What vitamins help restless leg syndrome?

Vitamin D is known to minimize restless leg syndrome as well as vitamins C and E. These are the best supplements that can be of great help to people having this condition.

How Often Should You Massage?

Massaging your legs should be done regularly before bed to manage restless leg syndrome. If the condition is not very serious, you can massage your legs twice a week for 30 minutes.

Final Thought

A person living with restless leg syndrome endures aching, burning, and creeping sensations that cause discomfort. This central nervous system disorder brings about sleeplessness that can lead to insomnia. Massage is said to help in getting rid of all these sensations bringing about significant relief. It also helps in doing away with stress, which is known to make restless leg syndrome condition deteriorate.

Does massage help restless leg syndrome? Yes, it does and has been recommended as one of the treatments of this painful condition. Massage also brings out relaxation because it works to smooth muscle tissues. This is one of the most effective ways that works for restless leg syndrome in delivering. Why not try massage treatment today if you are suffering from restless legs syndrome so that you can get back to a healthy sleep schedule.

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