Do Massage Guns Break Down Scar Tissue? [An Expert Explain]

Do massage guns break down scar tissue is frequently asked by those who want to reduce a surgical incision repair. Well, the answer is BIG YES, and it’s a safe, reliable, and cost-effective option that anybody can have. The scar is a mark on the skin that appears after recovering from an injury or surgery.

A massage gun helps to break down scar tissues by providing deep tissue massage. The gun reduces inflammation by flushing out external fluids, including lymph fluid and venous blood from muscle tissue and circulatory systems.

This external fluids flushing function helps to break down scar tissues and adhesions effortlessly. Learn how a massage gun works with the scar tissue breakdown process by following this article.

Do Massage Guns Break Down Scar Tissue?

Scar tissue is made up of collagen fibers that help to fix body’s damaged fibers. This tissue elasticity does not measure up with the natural muscle tissues and leaves a mark or a sign.

Do Massage Guns Break Down Scar Tissue

However, scar tissue can be broken down in several ways, and using a massager for scar tissue removal is one of the reliable solutions. Massager gun will help to break down the scar or a surgical incision repair naturally.

This gun will effectively work on connective tissue, muscles, joints, ligaments, and tendons. Therefore, you can easily use this device in any part of your body to reduce scars without spending on a massage therapist.

Steps To Use A Massage Gun To Break Down Scar Tissue

Knowing the proper steps to use a massage gun is essential to minimize the possibility of any kind of impact. Here we’ve included the steps you need to follow while using the gun to break the scar tissue.

Use A Massage Gun To Break Down Scar Tissue

1. Select the Right Attachment

Before starting using the massage gun to reduce the scar tissues from your skin, you’ve to select the proper massager attachment. Massage gun comes in four forms of attachments, including-

  • The Large Ball: The large ball is best for massaging the large and medium groups of muscles.
  • The Flat Head: The flat head can be used for multi-muscle group messaging, including: glutes to the legs.
  • The Bullet: The bullet is specifically suitable to massage or reduce scars from any particular area.
  • The Fork Head: The fork head is specifically used for the spine and neck.

Select the massage gun attachment based on the area you want to reduce scar tissue from.

2. Turn on the Massager

After selecting the massager attachment, the next thing you have to do is turn on the gun. Always turn on the massager before placing it in your body to get better control. Turning on the gun after resting it on your body can give you a little jarring.

3. Rest the Massager

Now rest the massage gun from where you want to break down the scar tissue. Don’t add any additional pressure while rusting, and let it float. However, before resting the massager gun, don’t forget to set the speed or vibration based on your comfort preference.

4. Start Massaging Over Your Desired Area

Once everything is ready, it’s time to start massaging over the scar tissue area with the massager gun. Let the massager tool do its work and never put any heavy or gentle pressure. However, you can easily move the massage over the area in a circular motion.

5. Massaging Time Duration

Here the most crucial part comes, and that is massaging time duration. You should never overuse the massager gun unless you want to face issues. Use the massager over your desired area for at least 15 seconds to a maximum of 2 to break down scar tissue. Remember to inhale and exhale normally while using the massager.

Safety Considerations When Using A Massage Gun To Break down Scar Tissue

In general, a massage gun is a safe massage tool that can be used anytime and anywhere. However, consumers are required to follow some safety precautions to prevent any type of impact. Here are some of the reliable safety tips you need to maintain:

safety tips for Massage Gun To Break down Scar Tissue

  • Never use the full pressure after immediately starting using the gun; gentle pressure will be a good option.
  • You shouldn’t use the massager over the area you’re suffering from pain or swelling.
  • Stop massaging with the massager if your skiing gets irritated or red while rolling the gun over your desired area.
  • Immediately stop messaging if you feel uncomfortable while massaging. The message is for providing comfort, not to lead to uncomfortable situations.
  • Since the massager gun is only manufactured for muscles, you should never use it over nerves, bones, and joints.

Final Verdict

Now you know how Do massage guns break down scar tissue and the complete using procedure. The breakdown of scar tissue is one of the common benefits you will get from the massage gun. A massage gun will relieve restriction from the scar tissue area and increase the range of movement as well.

Moreover, you’ll get health benefits from the massage tool by reducing inflammation, relieving pain, and increasing blood circulation and mobility. So start using a massage gun if you want to eliminate unwanted surgical incision repair from your skin. However, always consider the safety precautions while using a massage gun to break down scar tissue.

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