Can You Use A Vibrating Back Massager While Pregnant?

When pregnant, you feel like you’re on a wild ride. There is happiness, and then there is anxiety. There are several changes in the body that might be unsettling, and you need all the relief you can get! When pregnant, you may be hesitant to do things you used to do before becoming pregnant. For example, can you use a vibrating back massager while pregnant?

A vibrating back massager is entirely safe for use throughout pregnancy. When pregnant, vibration flows through the body and muscles quicker hence helping to give you a better and quicker result. In addition, using a vibrating back massager would help make your blood flow better.

Can You Use A Vibrating Back Massager While Pregnant?

During pregnancy, the body tries to adjust to housing another human. This could result in backache, tiredness, sore muscles, amongst others.

Massage treatment is highly beneficial to pregnant women, but an expert must perform it. When massaging a pregnant lady, some areas should be avoided, such as the pelvis, wrist, ankles, and hands. Deep pressure on the leg tissues must also be avoided as it raises the possibility of blood clots disseminating.

Can You Use A Vibrating Back Massager While Pregnant

It is very common for pregnant women to have lower back pain. When this happens, using a back massager for lower back pain can quickly make you feel like you’re in a dream. However, this dream could turn into a nightmare if the intensity of the vibrations becomes too high. It could turn out to be disastrous as it will give you back pain and cause injuries to your lumbar.

Vibrating back massager helps improve your health and flexibility, especially for people suffering from muscle pain. However, too much exposure to vibration could lead to arthritis and muscle pains. Also, women should not be exposed to sharp vibrations as it could be detrimental to the child’s life. It is also essential that the pregnant woman passes 1st trimester before considering using a vibrating back massager.

When using the back massager, massage only the neck, upper back, lower back, buttocks, or thighs. Do not explore beyond these places while pregnant, no matter how tempting it is. You are putting yourself at risk of miscarriage or premature labor if you do.

There are also pillow-shaped vibrating back messages that you can place on your upper back or even your neck. A variety of these pillow-shaped vibrating back massagers comes with a heating option, but do not panic. The heat it emits has no detrimental impact on you or your fetus. The only effect it has is to make your massage session more pleasurable and soothing.

Can The Baby Feel The Vibrations In The Womb?

When a fetus is 18 weeks old, they begin to hear what is happening around them. They hear your voice and the voices of anyone who communicates with you even though they may not fully comprehend what is being said.

Not only can your baby hear, but it can also feel. When you are sad, the baby has the same feeling. When you are happy, the baby feels the same emotions, and yes, when you feel the tingling effect of vibrations on your body, your child feels the same.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Vibrating Massagers During Pregnancy?

Massages help to give a pleasurable experience during pregnancy. As stated earlier, pregnancy is good news, but the stress and pain it drags along are one of a kind. This ranges from sore muscles to belly discomfort, which even extends to your neck and shoulders; therefore, getting a massage would relieve you of this problem.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Vibrating Massagers During Pregnancy

You can use a back massager, but as earlier stated, you should allow the massage to be done by a professional who knows how to massage a pregnant woman to avoid heart-wrenching situations.

1. Better Sleep

As a pregnant woman, one of the things you need is enough sleep. Sleep helps refresh your body, mind, and spirit and gives you a lasting and beautiful experience overall. It revives your body and gives your brain enough time to be back to normal. However, sleep might be impossible for you owing to the pains from your back, head, belly, amongst others.

Getting a good massage soothes and calms your nerves and body and relieves pain in your body, allowing you to sleep well and better.

2. Relaxes The Muscle

Massages help relieve and loosen the sore and stiffened muscles in the body.

3. Reduces Joint Swelling

Back massages relieve and reduce joint swelling in major body parts like your feet, ankles, and hands. In addition, back massages eliminate dangerous and toxic tissues waste present in the lymph nodes.

4. Increased Blood Circulation

There are higher chances of blood clots in your legs during pregnancy, the lower part in a particular, which is not good. Massages help you loosen your tight muscles and help in proper blood flow and circulation in your leg and the whole body. This way, nutrients would be passed to the whole part of the body well.

5. Gets Rid Of Nerve Pain Or Pressure

The older a child gets, the more they weigh, so also, the way your stomach protrudes, the heavier it will be, and as a result, it adds pressure to your lower back and pelvic floor. This pressure results in swelling and, as a result, causes pain in your thigh and leg. A vibrating back massager would help you quickly remove the pain by eliminating tensions placed on the nerves.

Where Not To Massage During Pregnancy

As much as you would want to feel the effect of a soothing massage all over your body, you should avoid the following areas viz:


Try as much as possible to avoid massaging the belly for your safety and your baby’s safety. Do not massage your belly or the area around it. That, however, does not mean you cannot rub it occasionally.


Do not apply much pressure or massage on your leg. You can rub it gently. During pregnancy, you tend to increase your blood level, so when a thorough massage is applied to your leg, it could restrict blood flow and result in blood clotting, which is not good. As much as you would want to massage these places, do not go there. It is a danger zone for your baby.

Other places include:

  1. Pelvis
  2. Wrist
  3. Ankles
  4. Hands.

When To Avoid A Vibrating Back Massager During Pregnancy

Massaging your body during pregnancy has so many benefits, which is why you can use a vibrating back massager while pregnant. However, you should try to restrain from it in your first trimester.

Alternatives To Vibrating Back Massages

If you do not want to use vibrating back messages due to fear, cost, worry, or whatever your reasons might be, it is absolutely fine.  You can use household equipment. However, the best option for you is the tube stocks. Yes! This method helps to soothe your aching back.

Alternatives To Vibrating Back Massages

What to do?

Fill a sock of knee length with tennis balls. When it is full, tie the ends. Ensure to put enough space to be able to tie the ends. When the end is secure, You can work it forth and back wherever you need the massages(your back, actually). Work it back and forth and enjoy an excellent massage. Before doing this, have a hot shower, so your muscles become very loose at this period hence making it more effective and giving you an incredible feeling.

Shiatsu massages are perfect for your lower back: The massages are soothing as well as calming. As a result, it effectively treats lower back pain since it focuses on the mid-back.

Other replacements for vibrating back messages include massage guns, massage mats, massage chair pads, and manual managers.


Can you use a vibrating back massager while pregnant? As we have seen, Vibrating back massages are good for pregnant women who have successfully passed the first trimester. However, it could be disastrous if it is done by someone who has no prior knowledge or experience on how to massage pregnant women.

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