Can a Deep Tissue Massage Make You Sick?

If you’re accustomed to taking physical workout, you obviously feel unwell after every massage session. It’s referred to as post-massage malaise and soreness. Can a deep tissue massage make you sick? A deep tissue massage predominantly puts extreme pressure on the muscle. Moreover, it reaches lower layers of muscle tissue to help you get the fitness goal. Hence it seems adverse for your body.

If you want to understand the impact of a deep tissue massage on your body, you must look over the next sections. We will cover the blow to your health in detail. By scrolling down till the end, you could grab all the queries to make yourself conscious about such a massage. Let’s dive into the context!

Can a Deep Tissue Massage Make You Sick?

A deep tissue massage always hurts our bodies. It causes various complications to the body and mind. There are numerous reasons behind the discomfort and sickness after having massage therapy.

Can a Deep Tissue Massage Make You Sick?

You will be in serious health problems if you’re vulnerable. It will leave you in muscle soreness by putting extreme pressure. Moreover, you will be physically weaker and fatigued by taking deep tissue massage continuously. As it releases toxin from your body, it also makes your sick by causing various symptoms.

There is a strong scientific statement that a deep tissue massage can easily harm the kidney. Moreover, it can rapidly damage muscle and split protein into the blood.

Irregular and over tissue massage can leave you an epidemic health issue as well. Can a deep tissue massage make you sick? The answer is given above. You should maintain some regulations and be conscious of taking the deep tissue massage. Most people choose deep tissue massager machine to get rid of health problems. Let’s have a look at how this machine or manual massage has a bad impact on your body.

What Are the Side Effects of a Deep Tissue Massage?

A deep tissue massage is always risky. You will encounter serious health problems by taking such heavy massage unwisely. It will put your body in great suffering by causing several side effects. Some of the health issues can hardly be solved. You have to wait for longer to get recovery from all the symptoms caused by deep tissue massage. Without having proper treatment, you can’t even address the severity of those in your body. Some of the notable side effects are given below:

What Are the Side Effects of a Deep Tissue Massage?

1. Pain And Inflammation

If you ask what the heavy workout is, the answer will be nothing but the deep tissue massage. You will come across the pain and inflammation across the body after each workout session. It happens because your body keeps working throughout the massage period. There happen tension and pressure on tissues. And it ultimately leaves you in unendurable pain and inflammation. That is why you will feel sick and soreness after performing every workout session.

2. Aching Muscle

If you manipulate a deep tissue massager machine, you will definitely discover aching muscle in your body. An intense massage session will hurt your muscle during the massage session. You will feel soreness on muscle from the next day of a good massage session. It may take a few days. In this case, you can put ice on the affected areas. If you start exercising with aching muscles again, it will put you in a hazardous situation in the long run.

3. A Headache

It’s common to feel a headache after having a deep tissue massage. It may cause if the position of your head becomes awkward during the therapy. Besides, excess load on your body impacts your nerve and ultimately causes a headache. It may last longer if you take a further workout. In this case, you have to take a break from all physical activities for a certain period. Also, you have to consult with a health expert to find instant relief from headaches.

4. Sleepiness

You have to spend enough strength to take a deep tissue massage. It will leave you sleepy and tired. As you will find muscle relaxation and release of stress, you will feel sleepiness after a while. It’s not a severe problem at all. You will get relief from it after having a sound sleep. But you will feel sick before going to bed.

5. Nausea

A deep tissue massage emits toxins from your body. Moreover, it leaves you with an upset stomach after the massage period. As a result, you will be seized by nausea early and late. It will impact you terribly if you take a workout for the very first time. In this case, you can drink water and take some rest to find ease.  Besides, you have to stay away from taking intense massage for a few days.

6. Weakness

Physical weakness is common after taking workout. You lose a good amount of protein and glucose from your body in a session. Due to the waste of strength, you will feel weaker physically. And you can’t do anything until you find the rhythm of your body. In a word, you will feel sick after having such a massage.


A deep tissue massage brings optimal benefits to health. You can reach your fitness goal at ease by performing it. But it has some demerits too. Can a deep tissue massage make you sick? Of course, you will suffer from various health issues after taking it. It will harm your muscle, nerve, and other organs.

You will feel severe pain and soreness across the whole body. Moreover, you will be physically weak and unfit to do any other activities. Hence you must take it in the moderate range and follow some strict regulations.

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