BloodPressureX Review 2022 – Really Good Blood Pressure Device?

I hear about BloodPressureX all the time and finally, I decide to buy it and test it to see if is it a SCAM? Or is it REAL? I frequently go to a doctor or nearby pharmacy to check my blood pressure, and they take charge of each checkup.

Then, I decided to buy the BloodPressureX machine to check my blood pressure and heartbeat in my home. It runs with AA-size batteries and provides accurate results. The display of the device is digital and anyone can easily understand the diastolic and systolic pressure calculation. Also, it shows the pulse rate of our heart that an analog BP machine cannot.

It seems very easy to operate for me. I wear the armband properly and then start the machine. After a while, it shows the overall result on display. It allows me to save the previous record to check improvements. It is easy to carry in a backpack or luggage and does not require an electric power source. In the BloodPressureX review, I have discussed my experience with the machine. Let’s dive into it.

What is BloodPressureX Max?

What is BloodPressureX Max

The BloodPressureX is a digital blood pressure measuring device. Its adjustable armband allows better support and grip on either arm. It has keys to start, pause, and stop the blood measurement process. Its storage capacity is large and allows me to record many measurements. Its size is compact and lightweight to carry anywhere while you are traveling. If you are suffering from hypertension, this device is highly suggested to you for its precise readings.

Features of BloodPressureX

The BloodPressureX is totally unique from other blood pressure monitors for its advanced features. Let’s see the features that make it different and reliable.

Features of BloodPressureX

Automatic inflation

When I wear the armband and start the machine to measure blood pressure, it automatically inflates with air that ensures an accurate reading. Also, it’s auto air pump system provides effective reading without manual interaction.


The blood pressure monitor is lightweight, so I can easily carry it on the backpack. So, you can carry it anywhere where you need to measure blood pressure. Also, its surface has gripped points that keep it stable during operation. 

Readable display

Its upper part is covered with a large LCD monitor that shows all reading with a clear view. The display presents the diastolic, systolic, and heart pulse rate. Also, it shows the time, date, and month with the auto-recording option. It has a large memory that can compare previous readings. 

Multiple power option

A maximum blood monitoring device provides a limited option of power-up. The BloodPressureX has a battery and an AC adapter to measure blood pressure. It has an auto power-off option that ensures battery life for a long time. 

Accurate and easy readable 

After starting the machine, it inflates the armband and displays the total result on display within a minute. To get an accurate result, position the armband correctly. I never see differences in both hands reading at the same time. So, it provides an accurate and reliable result with consistency.

BloodPressureX Review: Why monitoring your blood pressure is important

Hypertension happens without showing clear symptoms and may cause unexpected death. It is one of the most important vital signs because it is able to give us an indication of the general condition of our health. The monitoring frequently is considered necessary to exclude the major risk factors.

BloodPressureX Review: Why monitoring your blood pressure is important

It can shorten the life expectancy of people so that its treatment has a double objective. Even if mortality cannot be modified, at least the time of life with the clinical disease should be reduced. In sum, monitoring blood pressure is important to keep ourselves safe from an unexpected illness.

Tips for Using Blood Pressure Monitors at Home

When taking pressure measurements, certain tips should always be followed to use blood pressure monitors at home:

Tips for Using Blood Pressure Monitors at Home

  • Must be seated on a chair with a backrest and rests and a comfortable seat.
  • Avoid any physical activity and possible exertion at least 30 minutes before the survey.
  • Rest at least 10 minutes before proceeding with blood pressure measurement
  • Avoid a possible isometric activity, such as holding the arm raised, both before and during the measurement.
  • Wait or postpone the blood pressure measurement if you have sudden physical discomfort: uncomfortable position, sudden physiological need due to a full bladder, pain.
  • The environment in which the pressure measurement takes place must be comfortable and calm and the temperature, suitable for the seasonal climate, must not be hot or cold.
  • Avoid talking to any people present or on the phone, do not listen to television or radio, possibly try hard not to think about anything, and, in any case, minimize mental activity.
  • Do not consume coffee or smoke cigarettes before measurement.
  • Do not measure if you have recently taken high blood pressure medications.
  • Avoid detection if you feel particularly nervous, and have suffered sudden emotional stress.
  • Avoid tight-fitting clothing that can squeeze your arm as it needs to be pulled up to allow space to wrap the meter armband. If necessary, take off the garment.
  • After making the necessary checks in a previous phase, always take the arm’s blood pressure, which normally records higher blood pressure values.
  • Make sure the armband is placed and wrapped around the upper arm, 3cm. above the inside of the elbow, about two fingers above the crease of the forearm.
  • Suppose the blood pressure measurement does not include a daily frequency but is sporadic and occasional. Detect it on both arms.
  • Two successive measurements must always be made and three if the difference between the first two is greater than 5 mm. Hg.

How Does BloodPressureX Work?

The BloodPressureX works like other blood pressure monitors but is easier to use than another one. Let’s see how it works:

How Does BloodPressureX Work

  • At first, insert 4 pcs AA size battery to start the machine.
  • Add the nozzle of the armbands on the monitor.
  • Now, wear the armbands above the elbow with proper positioning.
  • Keep the hand straight on the flat surface or table.
  • I press on the start button.
  • It will show diastolic, systolic, and pulse rate on the screen.

After finishing the measurements, I packed it up carefully and removed the battery.

How Blood Pressure X different from other devices?

The BloodPressureX works as medical staff at home to reduce the blood pressure-related risk. The high and low BP can cause premature death, so the blood pressure measurement should be done immediately. Having a machine like BloodPressureX will solve the problem immediately and you can take medications at home. 

It shows the pulse rate that tells the condition of the heart. Also, it has large storage that keeps previous records to compare the present and previous conditions easily. With 4 pcs AA size batteries, it works smoothly for a long time because it has an auto-stop option. The large display shows the details in an exact format so anyone can understand easily. It has an auto air pump option that ensures accurate results, so we need not worry about it. 

These features and advantages make it different from other blood pressure monitors.

Where Can I Purchase the BloodPressureX?

Where can I purchase the BloodPressureX

I recommend everyone to purchase the BloodPressureX from their official website The BloodPressureX manufacturer offers a 50% discount on a single purchase and more extra discount on two or more purchases. I have got free shipping delivery and good customer support from the helpline. If you pay 15 dollars extra with the purchase, they will provide a 3 years warranty on BloodPressureX.


Below, I will answer some frequently asked questions about BloodPressureX.

How do you use BloodPressureX?

Add batteries, tighten the armband on the arm, and press the start button to activate the blood pressure monitor. Wait for a while and see the details on the large display.

Who should monitor their blood pressure?

Blood pressure monitoring is vital for those people who have identified with hypertension and low blood pressure. It helps them to keep a balanced diet and maintain healthy blood pressure.

How should you turn the device off?

After finishing the blood pressure measurement, press the stop button to turn off the device. Then, remove the batteries and pack them to keep them in a safe place.

What batteries does BloodPressureX take?

The BloodPressureX required AA-size 4pcs batteries that are available at all nearby departmental stores.

Final Thought

Blood pressure is an essential value that is essential to measure frequently for those who have hypertension diseases. To measure the blood pressure, you can use BloodPressureX that is easy to use at home. I follow some steps before using the device to measure blood pressure. 

The armband should be placed 2 or 3 cm above the elbow. Then I adjust the hose above the arm that is noted in the band with an arrow sign. Then connect the machine and wait until the blood pressure is shown on the display. At the end of the BloodPressureX review, I recommend the device to track blood pressure regularly.

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