Best Massage Chair Under 5000 – Top Pick of the Year of 2022

A massage chair is a great way to alleviate chronic pain, reduce stress, and get comfort and relaxation. You can enjoy a real-life massage if you can choose a good chair. However, finding the best massage chair under 5000 is tough since this price range gives you a ton of options in the market.

If you have proper knowledge about massage chairs and do proper deep research, you may be able to choose the best one. This guide will make your research easier and help you get the best massage chair under this budget. We’ll also include the best models you can get today here; so stick with the article and get your chair!

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10 Best Massage Chair Under 5000 Reviews 2022

Every day, new chairs are coming into the market with new models and brands. Unfortunately, not all models are the same and offer the same quality. Also, there are so many false reviews online that make you more confused. So here are some suggestions for the best massage chair under 5000 that will cut through all of your confusion.

best massage chair under 5000

1. Osaki OS-4D Escape Massage Chair

Osaki OS-4D Escape Massage Chair

Osaki OS-4D Escape Massage Chair is one of the most useful massage chairs you can have for yourself. It comes with 2 stages of zero gravity that allows you to choose any recline angle for maximum enjoyment of massage. Besides, it features 4D massage rollers that map the back’s curvature precisely for better massage therapy.

This 4D technology also allows you to control the length of the roller. Its heating pads that are located on the Lumbar area loosen your muscles and make your massage more comfortable. Apart from that, you have a soothing blue light that improves the massage experience and makes you relaxed quickly.

Moreover, the adjustable domed cover allows you to retract or extend to make the isolation experience better. Also, its S-track system ensures massage through your back to neck down with a stable pressure for most useful massages. You can comfortably use the chair for its useful user buttons. It even allows you to charge your device with a USB charging port.

  • Offers different therapies
  • Delivers whole body massage
  • Easy to operate and setup
  • Heating pads for more comfort
  • Zero gravity for highest effectiveness
  • No remote control feature
  • Heavy to move around

2. Medical Breakthrough 4 v2 Recliner Massage Chair

Medical Breakthrough 4 v2 Recliner Massage Chair

Medical Breakthrough Massage Chair is another great choice for people who want to enjoy a massage with great comfort. This one offers a pre-program massage function and customization options so that you can choose any you find comfortable. With its 4D Arm Massage, you can enjoy massaging your entire arm where the foot rollers provide foot massage.

This medical breakthrough 4 massage chair features a medical scan. It scans your entire body to locate the pressure points and massage accordingly for maximum effectiveness. Moreover, you will have an L-track massage system that ensures a complete body massage from your neck to foot. Also, its heating function soothes your sore muscles and delivers a better massage experience.

Furthermore, it offers zero gravity that allows you to recline your body as far or little as you desire. As a result, you get an even weight distribution of your body weight for the highest output. You will even get additional padding that enables a more comfortable user experience. There are wheels as well so that you can easily move the chair and place properly.

  • Good looking esthetic design
  • Offers maximum customization
  • Medical body scan for an effective massage
  • Full body massage with heat therapy
  • Additional cushion for maximum comfort
  • No foot height adjustment
  • No touchscreen control

3. Top Performance Kahuna Superior Massage Chair

Top Performance Kahuna Superior Massage Chair

Kahuna is one of the top massage chair brands that offers Superior Massage Chairs to its customers. When you sit on the chair, it will scan your body and find out the pressure point for an effective customized massage. You will have a total of 13 different massage programs for different body parts to enjoy massage.

Besides, it offers customization so that you can set the program at your convenience for a specific body part. Apart from that, it features SL-track technology that delivers massage from neck to foot through the back. With its heating therapy, you can enjoy even more comfort while improving the blood circulation to reduce pain and tension.

Moreover, you will have a 6-wheel roller system that makes it possible to move this heavy chair without any hassle. To keep you entertained during the massage, it even features a Bluetooth app controller with a high-quality speaker. With its 3 levels zero gravity angle along with space-saving design, you can enjoy up to a 1-hour massage session with this chair.

  • Space-saving good looking design
  • Offers entertainment while massaging
  • Different massage therapy with customization
  • Delivers heating therapy
  • Complete body massage
  • The neck massage is not that strong
  • The controlling screen is complicated

4. Cozzia CZ-629 Perfect Massage Chair with Advanced Technology

Cozzia CZ-629 Perfect Massage Chair with Advanced Technology

Cozzia CZ-629 Massage Chair comes into the market to deliver a human-like massage experience. With its advanced 3d massage technology, it offers a deep and comfortable massage throughout your body. You’ll have advanced body scan technology to find out the acupoints and massage those points for higher effectiveness.

Besides, it features rollers in the footrest to massage your feet to reduce pain. Seat vibration is also there to make the massage more useful. Moreover, you will have lumbar heating to loosen your sore and stiff muscles. Its zero gravity design mimics astronauts’ position to reduce pressure on the heart. An easy-to-use wireless interface is there to control the chair easily.

Unlike many other massage chairs, this one features noise reduction technology that does not disturb others while taking a massage. There are built-in led lights available to deliver benefits of chromotherapy for you. You even have Bluetooth speakers so that you can listen to your favorite podcast while getting a human-like massage to save time.

  • Noise reduction technology
  • Full body and partial massage
  • Massage customization options
  • Heat therapy
  • Bluetooth wireless connectivity
  • No L-track design
  • Weak quad rolls

5. FOREVER REST 3D TOP Zero Gravity Massage Chair

FOREVER REST 3D TOP Zero Gravity Massage Chair

FOREVER REST zero gravity massage chair is another excellent chair for getting a quality massage. It comes with an L track rolling mechanism that ensures the entire body massage. You will also have built-in heat therapy rollers to get more comfort and be more relaxed. With its 3d mechanism, you can easily control the intensity of heat to make it suitable for you.

Besides, this l track massage chair features 11 manual massage techniques to choose from at your convenience. Also, there are 10 different automatic programs with different intensity levels to make them comfortable. You will even have foot rollers that massage your feet and reduce joint pain. With its one-touch zero gravity, you can relax your heart for better results.

The space-saving design requires only 2-3 inches of space from your wall that saves your space at home. There will be LED lights that deliver a relaxing massage experience. With its built-in Bluetooth speakers, you can enjoy any podcast while getting a massage. Moreover, you will have an LCD screen to control the chair without any hassle.

  • Full Body Airbag Massage
  • Built-in heat therapy
  • Remote control facility
  • Different massage programs
  • Manual massage techniques
  • The remote is complex
  • Not suitable for extra-large people

6. Osaki OS4000TA Model OS-4000T Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Osaki OS4000TA Model OS-4000T Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Osaki OS-4000T Zero Gravity Massage Chair features 6 Massage Styles that offer you the freedom to choose your comfortable one. You will have 5 levels of speed and intensity adjustment so that you can make your massage customized. It even offers an auto timer of 5-30 minutes and lets you enjoy the massage without having tension of turning  the chair off.

Furthermore, it has an advanced computer body scan that finds the pressure points on your body. It helps you get the most effective massage every time. With its zero-gravity design, you can rest your heart and be more relaxed. Apart from that, you will get a unique foot roller to massage your feet to decrease the foot and joint pains.

Moreover, the chair offers a complete body massage with S-track technology and air massage technology. There are auto reclines as well as leg extensions that make it suitable for any height. Lumbar heat therapy is there too to make your massage more comfortable. You will have an easy-to-use remote that makes it extremely easy to manage the chair and setting.

  • Offers different massage styles
  • Allows speed and intensity customization
  • Suitable for any height
  • Offers entire body massage
  • Heat therapy for comfort
  • It’s heavyweight
  • Need assembling

7. Kahuna Massage Chair LM-6800 Black

Kahuna Massage Chair LM-6800 Black

Kahuna Massage chair features an L-track frame structure that ensures massage from your neck through your back to the feet. With its 4 dual foot rollers, you can enjoy relaxing feet massages to reduce pain in joints. You will have an air-cell massage system so that you can get a human-like massage experience at home. This also ensures a quiet massage environment.

The chair comes with 5 manual massage techniques to choose from for different purposes. Also, you have 6 auto programs to set for a comfortable massage. Along with the massage, you will get heating therapy on your lower back as well as legs. This will assist you to relax yourself and enjoy the massage. It even offers speed and massage adjustment up to 3 levels.

Furthermore, it has 3 levels of zero gravity positions, you can choose one to get a weightless massaging experience. Plus, an advanced scan system is there to scan the body and make the chair suitable for anyone. Apart from that, its space-saving technology takes 3 inches from the wall during the inclining. Moreover, you can enjoy a massage with its comfortable foot padding and remote holders.

  • Real hand-like massage experience
  • Comfortable padding
  • Offers customization and control
  • Heat therapy for comfort
  • Suitable for different body shapes
  • The installation might be easier
  • Feet roller is not that so comfortable

8. Nouhaus Classic Massage Chair with Ottoman

Nouhaus Classic Massage Chair with Ottoma

Nouhaus Classic Massage Chair with Ottoman is a great massage chair for relaxation, reducing pain, and other benefits. It features 4 robust rollers that softly massage your neck to thighs through your back. Besides, you have a detachable head cushion to control alignment and massage intensity for a more comfortable massage every time.

The chair comes with airbag massagers that promote gentle massage so that you do not get hurt. With its heavy-duty construction, it can hold a maximum of 250lbs. Also, it offers a max hip width of 15.5 inches. It has a unique ‘egg’ shape design that makes it extremely comfortable to sit and get a massage.

Apart from that, you can enjoy audio or music with its built-in Bluetooth Speakers. There is a separate footrest that allows you to place anywhere for even more convenience. Its classic look will enhance the aesthetic look of your room. As the ottoman isn’t fixed, you can choose how you want to have the massage, either fully reclined or partially.

  • Ensures a comfortable massage
  • Partial or full body massage
  • Higher weight capacity
  • Speed and intensity adjustment
  • Bluetooth for entertainment
  • No height adjustment
  • No heat therapy

9. iRest 2020 Massage Chair

iRest 2020 Massage Chair

iRest 2020 Massage Chair offers five different massage techniques to choose from depending on your needs. Along with that, you have 12 kinds of automatic massage functions so that you can massage specific parts of the body. With its SL track, it lets you enjoy a complete body massage. You’ll have an airbag system that gently massages your body parts as well.

It is a top rated massage chair with an AI voice control. You can smoothly control these massage chair settings with your voice. Besides, it features advanced scan technology that detects your body shape and massage the right points of your body. There is a back heat treatment function that loosens your muscles to offer comfort and reduce inflammation.

With its handrail shortcut key, you can adjust all the settings without any hassle. Moreover, its 3 levels of zero gravity allow you to go weightless and get a better result from the massage. Plus, you can enjoy audio or do any audio calls from your mobile with its advanced Bluetooth technology.

  • Deep and gentle body massage
  • Easy to operate and control
  • Offers voice control
  • Different massage types and techniques
  • Back heat treatment
  • No wheels
  • No cover is available

10. OWAYS Zero Gravity SL Track Massage Chair

OWAYS Zero Gravity SL Track Massage ChairOWAYS Zero Gravity SL Track Massage Chair can be the best massage chair under 5000 with its advanced scanning technology. It automatically measures your body shape and delivers accurate massage to accurate points. With an SL track design, it offers a complete body massage. Also, you have a deep V-wrapped design to help you reduce mental pressure easily.

Besides, it offers a zero-gravity design to decrease the pressure on your joints and heart. It easily massages from your shoulder to feet area with airbags.  Moreover, you have two heating devices that warm your waist and deliver a comfortable massage experience. This is a great massage chair for small space with its one-click forward method, accumulating zero space behind.

On top of that, it comes with a Thai lacing that ensures a professional massage. You’ll enjoy foot squeezing massage with airbags, reduce your joint pain, and relax after a long hard working day. Finally, it has a mobile phone Bluetooth to let you enjoy your favorite audio when taking the massage.

  • Massages right points of the body
  • Helps reduce mental pressure
  • Delvers heat therapy on back
  • Takes less space
  • Allows entertainment during massage
  • The hands are small
  • Not much instruction

Benefits of Owning a Massage Chair

As you know that there are a lot of advantages of Massages. You can enjoy all those advantages when you own a massage chair. Are you aware of those benefits that you may achieve from this massage chair? If not, then here are some main benefits for you.

  • A massage chair allows you to take massages at a convenient time right from your house.
  • It helps you reduce mental pressure and stress while reducing the lower back pain caused by different chronic diseases.
  • The chair can improve blood circulation and thus reduce inflammation and other joints pains.
  • A good massage chair offers heat therapy that loosens your muscles and sores those muscles as well.
  • It will help you and save a lot of money every month that you may spend in a massage

Final Thought

Buying a massage chair is really a stressful task, especially when you are looking for the best massage chair under 5000. If you fail to choose the best one in this budget, tha’d not be a good thing at all. We have portrayed some good massage chairs under this budget with their goods and bads.

If you are not yet sure to choose the best one, I will suggest you select the OWAYS Zero Gravity SL Track Massage Chair. It offers complete body massage by finding accurate pressure points. Also, it offers a V-wrapped and zero gravity design to reduce mental and physical pressure when massaging. So overall, this one can be a perfect massage chair for you.

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