Best Massage Chair Under 1500 – Top 10 Reviews of 2022

Physical therapy is not only about solving problems, it also helps people to fight the nagging pain. Getting a professional massage rejuvenates your body and offers many health benefits.  You will get better sleep, boost your moods, reduce headache, and stress, among others. Professional therapists cost quite a lot, but we’ll help you choose the best massage chair under 1500 with remarkable features and performance.

We understand the problems that come with analyzing and visualizing info, and that’s why we’ve brought you this guide. You’ll get to know the most affordable massage chairs and learn how you can benefit from their outstanding features. Take your time and check the details on this guide to buy a suitable and affordable massage chair.

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10 Best Massage Chair Under 1500 Reviews 2022

Shopping for a massage chair on a budget can be tricky because most professional massage chairs go for 2500 bucks and more. However, this doesn’t imply you can’t find a pocket-friendly massage chair. Check this guide to find the best massage chair under 1500 that delivers a relaxing massage.

Best Massage Chair Under 1500

1. Slabway Shiatsu Massage Chair

Slabway Shiatsu Massage Chair

The Slabway Shiatsu is one of the most advanced massage chairs in terms of comfortability and efficiency. This chair comes with four rollers with a track system to give you extra relief for your sore muscles. It is a full body massage chair that treats your joints from your toes to the nearest neck muscle.

Slabway comes at an affordable price, and you can also purchase one for your family. It includes computerized body scanning to detect your body size for exclusive fit massage. One of the most remarkable features of this chair is the 42 airbags that relieve your body’s deep tissues from fatigue and fight stress.

Most notably, this chair comes with up to 26 adjustable settings, rare to find in other models. These settings give you full control of the chair for a more curated message. Besides, the chair includes a zero-gravity system that elevates your legs, thus opening the veins’ valves. This feature helps to improve blood circulation in your streams.

  • It is easy to control.
  • Preset massage programs.
  • Moderate lean back model.
  • Fully FDA registered.
  • Heat option warms your body.
  • Needs time-to-time assistance.

2. Ideal SL-Track Shiatsu Massage Chair

Ideal SL-Track Shiatsu Massage Chair

This massage chair is the best choice for saving space. You’ll need a few inches of wall clearance to fit the machine in the room. It uses a 3D massaging technology that can quickly detect your height, giving you a more systematic scanning. The zero-gravity feature is suitable for your lungs. The chair will lift your legs higher than your upper body, increasing the blood flow and the supply of oxygen in your system.

The appealing nature of the chair makes it suitable for either the sitting room or the guest room. You’ll also find the automatic sensors quite efficient because they will gauge the spine’s length and detect where to massage.  Also, the chair includes a functional diversity performance for full-body kneading. The preset ten kneading programs will save a lot of time and give you full control of your massage.

The different massaging techniques, such as tapping, knocking, and combo, are ideal for offering diverse massage strategies. Another essential feature is the noise reduction that makes your massage more productive and efficient. The chair is worth your money because of its adjustable heat setting, which warms your body.

  • Offers different massaging techniques.
  • Best moderate lean in the market.
  • Preset knead programs.
  • Comes with space-saving technology.
  • High performing electronic rollers.
  • The memory settings are not reliable.

3. Titan Chair Apex AP- Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Titan Chair Apex AP- Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Titan provides you with an extra taste of the real definition of a professional massage. It is a zero-gravity massage chair that was inspired by NASA tech to help maximize the balance of your weight throughout your body. The machine will also elevate the lower parts of your body to provide a healthier blood flow.

This massage chair is all about comfortability. The massage roller will start working on your back and travel down to the hamstring, and before you realize it, you will be in a comfortable slumber. It is an l track massage chair that works on your most tired body tissues before getting to the other relaxed organs. You can also use the model with a remote, which can ease the usability a great deal.

The electronic foot roller on the bottom of the chair covers your legs with airbags that apply smooth pressure to increase the massage efficiency. These rollers are also responsible for ensuring that your sore bottom feet tissues are in good condition for your next walk. Another great feature is heat therapy, which applies gentle on you loosen muscles and will feel relaxed.

  • Includes space-saving make.
  • Perfect for lower back kneading.
  • Excellent for loosening sore feet.
  • Several options for optimizing the massage.
  • Heat therapy will loosen muscles.
  • No MP3 player.

4. SGorri Massage Chair

SGorri Massage Chair

SGorri Massage Chair comes with different settings to optimize the massaging sessions. It has eight massage rollers in the backrest for a more relaxed kneading. Traditionally, massage chairs used massaging techniques that resemble multiple human hands manipulating your body. This chair combines the traditional kneading techniques and a modern spot massage for better performance.

One of the most outstanding reasons why more people are relying on massage chairs is the air massage. SGorri machine includes an air massage to present your legs with ultra-comfort, especially when the tissues are sore. Another great option is the zero-gravity mode that offers more massaging angles for the shoulders and the full body.

The potent vibration is a more excellent way of defining a high-quality massage chair. This model blends vibration with hip heating for the traditional massage and, at the same time, making the chair a great option to warm your body. Do you need music in the process? You’ll get in touch with your favorite albums while sitting on the chair thanks to the inbuilt Bluetooth connectivity.

  • It has inbuilt Bluetooth connectivity feature.
  • It saves your floor a great deal.
  • It is an entire body massage chair.
  • Several massage rollers for versatility.
  • The chair includes an ergonomic design.
  • Needs an unreasonable consideration.

5. OFAN 2020 Massage Chair

OFAN 2020 Massage Chair

It would be boring sitting on a massage chair without some good music playing in the background in this technological era. OFAN is an excellent deal for enjoying music direct from your phone’s playlist, thanks to its Bluetooth feature. It also gives a full body massage since it has 3D hand rollers that move around your joints.

This machine also comes with a perfect rocking mode that makes the massaging process easier. This mode presents a press and stretches formula that manipulates your tissues and gives you instant sleep. You can try this chair if you prefer yoga to massage because it has an inbuilt yoga stretch that will change your view.

Furthermore, the heating function at the rear of the machine is an excellent option for rolling your feet to a great extent. The chair is ideal for most adults, and it is easy to bring together. OFAN will not use a lot of power and will save your electricity bills to a greater extent.

  • It includes MP3 Bluetooth connectivity.
  • The air massaging provides efficiency.
  • The design resembles a rocking chair.
  • Easy to adjust the roller.
  • It is affordable.
  • No space-saving feature.

6. Electric Shiatsu Zero Gravity Full Body Massage Chair

Electric Shiatsu Zero Gravity Full Body Massage Chair

If you haven’t yet experienced the comfortability that comes with a massage chair, then you should probably try this model. The chair includes five massage techniques such as tapping, knocking, and kneading for a more efficient massage. You’ll also get 6 preset massage programs that give you the chance to enjoy the massage the way you want. It’s perfectly planned air cell kneading framework covers the most significant part of the surface region, which provides better quality.

The zero-gravity feature is a more splendid feature for this chair because you’ll get more than three positions to elevate your feet while maximizing your blood flow. The chair can fit persons of a height running from 5.2 to 6.3 feet, and it comes with footstools that are stretched out for the taller people. The weight limit is up to 441 pounds, which means it can accommodate most ordinary people.

The massage chair has a heat therapy that logically massages your back while providing warmth. Besides, the chair includes up to 28 airbags that strategically work on your arms, calves, thighs, and hips. Electric Shiatsu has a computerized feature that can detect the discomfort on your shoulders and free the pain.

  • Comfortable massage with 28 airbags.
  • Unique computerized scanning feature.
  • Works like multiple human hands.
  • Bluetooth feature to enjoy music.
  • You’ll get a USB charging port.
  • It has a poor track design.

7. Real Relax 2020 Massage Chair

Real Relax 2020 Massage Chair

The relax massage chair is the most modern model on our list and comes with some advanced features. This is the best massage chair under 1500 because of its modern Bluetooth audio play, which gives you added comfort during the massage. You’ll also get six auto modes for kneading your full body, and all you need to do is select a model and start the medication.

This top-rated massage chair has a unique functionality that differs from the traditional models. Its zero-gravity feature includes a one-button design for virtually balancing the weight of your back to the chair and making you weightless for a moment. This feature makes it possible for the old blood to reach your heart chambers easily and allow oxygenation.  You can also customize the massage settings with a remote and set the rollers to either massage your feet, back, or your entire body.

Real Relax massage chair is its ability to offer air massaging with several airbags. These bags are responsible for your relaxation once on the chair. Furthermore, you can adjust the chair’s back to ease your pain from the top to the lower or vice versa. It is also easy to assemble the whole system thanks to the two boxes with the chair.

  • Warmth treatment work.
  • All six auto modes are functional.
  • The red lights are fashionable.
  • 50 airbags for ultra-comfortability.
  • Intelligent Bluetooth connectivity technology.
  • The track version could be better

8. Infinity Riage CS – Compact Shiatsu Massage Chair

Infinity Riage CS - Compact Shiatsu Massage Chair

Now that you require a perfect massage chair, you should consider adding Infinity Riage Cs among your few options. This chair is an excellent choice for providing deep tissue kneading, and you’ll feel relief from the swift massage. It includes four-node rollers, which provide the right mechanism to bring your blood pressure to normality. You’ll find it easy to customize your precise massage with the manual remote manual that comes with the chair.

Infinity Ridge is also the right choice for full-back massaging. It tracks the slightest discomfort on your neck and shoulders and provides a smooth massage that will relax you for days. The machine uses tapping, rolling, and Shiatsu to move your back to the right shape among the massage techniques that the device uses. Also, the colorful drove lights hues make a better climate of comfortable massaging.

Everybody is yearning for a massage chair with automatic programs, and this model is good at that. It has 4 of these programs that blend ensure a full screening and a full body massage. Besides, you’ll be in complete control of the machine thanks to the manual controls. Infinity Riage is a space-saving massage chair, and it comes with a 2-inch clearance so that you can have space to store other items.

  • It uses space-saving technology.
  • Rocking mode for a smooth vibration.
  • The automatic programs save time.
  • Infinity Riage tracks discomfort.
  • Perfect for deep body tissues.
  • No remote-control feature.

9. FOELRO Full Body Massage Chair

FOELRO Full Body Massage Chair

Your massage chair should not only offer you comfortability but provide you with a variety of options for relieving pain. That’s the reason the FOELRO massage chair comes with multiple styles to customize your massage needs. It has six automatic modes that speed and divide the massage process into several simple steps.

The human massage process inspired the machine’s design. That means it works exactly like the human hands to customize your comfortability. You’ll get an extendable footrest and a moving roller on the lower side of the chair, and these two features are responsible for kneading your feet. Also, the zero-gravity technology elevates your legs and reduces stress, and improves the blood circulation in your veins.

A massage cannot be complete without a comfortable sleep. A smooth vibration and soft music are enough to make you sleep. FOELRO comes with a Bluetooth connection, and you can connect a piece directly from your phone. Besides, the entire set comes with high-quality synthetic leather, which is more comfortable to sit on. Plus, the armrest connected to the framework gives your arms ultra-comfort when you lean back.

  • Synthetic leather makes it durable.
  • Operates by squeezing your body.
  • Six automatic modes for versatility.
  • Bluetooth feature to connect audios.
  • The design was inspired by humanization.
  • No space-saving technology.

10. Full Body Electric Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair

Full Body Electric Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair
The reason you feel dizzy after a long work schedule is an abnormal blood flow. What about getting a massage chair for a home that can normalize that flow by reducing the heart load? It sounds interesting. This massage chair focuses on the zero-gravity feature for a full massage while reducing the heart load for a healthier blood flow, more so in the back.

The kinds of airbags that this machine comes with will make your body melt with comfort. These airbags are responsible for kneading your shoulder, calves, arms, and hips to relieve you from discomfort. Moreover, the back heating will stretch your back from top to bottom and give you perfect relief after a tedious day.

One of the features that make this model a great massage chair is the eight rollers to adjust to your entire body. It has a linkable design and an excellent system that makes you comfortable when reclining.  Another great feature is the Bluetooth player that allows you to listen to your favorite audios right from your MP3.

  • It is a cost-effective chair.
  • Warms your tissues.
  • Easy to assemble and operate.
  • It’s a full body massage.
  • Adjustable rollers and airbags.
  • No intensity adjustment.

How to Use a Massage Chair?

A massage chair can be more complicated because it is more than an ordinary piece of furniture. This section will teach how to use the chair effectively for optimal performance.

Step 1: Select the right mode

Most massage chairs come with the same functionality, no matter the brand. First, sit on the chair and choose a mode from the several options in the list. Each mode has a different function but doesn’t worry, and we will walk you through it.

Gripping – When you select this mode, the chair will start by gripping your arms and legs, releasing them, and then griping them again.

Tapping – Selecting this mode gives the machine the ability to push the backrest section to offer you a comfortable feeling. The chair will use a technique called ‘karate chop’ in this mode to optimize the performance.

Kneading – The massage chair uses this mode to move the rollers in a circular motion to loosen your muscles.

Rolling – You should probably select this mode if you need the chair to work on your back. The rollers will release the pain in your back with their up and down movement.

Shiatsu Acupoints – This mode is also ideal for back massaging, and it will give the rollers the ability to stress the joints of your back to ease the pain.

Step 2: Select the right intensity level

You can easily set the intensity level of most modern chairs by only pressing a button. The intensity level defines how deep the massage should go, and, in most cases, you will have two classes to select.

When you select the first level, the frame will move nearer to the backrest. The second level will dictate the distance between the frame and the operating rollers during the kneading process.


Massage chairs are now a vital component of any home, and you should think about getting one. Perhaps you are struggling with the endless back pain that you feel about seeing a doctor. I hope after checking our guide, you will find it easy picking the best massage chair under 1500. Our list compilation is not only about price but efficiency, performance, and reliability.

If you are yet to decide which one is right, we recommend the Real Relax 2020 Massage Chair that has Bluetooth connectivity. You can change the massage chair’s height, and using it is easy with the smart controls. It also gives you a full body massage to relax your muscles.

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