Best Massage Chair for Sciatica that You Can Buy in 2022!

In recent years, the number of lower back pain or sciatica patients has increased by a huge number. Lack of physical activities and long-time sitting at the office and home for work or gaming can cause the issue. Severe pain is the obvious consequence of this and only the patients know how painful and uncomfortable sciatica is.

Therefore, you need exercises for sciatica pain relief along with proper diet and medicine. Besides, a massage chair can come in handy as well in this situation. However, you need the best massage chair for sciatica to get the best result. Stick to the end of this content to find out the right massage chair if you’re suffering from sciatica.

What Is Sciatica?

Sciatica refers to nerve pain in the lower back that generally occurs due to injury, inflammation, irritation, or compression of sciatica nerve pain. This nerve locates on both sides of your body and runs down through hips and legs. So, if you’re feeling any pain in the lower back running up and down your leg, it’s probably due to sciatica.

According to Harvard Medical School, almost 40% of U.S. citizens face sciatic pain during their life. The condition is quite common and known, but so are the remedies. And you need to take preventative measures ASAP to save yourself from this unforgiving trouble.

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Will A Massage Chair Help Sciatica?

Yes, a massager chair makes a huge difference to manage sciatica nerve pain. It helps to relax your muscles with a full-body massage, even while you’re just resting. As a result, you will have the option to alleviate pain while improving your lower back and legside. At the same time, it circulates the healing properties of muscles along with softer tissue manipulation. You will also get an experience in releasing endorphins here that reduces discomfort.

However, you should also keep in mind that there are some restrictions to using a massage chair during pregnancy. Besides, you should use the chair properly for maximum benefits.

How Did I Make This Article?

Finding the best massage chair for sciatica is quite difficult because there are so many factors at play. So, I decided to spend a couple of hours daily to list some of the most desired and effective massage chairs for sciatic pain. Then I narrowed down the list to 10 items after days of research and reading hundreds of customer reviews, and finally after physically reviewing each of them. Fortunately, I had some experience with using one of these, so it wasn’t all that hard to make a list of the 6 best massage chairs for sciatic pain.

Table of Content:

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6 Best Massage Chair for Sciatica Reviews 2022

The use of massage chairs has increased dramatically because of effective results. Therefore, the market has become more competitive with many brands and models. Finding the best massage chair for sciatica becomes difficult, especially for newbies. Nevertheless, our expert team has researched and has some suggestions for your massage chairs for sciatica. Have a look:


1. Best for heavy-duty usage: Luraco iRobotics 7 PLUS Medical Massage Chair

Luraco iRobotics 7 PLUS Medical Massage Chair (Chocolate Brown)

Luraco iRobotics Medical Massage Chair is the unique and latest massage chair you can have for your sciatica problem. It can be the best chair for sciatica nerve problems with its multi-intensity massage to 6 locations of the body. you can remove pain and stiffness caused by sciatica with it. Also, you can get massages to any specific area with its manual setting for even getting more benefits.

This massager comes with 5 levels of intensity controls so that you can easily get your desired massages. Furthermore, you’ll have heat function with 3 levels of intensity to get maximum comfort and better blood circulation for sciatica. Also, it allows the user to get an advanced foot massage to remove stiffness, inflammation, and pain from feet joints.

With its 5 user memory settings, a maximum of 5 members can easily use this chair. Besides, it’s a heavy-duty machine and suitable for 4’7” to 6’7” people with up to 300 pounds weight. You will have an advanced handheld touch-screen control that will let you control the massage with ease. On top of that, it has a Bluetooth speaker to enjoy your massage even more.

Luraco iRobotics Features:

  • The massager chair offers multi-intensity massages to the entire body with 5 levels of intensity control.
  • You can do massage to a specific area of the body with its manual setting and 2 levels of heat therapy.
  • It has advanced foot massage therapy that removes stiffness, pain, and inflammation from the foot joints.
  • The chair has the capacity to provide massage to up to 5 members with 5 different memory settings.
  • You have an advanced handheld touch screen control that allows you to control your massager setting with ease.

Technical Details:

  • Product dimensions: 47L x 38W x 81H inches
  • Product length: 81 inches
  • Weight: 265 pounds
  • Used Material: Metal
  • Category: Unisex

2. Best for therapy: Daiwa Massage Chair

Daiwa Extended L-Shaped Track Massage Chairs

Daiwa Extended Massage Chair is another good chair for sciatica problems with its modern design and extra-long size. This chair offers a massage track of 49 inches that runs from your shoulders to hamstrings for maximum effectiveness. Besides, you will have a special heat therapy that will reduce the joints and muscle tension.

It features a 3D scan that scans your body and delivers massage exactly in the right position. With this feature, you can have accuracy and efficiency in massaging to remove the pain of sciatica. You will have a rocking rotation technology that moves back and forth to deliver a real-life rocking chair feeling.

With its 30-degree angle design, your bodyweight gets distributed properly which removes extra pressure on a specific body part. It also features high-quality compact speakers that you can enjoy during the massage. Furthermore, this is a high-quality heavy-duty chair that can hold large weight people easily.

Daiwa Extended Features:

  • The massager chair delivers a 49 inches track to massage from your shoulders to hamstrings to address each point.
  • It features a heat therapy that easily removes muscles and joint stiffness and improves blood circulation.
  • You have a 3D scan that addresses the massaging point with higher accuracy to improve effectiveness and efficiency.
  • It has a rocking rotation technology along with a 30-degree angle design to ensure comfort and even bodyweight.
  • You’ll also have heavy-duty construction and a Bluetooth speaker so that you can enjoy massaging.

Technical Details:

  • Product dimensions: 66.9L x 47.2W x 32.3H inches
  • Product weight: 306 pounds
  • Shape: extra large L-shaped
  • Used Material: Faux leather
  • Category: Unisex

3. Best for yoga: Kahuna Massage Chair Recliner

Kahuna Zero Gravity Full-Body Massage Chair

Kahuna Zero Gravity Full-Body Massage Chair is one of the great chairs for sciatica nerve pain. It comes with an L-track frame structure along with 4 rollers and an air-cell massage system so that you can get effective massages throughout your shoulders, arms, and hips. Even it has 5 Manual Massage Techniques to address specific body parts for massaging for nerve pain.

With its 6 Auto Programs Heating Therapy, you can get effective massaging on your lower back and legs to remove stiffness and pain of sciatica. Also, it features 3 levels of adjustable roller speed and air cell massage so that you can control it and get your desired massage accordingly.

The footer area features dual foot rollers along with removable and washable foot covers so that you can maintain hygiene. This chair features a smart body scan technology that delivers massage exactly where you need it. Furthermore, the space-saving technology takes less space in your room. Besides, if you don’t know how to use this chair, it gets you back with a user manual.

Kahuna Zero Gravity Features:

  • The massager chair offers an L-track frame structure along with 4 rollers and an air-cell massage system for effective massaging.
  • You can target any area of your body for massaging with its 5 manual massage techniques.
  • It features 6 Auto Programs Heating Therapy that improves blood circulation and relaxes your lower back.
  • You can control the intensity with its 3 levels of adjustable roller speed and air cell massage for maximum comfort.
  • It has an advanced scanning technology that allows the user to get massages at the desired point of the body.

Technical Details:

  • Product dimensions: 46L x 31W x 48H inches
  • Product weight: 200 pounds
  • Variant: Brown
  • Used Material: Cotton
  • Technology: Space-saving technology

4. Best for lower back heat: RELAXONCHAIR Shiatsu Massage Chair

RELAXONCHAIR [MK-II Plus] Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair

If you are after the best massage chair for sciatica, then you should consider RELAXONCHAIR Shiatsu Massage Chair. This chair features a Long SL Track design to effectively massage your entire body including the lower back. You also have three levels of Zero Gravity Positions to get a massage for your sciatica with maximum comfort.

You’ll have 4 Preset Automatic Programs to choose from for the entire body’s deep massaging. Also, you can get customized massages for specific parts of the body. It also allows controlling the intensity level and speeds with 3 levels of intensity and 3 levels of massage speed. Besides, you can measure your spine length with its intelligent body scanner and massage with accuracy.

The chair has an airbag massage technology along with sole rollers on the footrest. It effectively removes pain and stiffness in the joints of the legs caused by sciatica and other problems. On top of that, you have a lower Lumbar Heat therapy to control blood circulation with a better massage experience.


  • The massager chair comes with a Long SL Track design with three levels of Zero Gravity Positions for entire body massage.
  • It offers 4 Preset Automatic Programs and manual massage settings to ensure deep body massage and stretching.
  • You have the power to control the intensity level and speed of the massage to get your desired massages.
  • It features advanced body scanning that effectively detects your spine size to provide massage where necessary.
  • You have airbag massage technology along with heat therapy for improved blood circulation and the highest comfort.

Technical Details:

  • Product dimensions: 46L x 45W x 35H inches
  • Product weight: 183 pounds
  • Variant: Charcoal
  • Used Material: Leather
  • Wall clearance: 12 inches

5. Best for massage roller: SGorri Massage Chair Shiatsu Recliner


SGorri can be the best type of chair for sciatica with 8 massage rollers that deliver a comfortable and effective massage experience. Besides, it massages you from your neck to feet for an entire body massage. You can also get classic spot massage and traditional massage at your convenience.

There is a traditional heating massage head and a heating area that covers your heap to reduce sciatica pain. A one-button start function will start the heating massage that eradicates the hassle to get heat therapy. Besides, this chair has an adjustable backrest angle so that you can make it comfortable and ergonomic for you.

It features a space capsule streamlined hood with hidden stereo Bluetooth speakers to let you enjoy the massage with music. With its Skin-Friendly Leather materials, you can stay safe from any skin diseases and maintain the hygiene you need. On top of that heavy-duty construction ensures durability and longevity as well.

SGorri Massage Features:

  • The massager chair comes with unique 8 massage rollers that massage your entire body with a comfortable massaging experience.
  • It features a traditional heating massage head along with a bigger heating area to improve blood circulation and ensure relaxation.
  • You can also adjust the backrest angle to get your desired position for maximum comfort and the best massaging experience.
  • The Skin-Friendly Leather materials ensure hygiene where its heavy-duty construction delivers longevity and durability.
  • You get a space capsule streamlined hood design along with the hidden stereo Bluetooth speakers to enjoy some audio during massaging.

Technical Details:

  • Product dimensions: 45L x 44.5W x 31H inches
  • Product weight:7 pounds
  • Variant: Black
  • Used Material: Metal
    Rated Voltage: 110 volt & 60 Hz

6. Best for Body Relief: Osaki OS4000TA Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Osaki OS4000TA Zero Gravity Massage Chair

It is one of the most developed chairs that allows air massage technology. Besides, it brings the massager to a low count. From an innovative technology, you will find the number of airbags which are available in a small number. Though it keeps a large volume along with a broader surface to massage. It helps you to have a specific number of working valves that are excluded from the prior model.

As a result, it will bring less stress to your chair. So, you will have it as the best sound massage chair. Also, it has large popularity as a massage chair for sciatica pain. Besides, you will be highly get pleased to see its unique foot roller. Meanwhile, its auto reclining position along with a leg extension is outstanding.

Weighing 213 lbs is much lighter than other brands available in the market. Besides, it comes with a 1.2m controller of the wire. Getting several options in the auto timer is another significant trait. It holds six different and unique auto functions that have five levels of speed too. So, you can consider it the best massage cushion for sciatica.

Osaki Features:

  • Getting a voltage scale of 110 to 120 volt along with a 50 to 60 Hz in frequency
  • Providing an auto-timer mood at different times such as 5 to 30 minutes
  • Having a full-size product along with an easy remote control system
  • Comes with an auto leg scanner along with a six different auto-function
  • Getting five different levels while adjusting speed and intensity

Technical Details:

  • Product dimensions: 34L x 31W x 52H inches
  • Product weight: 270 pounds
  • Variant: Black
  • Used Material: Metal
  • Category: Unisex

Buying Guide For The Best Massage Chair For Sciatica Nerve Pain

“Comfort products” are now far too available in the market. So you need to be really thorough while investing such an amount of money buying a new massage chair. But how do you choose the right massage chair? 

Here I will mention some vital factors you need to keep in mind before buying one.

How Massage Chairs Help To Relief The Problem Of Sciatica?

Comfort and Size

The basic function of a massage chair is to massage your body tissues, but at the same time, comfort is a must. Comfort generally requires a perfect size, sitting position, and overlay material, etc. So, first, see if the measurements and shape fit your desires.

Massage Strength

Not all people seek the same amount of intensity, nor do all require it anyway. Small rollers, nodes, and intensity levels are ideal if you prefer a softer massage. But to get hardcore, you should look for something with durable and high-powered components and fast movements. 

Versatility and Adjustability

A massage chair for sciatica is nothing if you can customize it to your own demands. So, look for a model that comes with large ranges of adjustable features like intensity, speed, or heating. Nowadays, some massage chairs even offer preset programs for specific applications. You can check them out too.


Reclining massage chairs sometimes come with multiple accessories for comfort and efficiency. High efficiency is always preferable. So, if an item meets your comfort level that also comes with several handy attachments, go for it.


Finally, the deal-breaker! I won’t lie, massager chairs are quite pricey. But there are quite a few excellent items available at a lower price. So, while you look for the best massager chair for sciatica, just don’t forget to take a peek at the price.

How Do You Know You Have Sciatica?

The main sign of sciatica is lower back pain. However, not all lower back pain is a symptom of sciatica. You can also have lower back pain after a long hard working day which is common. It’s complicated to describe what sciatic pain feels like because the sensation varies depending on the cause. However, the most common ways to describe the feeling sum down to burning, a sharp and shooting sensation, or sudden jolts of pain that feel like stabbing. Also, the pain may increase if you sit for long hours or from sudden and quick body movements.

How Do You Know You Have Sciatica?

If the lower back pain stays for a long time and slowly spreads through one leg, that’s a sign. Besides, if you have burning pain in your legs and lower back, chances are high that you have sciatica.

Sometimes, you may feel that the pain rises up when you rise from the seat. Even having weakness, stiffness, and numbness in the leg or foot are some signs of sciatica. If you have had any of these problems for a long time, you should consult with a doctor first.

How Do Massage Chairs help To Relief Sciatica?

Massage chairs can play a vital role to reduce the sciatica problem. However, you may be not sure about how a chair can help get relief from sciatica problems. Well, here is how it works and reduces the sciatica problem.

  • The chair puts more pressure on the skeleton to improve the skeletal system to reduce pain.
  • Many chairs come with heat therapy that improves blood circulation throughout the body and thus reduces pain as well.
  • When massaging, the chair puts pressure on your muscles and relaxes your muscles that preventing the restriction of muscle
  • A massage chair provides you with a consistent service so that you can regularly take massages to improve your sciatica problem.
  • By improving blood circulation and removing muscle tension, it removes stiffness that causes sciatica problems

Frequently Asked Questions

Have more questions? We have created a section below with some commonly asked questions that you should look at.

Are massage chairs good for sciatica?

Yes, the massage chair delivers consistent massage and heat therapy to the entire part of your body. Thus it improves blood circulation, reduces muscle stiffness and numbness, and decreases pains caused by sciatica.

Can I use a massage chair every day?

The recommended use of the massage chair is 15-20 minutes a day and 2-3 days a week. So, this is not a good idea to use the massage chair every day since overusing anything has some serious adverse effects.

How long should you sit on a massage chair?

The best recommendation to use the massage chair or sit on the chair is 15 minutes at once. More than that will cause some adverse effects and may increase your sciatica problem.

Where should I put my massage chair?

You can always put your massage chair at any place in your room. However, if you ask me about the best place, I would suggest you choose your living room to place your massage chair.

Can you sleep in a massage chair?

Yes, massage chairs are designed to deliver a comfortable relaxing position. So you can sleep here but make sure you turn the massage function off since it works only when you turn it on.

Wrapping It Up

Massage chairs deliver consistent messages to the sciatica spot to help the patient overcome the muscle stiffness, numbness, and pain. However, you must choose the best massage chair for sciatica to get a proper massage to your entire body. We have suggested some good massage chairs that may help you fight your sciatica condition.

However, if you are not sure which one to choose, I will suggest you go for the RELAXONCHAIR Shiatsu Massage Chair. It has a Long SL Track design and Zero Gravity Positions to massage your entire body effectively including the lower back. So overall, this one might be the best massage chair for your sciatica problem.

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