Best Massage Chair for Large Person of 2022 – Most Comfortable

If you are a large person like me, you will know the pain of finding the right chair size for you. When it comes to the right size massage chair, it becomes even tougher since most companies manufacture average size chairs. However, if you do deep research with the experts’ help, you may get the best massage chair for large person.

A good large chair will help you sit comfortably and enjoy the fun of massaging. On the contrary, when you sit on a small chair for massaging, you feel uncomfortable and painful. You cannot get a good massage experience with a small size chair. So stick to the end of this article for experts’ help to get the right size chair for you.

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10 Best Massage Chair for Large Person in 2022

The market has a few massage chairs designed for large people. However, not all those are good and as a newbie, you cannot find the best massage chair for large person. It becomes easier for you to pick the best large size massage chair only when you have experts’ suggestions. Here are the experts’ suggestions for massage chairs.

Best Massage Chair for Large Person

1. Luraco iRobotics 7 PLUS Medical Massage Chair

Luraco iRobotics 7 PLUS Medical Massage Chair

Luraco Medical Chair is a great massage chair for tall person to enjoy a full body massage. It has a height of 6’7” and can hold up to 300 pounds of weight which is suitable for a large person. Besides, it is heavy duty and designed to last long. You will have true 3D hands to deliver you real life like a massage every time.

Also, it features 5 levels of intensity controls to make your massage more customized and flexible for you. You have the pause and resume buttons to let you take massages at your convenience. In addition, with its body heat feature, you can soothe your lower back muscles for more relaxation. You will even have 3 intensity levels to adjust the heat level.

Apart from that, it has foot rollers to massage your foot. Controlling the chair and its function is simple with its smart handheld touch-screen. You can even use a voice command that makes it an advanced and comfortable chair. Since it has noise reduction technology, you won’t have to disturb others during the massage. So overall, anyone who likes modern tech chairs will fall in love with this chair.

  • Voice command
  • Different intensity level
  • Heat therapy
  • Heavy duty
  • Noise reduction
  • No relaxation light

2. Human Touch Ultra High Performance Massage Chair

Human Touch Ultra High Performance Massage Chair

This high-performance chair from Human Touch is another great chair for a tall and large person. It comes with 3D Massage Technology that will mimic real-life therapist massage to ensure maximum outcome from it. Also, with its 5 intensity settings, you can control the intensity and make it suitable for you.

You will even have 3 massage programs to choose from at your convenience. Besides, it features targeted aircells that will apply pressure to the key points of your body. You can even enjoy the foot and calf massage with its extending foot rollers. Since it has warm air technology, it provides instant heat to your lower back to improve your blood circulation and make you relax.

With its LCD remote feature, you can comfortably control the massage functions. Moreover, its built-in Bluetooth speakers along with a USB Port lets you entertain yourself during the massage. Apart from that, it has a full body stretching option and space-saving design. So overall, anyone who likes a complete body massage with heat therapy will like this chair.

  • Real life-like massage
  • Different intensity levels
  • Targeted air cells
  • Heat therapy with intensity control
  • Foot massage
  • No voice command

3. Medical Breakthrough 3D Massage Chair

Medical Breakthrough 3D Massage Chair

Medical Breakthrough Massage Chair comes into the market to figure out your pressure points and ensure the best result. It features an advanced scanning system that will accurately find out the pressure points of a large person to apply the right pressure. Then it positions those massage rollers in the right position so that you can have a proper massage.

Since it is a zero gravity massage chair, it lets you feel weightless and ensures better results. With its 3D L-track design, you can enjoy an entire body massage from shoulders to buttocks. Besides, it has a heating function that will loosen your sore muscles and relax you. You can even reduce joint pains with the feet and calves massage.

Moreover, you will have adjustable footrests along with shoulder airbags that make it suitable for large people. Also, with a Bluetooth function, you can entertain yourself during the massage. Extra padding is available there as well which makes the chair more comfortable. You can even carry the chair with wheels. So overall, this is a comfortable chair for a large person with a superior massage.

  • Comfortable padding
  • Bluetooth technology
  • Adjustable footrest and airbags
  • Smart body scan
  • Full body massage
  • No back roller intensity control

4. Top Performance Kahuna Superior Massage Chair

Top Performance Kahuna Superior Massage Chair

If you need a superior chair for a large person, then this Kahuna Superior Massage Chair can be a good option. It can support 6ft 5inches of height and 320 lbs of weight easily. With its 9 Auto programs, you can pick any based on your needs and comfort. You will have hip air-cell technology that effectively massages your key pressure points.

Since this big and tall massage chair has an SL-track design, you can enjoy a full body massage from it. Also, you can get a calf and foot massage with the chair for more relaxation. With its heat therapy function, it will loosen your muscles and improve blood circulation. To make your massage time more enjoyable and relaxing, you will have an LED Light design as well.

There are 6 wheel roller systems that will let you place the chair anywhere. With its space-saving design, installing the chair is easier with less space. Since it offers a zero-gravity design, it puts less pressure on the heart and joints for a more effective massage. Also, it has an advanced LCD remote for managing time and setting. So overall, this can be a perfect chair for a large person with its advanced massage technology.

  • Heavyweight design
  • Effective full body massage
  • Heat therapy and foot massage
  • LED lighting
  • LCD remote
  • No additional padding

5. Zero Gravity Full-Body Kahuna Massage Chair

Zero Gravity Full-Body Kahuna Massage Chair

Kahuna Massage Chair comes with 3 stages of Zero Gravity design that lets you adjust the recline for more comfort. With its smart body scanning technology, it smoothly scans your body and finds out body pressure points. Also, it has 6 different auto programs and 5 manual programs to pick from so that you can enjoy any of these based on your needs.

Besides, it has dual foot rollers on your feet area that will help you reduce joint pains. On your lower back and foot, there will be a heating function that will loosen your muscles and soothes soreness. An extra foot fading is there to make the sitting more comfortable for you.

You can control the roller speed and massage with its 3 levels of intensity control. Controlling is easier too with its remote and a remote holder is there to keep the remote. With its space-saving technology, you will need only 3 inches spaced from your wall.

  • Easy to control
  • Different massage programs
  • Foot massage
  • Heat therapy
  • Space-saving design
  • No relaxing lighting

6. RELAXONCHAIR Full Body Massage Chair

RELAXONCHAIR Full Body Massage Chair

If you are after an advanced massage chair, this RELAXONCHAIR Massage Chair can be a good option. It comes with an advanced scanning feature that will detect the body structure of the body. With its multiple airbags, it will then apply the massage on the pressure points. You will have 3 levels of intensity to make the massage more customized.

There are 4 automatic programs and 3 manual massages to choose from for more customization. With its heating pads in the lower back area, it will soothe the sore muscles. Also, you will have calf and foot massage therapy that makes your body relaxed. Since it is an l track massage chair, it offers a complete body massage from neck to thigh.

You have the controller to adjust and control everything. Moreover, with its three stages of ultra-automatic zero gravity design, it makes you feel weightless and enhances the effectiveness. So overall, this is a perfect chair for people looking for a complete body massage chair with advanced functions. You can enjoy a neck, arm, foot, and lower back massage with heat therapy from this chair.

  • Full body massage
  • Easy to manage functions
  • Auto and manual massage
  • Different intensity level
  • Zero gravity design
  • No Bluetooth function

7. Osaki OS-4000 Massage Chairs

Osaki OS-4000 Massage Chairs

Osaki OS-4000 model is one of the best automatic massage chairs of Osaki. This is designed for large people with heavy-duty construction and unique functions. It has an auto body scan function that detects your body shape and finds the pressure points. Then it delivers massage to the key pressure points to alleviate pain and relax your body.

With its 2 Stage Zero Gravity design, it elevates your body and reduces the pressure on the heart and joints. Besides, you will have six unique pre-set programs to choose from so that you can make them suitable for you. There are 2 heating pads as well that will improve the massage experience by improving your blood circulation.

The chair is covered with upgraded PU covering that provides additional comfort and longevity. Also, it features an extendable footrest that will help a large person adjust the footrest as needed. With its wireless remote controller, controlling is not a hassle with this chair. So overall, it is an easy to use and comfortable chair that will fulfill the needs of massaging.

  • Heat therapy
  • Different body massage
  • Smart body scan
  • Comfortable PU cover
  • Extendable footrest
  • No Bluetooth function

8. ideal massage Chair

ideal massage Chair

Up next is the ideal massage Chair that offers full body massage for the large person. It comes with an S L-track design that allows you to get the neck to thigh massage through your lower back. Also, with its zero-gravity design, it enhances the effectiveness of the massage by reducing pressure on the heart and joints.

Besides, you will have 10 incredible massage programs to pick from that you find more useful. It even has 6 different massage techniques that will help you get different massage therapy at different times. With its auto height detection, it scans the body and finds out the pressure points for a large person.

Along with that, you will have a rolling foot massage that will reduce the joint pains and relax your body. Moreover, to make your massage therapy more impactful, it has a built-in heat system. Its space-saving design will take less space in your room and enhance the aesthetic beauty of your room.

  • Complete body massage
  • Zero gravity design
  • Different massage programs
  • Smart 3D scanning
  • Foot rolling massage
  • No LCD monitor

9. SGorri Massage Chair

SGorri Massage Chair

SGorri Massage Chair is an amazing massage chair for tall people that comes with some unique functions. It offers 8 unique massage rollers throughout the chair to massage your entire body. This chair will help you reduce the pain by massaging the key pressure points of your body.

With its adjustable backrest angle, you can place your body in the most comfortable position. One of the biggest problems of massage chairs is the sitting problem. Most companies care about the massaging but not about the comfort, unlike this massage chair.

Along with the massage, it has a traditional heating massage head that will ensure proper heat therapy. It will promote blood circulation to make you comfortable and relax after a long hard working day. Apart from that, you will have stereo Bluetooth speakers that will let you enjoy the massage time. So overall, this one will be a great choice for people looking for comfort and proper massaging.

  • Different massage rollers
  • Adjustable backrest
  • Heat therapy
  • Comfortable sitting
  • Bluetooth technology
  • No speed control

10. Real Relax 2020 Massage Chair

Real Relax 2020 Massage Chair
This amazing 2020 chair from the popular brand Real Relax is a great example of the best massage chair for large person. It comes with one button zero-gravity design that elevates your body and reduces joint and heart pressure for more effectiveness. With its 8 massage neck back rollers along with the 50 shoulder airbags, it provides comfortable massage therapy every time.

These neck rollers make the chair a great massage chair for neck pain. You can use the remote control the rollers and airbags that make the use easier than ever. Also, you can control the speed and strength levels to make it customized. It even allows you to adjust the back and make it perfectly comfortable for you.

With its HD VFD display screen, you can easily understand and control everything. Since the chair has up to a 6.1-foot loading capacity, any large person will find it comfortable. Also, it has extendable footrests for taller people. With its heating function, it promotes blood circulation and relaxes your muscles. Moving the chair is also easier with its two back wheels.

  • Bluetooth and LED lights
  • Airbag rollers
  • Remote control
  • Heavy-duty and large construction
  • Heating function
  • No auto scan

How Do You Sit on a Massage Chair?

Sitting on the massage chair properly is really important. When you sit on the chair, make sure you have tightened all the joints of the chair to prevent any accidents. Then simply place your body on the chest pad and your knees against the knee rest. Adjust the pillow if there is any.

How Do You Sit on a Massage Chair

After that, simply put your arms on the armrest and lock the frame. Try to distribute your weight on the chest pad. It will improve the comfort of your sitting and let you enjoy the massage. Then start the massage or heating therapy you need and enjoy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does your mind have more questions to ask for us? Then please see our section below for better clarification.

Can you sit in a massage chair too long?

Well, you can sit in your massage chair as long as you want. However, make sure you do not run massage therapy or heat therapy for too long as this can damage your body.

How often should I use massage chairs?

You can simply use your massage chair for relaxing your body every day. However, it is suggested to use the chair 5 days a week and a maximum of 15 minutes a day for best results.

Do massage chairs use a lot of electricity?

Not exactly. Massage chairs do not consume more than 300 watts depending on the brand and type of chair. That means it will consume energy like a refrigerator.

How long should you use a massage chair?

You should use the massage chair with an interval of 2 minutes and a maximum of 15 minutes a day. That will be more than enough and more than that may damage your body.

Can I use a massage chair every day?

Yes, it is not bad at all to use your chair for massaging every day. However, if you want to get the best result, I will recommend you to use the chair 3-5 days a week.


Large people often face the problem of finding the right size chair that can ensure proper massaging. But it is really crucial to pick the best massage chair for large person to ensure a proper result. To assist you to pick the best one, our experts have portrayed some good massage chairs for large people.

In our opinion, the Real Relax Massage Chair can be the most useful massage chair for you. It offers a zero-gravity design with 8 massage neck back rollers along with 50 shoulder airbags. Also, you will have a remote control facility with speed and strength customization. Moreover, it offers HD VFD display screen and durable construction that makes it suitable for a large person.

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