Best L Track Massage Chair of 2022 – Top 10 Massage Chair

Getting a proper complete body massage after a long hard working day can relax you a lot. You need to get a massage from the neck to glutes or hamstrings through the lower back. For that, nothing can be better than an l track massage chair. But to get the best result, you have to pick the best l track massage chair.

With the best one, you can comfortably sit on it and enjoy the relaxing massage every day. It is impossible to get a perfect entire body massage with proper intensity on a bad l track chair. So stick to the end of this expert’s suggestions to find your desired l track chair.

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10 Best L Track Massage Chair in 2022

With the increasing demand for l track massage chairs, the market has become more saturated with different brands and models. Consequently, finding the best l track massage chair becomes tougher than ever, especially for the newbies. However, you can pick the best l track chairs only when you have experts’ suggestions. So here are the experts’ suggestions for you.

Best L Track Massage Chair

1. Human Touch High Performance L-Track Massage Chair

Human Touch High Performance L-Track Massage Chair

The Human Touch L-Track Massage Chair is one of the amazing chairs you can have for your entire body massage. It comes with targeted aircells that will put pressure on your key healing points to ensure a perfect human-like massage. 3 deep-tissue massage programs are there as well that allow you to enjoy different types of massages at once.

Besides, you can comfortably adjust the intensity of the massage to make it more convenient and useful for you. To control the massage intensity, you will get an LCD remote. Also, this remote will help you control the speed, focus, height range, and duration of the massage for more flexibility. A USB port is there too to let you connect your devices like smartphones and power them up.

This l shape massage chair features warm air technology that will deliver heat flows throughout your lumbar area. Consequently, you can get relief from tight muscles and pain. You will even get foot rollers for a foot massage and leg rest. With its 2” of wall clearance, it takes less space to install and let you utilize your room space as well.

  • Targeted massage therapy
  • Speed and intensity control
  • Easy to use LCD
  • Heat therapy
  • Feet massage
  • No manual massage

2. Forever Rest 3D Space Saving l track Massage Chair

Forever Rest 3D Space Saving l track Massage Chair

This 3D Space l track Massage Chair from Forever Rest is another good chair for body massage. It features L track rolling mechanism and airbags to deliver complete body massage therapy. Also, you can easily adjust the massage intensity with its remote for more convenience. Moreover, 10 different automatic massage programs help you choose the right one based on your need.

11 Manual Massage Techniques are also there to let you customize the massage for you. Its built-in heat system soothes your muscles and delivers comfort. Besides, it improves blood circulation to keep your body fit. Moreover, it features a true Zero-gravity position that lifts your heart and reduces the pressure on the heart during the massage.

You can even get a better utility of the massage for this. With its space-saving design, you require only 2-3 inches of space from the wall. Apart from that, you can massage your feet with its triple foot rolling massage. A built-in speaker with Bluetooth is there to let you enjoy the massage moment as well. To make you relax during the massage, it even features ambient LED Lights.

  • Full Body Airbag Massage
  • Automatic massage programs
  • Manual massage programs
  • Heat massage
  • Zero gravity position
  • No USB

3. Osaki OS-Pro Yamato L-Track Massage Chair

Osaki OS-Pro Yamato L-Track Massage Chair

When you need the most advanced massage technology, you can rely on the Osaki L-Track Massage Chair. It comes with a smart and advanced sensor that scans your body and finds out the pressure point. Consequently, you get a maximum effective massage without using any manual massage. You will get Two-Stage Zero Gravity Technology that enhances the effectiveness too.

Also, 10 Auto Massage Programs are there to choose from for more convenient and more useful massage therapy. This l track design features multiple airbags throughout the chair so that you get a complete body massage. You can even enjoy the feet massage with airbags to reduce pain in the joints. An extendable footrest is there as well to keep your feet in comfort.

Besides, you will have heat therapy that promotes your blood circulation and soothes your sore muscles. With its side controller, you can get control of the massage that ensures easy maneuvering. Apart from that, this chair features built-in Bluetooth speakers that will make the massage experience more amazing.

  • Smart sensor
  • Remote control
  • Heat massage
  • Easy maneuver
  • Entire body massage
  • No manual massage

4. 2020 Ideal SL-Track Massage Chair by Forever Rest

2020 Ideal SL-Track Massage Chair by Forever rest

This 2020 model massage chair from forever rest can be a suitable option for you. It comes with a 3D Auto height detection that will scan your body and find the pressure points. Then it will massage those pressure points with its multi-chambered airbags. You can enjoy massage and heat therapy in your entire body with its l track design and airbags.

Besides, it offers 10 auto massage programs that let you pick the most suitable one for you. Since it comes with a zero-gravity design, it reduces back pressure to ensure the most effective massage therapy. Moreover, you will have electronic rollers that will massage your feet to soothe the muscles and reduce joint pains. You can comfortably put your legs on it for its expandable design.

The USA new design of this chair has an accent stitching that looks elegant at your home. Also, it offers a modern space-saving design that will save your room space. With its dual-layer head cushion, you can comfortably rest your head while sitting. A remote control system is there as well to make your chair more convenient and more comfortable.

  • Advanced scanning system
  • Airbags massage
  • Different auto massage programs
  • Heat therapy
  • Remote control
  • No Bluetooth speaker

5. Real Relax SL-Track Shiatsu Massage Chair

Real Relax SL-Track Shiatsu Massage Chair

If you need a complete massage package in a single chair, then you may consider the Real Relax Massage Chair. It comes with a body scan technology that will scan and find out your pressure points. Its 3D robots hands rollers will then massage your entire body from neck to thighs.

You can even pick from its 6 robot hands massages to make it more comfortable. In addition, there are 6 preset auto programs that will let you choose the most effective one for you. Besides, you will have 3 levels of roller speed and width to adjust the intensity of the massage. Controlling the system is easier as well with its remote control of wire.

The zero-gravity design lets you enjoy a true weightless feeling like space and enhances the effectiveness of the massage. Also, you can enjoy back heating and foot massage to improve blood circulation and reduce joint pain. With its pre-assembled and space-saving design, you can easily install the chair in a small space. Moreover, a Bluetooth audio play is there to let you enjoy the massage moment.

  • Speed control
  • Intensity control
  • Heat therapy
  • Bluetooth system
  • Remote control
  • No light for relaxing

6. Titan Pro- Alpha Full Body Massage Chair

Titan Pro- Alpha Full Body Massage Chair

The Titan Pro- Alpha Massage Chair is an advanced chair that offers a comfortable massage experience. It comes with an advanced l-track technology that massages your complete body from neck to thigh. With its 6 auto massage programs, it lets you pick the best one you find most convenient, comfortable, and useful.

You will have a back pad pillow that will provide additional comfort while sitting. To enjoy the massage, a chair has to be maximum comfortable. Besides, its space-saving design will consume small space to look elegant in your home. Apart from that, it has a height of 6”3’ that can easily hold up to 235 lbs comfortably with its durable construction.

With its 2 stages of zero gravity design, you can feel weightless like space when you are taking massage therapy. Besides, you will have a dual-action foot roller for a foot massage. This massage chair with rollers let you massage your shoulder with its adjustable shoulder system as well. So, if you need a special shoulder massage, this can be the perfect option for you.

  • L-track technology
  • Auto massage programs
  • Comfortable pillow
  • Space-saving design
  • Foot roller
  • No LCD

7. OWAYS Massage Chair

OWAYS Massage Chair

The OWAYS Massage Chair is a great example of the best l track massage chair for its advanced design. It comes with a Zero Gravity design that reduces the pressure on your joints and heart to make you feel weightless. Also, it ensures better effectiveness of massage with this design and 3D Robot Hands.

With its smart body scan, it automatically detects the pressure points to ensure better massage therapy. Besides, it features massage airbags that will cover those pressure points on the shoulder to the calves. Moreover, you will have two heating devices that will soothe your muscles and improve blood circulation.

It even offers foot massage that will relax you after a hard working day and reduce joint pains. Its space-saving design will take a 5cm distance from the wall to be placed. Consequently, you can save a lot of space in your home. To make your massage experience more enjoyable, there is Bluetooth Connection as well.

  • Smart scan technology
  • Airbags for complete body massage
  • Heating therapy
  • Foot massage
  • Space-saving design
  • No LCD monitor

8. Osaki Titan Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Osaki Titan Zero Gravity Massage Chair

The Titan Massage Chair from Osaki can be another good option to ensure a good massage experience. Since it features l track design, you will have a complete body massage. With its zero-gravity design, you can enjoy better effectiveness while feeling weightless like space. Besides, you will have 4 auto massage programs that let you pick the most suitable one.

To make your massage experience better and soothing, there is a gentle lighting system. Also, you will get a heat function that will provide heat to your lower back. It will loosen your muscles and improve blood circulation. Apart from that, there are rollers in the bottom of your foot to massage your feet for comfort and relaxation.

Controlling is extremely easier since you do not have to understand the digital screen or remote. You will have manual control for easy maneuvering. Moreover, its footrest is extendable which makes it suitable for any height. To save your space in the room, it will take only 2 inches of space from your wall when your chair is in an upright position.

  • Zero gravity design
  • Automatic massage programs
  • Heat therapy
  • Entire body massage
  • Easy maneuver
  • No digital control

9. FR-6KSL Massage Chair

FR-6KSL Massage Chair

FR-6KSL Massage Chair comes into the market to provide you an advanced massage. With its 3D Body detect scan, it finds out the pressure points by scanning the body. This eradicated the need of finding the main pressure points manually. It is a perfect massage chair for athletes with its 6 different massage types along with 8 Auto programs.

With its multi-layer airbags, it offers a complete body massage all the time. There are 5 Intensity levels that will help you customize the massage at your convenience. Besides, it features a zero-gravity design that you can achieve with a single touch. You can enjoy a weightless feeling due to this design.

Moreover, you will have a built-in heat function that will provide heat to your lower back for a more comfortable massage. Its remote control will let you control the chair comfortably. You will even get foot rollers that will massage your feet to reduce the joint pains and make you relax. For anyone looking for a complete body massage, this one can be a suitable option.

  • Auto body scan
  • Different massage types and programs
  • Multi-layer airbags
  • Zero-gravity design
  • Heat function
  • No lighting

10. iRest 2020 Massage Chair

iRest 2020 Massage ChairUp next is the iRest massage chair that comes with five massage techniques so that you can choose one accordingly. Along with the massage techniques, you will have 12 automatic massage functions to pick based on comfort and need. It features an advanced auto scan that will detect your height automatically to find out the pressure points.

Consequently, you can enjoy the most effective massage therapy all the time. It even offers heat therapy to loosen your muscles and improve blood circulation for relaxation on your lower back. With its airbags throughout the shoulders, arms, legs, and calves, you can enjoy a complete body massage every day.

Controlling is much easier here with the handrail shortcut key. You can even use its AI system to control it with your voice. Moreover, with its Bluetooth technology, you can connect your smartphone for entertainment. So overall, for the people looking for an advanced human hand-like massage therapy, this one might be a good option.

  • Complete body massage
  • Heat therapy
  • AI voice control
  • Bluetooth technology
  • Automatic scan
  • No LCD display

What Is The Difference Between S Track And L Track? And Which One Is Better?

S track massage chair is designed according to human spine shape which is not straight. The rollers of the chairs move up and down along your back from the neck to mid-back. It helps you get a real life-like massage. On the other hand, l track has a kind of similar design with a longer shape. The rollers of the l track chair will go from the neck to thigh through your lower back. That means basically, l track is an extended version of s track chair where both of them maintain almost similar design.

What Is The Difference Between S Track And L Track

When it comes to choosing between these two designs, I would say the l track is better compared to the s track. Why? Well, obviously, you will get all the benefits of s track design from l track design. Also, you will get some additional benefits from the l track like a foot massage, lower back massage, and others. So l track is surely a better option to choose from for a complete body massage.

Why Do I Need the L Track Massage Chair?

Since you are willing to invest your money in an l track massage chair, you need to know what you can get from it. So here are some main l track massage chair’s benefits for you.

  • The l track massage chair provides an entire body massage that will massage your neck to thigh through your lower back.
  • A good l track chair will allow you to control the intensity level so that you can make it convenient for you.
  • You can even massage your feet since many l track chairs come with a foot roller system.
  • Some chairs feature heat therapy that will improve your blood circulation and ensure relaxation.
  • You will have different massage types and programs to choose from according to your comfort and need.

Final Thought

A good l track massage chair can change your experience of body massage on the chair. You will get a comfortable entire body massage from neck to hamstrings and make your body relaxed. So make sure you pick the best l track massage chair from the experts’ suggestions above.

In our opinion, The OWAYS Massage Chair can be a good choice for you. It offers a complete body massage with its 3D Robot Hands and automatic body scan. Also, it features heat therapy and comfortable maneuvering. You will even get foot massage therapy for relaxation and comfort.

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