10 Best Hand Massager For Arthritis to Relief from Pain

Have you ever become confused thinking that massagers really work for Arthritis? or does massager mere provide instant comfort other than becoming a remedy for disease? Having these questions in mind is more important than purchasing massagers even without knowing what a massager can do in this regard!

Honestly, even best hand massager for arthritis may not be the best solution in terms of curing the disease but can be a good alternative of pain killers. Since arthritis means the stiffness of your body’s joints or lack of the fluid precautions at the early stage is the key.

The point is, there are massagers that only performs to give you an instant comfort removing stress or mental pressure you got from work. And there are also some massager that are not only for provide temporary relief but also a permanent solution for genetic disease like Arthritis. This guide will help you to differentiate them covering 10 best hand massager for Arthritis. 

we did his article?

our team of 4 spend more than 48 hours skimming through more than 50 products available in the market. it took our team more than 60 real-life customer reviews to make sure the products are genuinely worth it. we took more than 25 articles on the internet to find out what experts have to say about these products before we decided to review ourselves. the result is what comes ahead!

Is Massage Good For Arthritic Hands?

Massage or massaging means the process of manipulation of the mussels’ tissue.  And when it comes to Arthritis the specific manipulation of the mussels and joints indeed fruitful. So, there is no doubt massage is good for your body or specific organ like hand, knee, waist and shoulders.

Based on the type of arthritis and the affected organ the type of massage or massaging tools  may vary. For instance, if you have Rheumatoid arthritis that specially affects hands’ joints causing inflammation.  To get rid of this kind of Arthritis getting massage that helps in blocking the flow of extra blood or fluid that have been sent to a specific joints will be effective besides medication. But if you don’t know the type of arthritis you are suffering  and having random massages it will be worsening the condition instead.

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10 Best Hand Massager For Arthritis Review 2022

finding out a hand massager that will reduce arthritis is a challenging job. after testing and researching many hand massager in the market, we have reviewed the 10 best hand massager for arthritis that will reduce your arthritis pain and fulfill your demands.best hand massager for arthritis

1. editor’s choice: homove hand roller massager

homove hand roller massager, compression air pressure point therapy reflexology for arthritishomove hand roller massager is equipped with 5 airbags that reduce the arthritis pain, the swollen hand with comfortable kneading and boost blood circulation. it has 3 sets of air valves that flatten the airbags to ensure comfort on the hand. also, the soft internal part provides 360-degree massaging with more ease. for safety, its air pressure is deflated within 2 seconds that save us from injury.

the finger roller massage machine has 2 fingers and upholding rollers that provide warm massage to get a soothing rhythm. also, it gives pressure in acupressure points that are related to our overall body. it has adjustable intensity levels that help to relieve muscle pain. the relaxing heat enhances the massage effect at 107 degrees fahrenheit temperature.

it automatically stops after 20 minutes massaging session. it has integrated finger modes that reduce finger arthritis with deep roller massage. it also helps to alleviate tight muscles, scar tissue, and improve mobility with various types of motion. it weighs about 3 pounds and is made with durable material that provides longevity.

homove hand features:

  • it is equipped with 5 airbags and 3 air valves to reduce the arthritis pain and finger numbness with comfort massage.
  • the kneading massage method provides soft tissue massage that helps to reduce scars and tight muscles.
  • its 107 degrees fahrenheit heat therapy reduce cramping and stiffness by boosting blood flow.
  • it has adjustable intensity levels that provide personalized massaging experience.
  • it shut down after 20 minutes of massage that ensure safety from injuries.

technical details:

  • dimension: 10.63×6.87×5.12 inches
  • weight: 2.7 pounds
  • material: plastic
  • rated power: 18w
  • no of intensity mode:  3

2. best backup: purology lx hand massager

purology lx hand massager pressure point acupressure compression therapy reflexology with heat for arthritispurology lx hand massager comes with three hand therapy balls that help to reduce carpal tunnel syndrome, hand pain, finger arthritis, and swollen hand. it provides massage on all points of the palm, the finger that improves the blood circulation. you can set the density level according to your comfortlessness that makes it best massagers for hands.

it takes 3 to 5 hours to charge fully and provide massage for 24 hours. so, you can easily massage your hands in the office, home, and road as you want. before using, remember to disconnect the cord from the charging socket. it ensures massage on all points that are related to our body organs and contribute to overall health by reducing pain.

the purology hand massager can be used for 15 to 30 minutes maximum twice a day. after 15 minutes massaging period, it will stop automatically to prevent risk. also, it has 6 intensity levels and 2 vibration levels that provide a relaxing massage. its adjustable 6 massaging modes can fulfill your demands with mild heat massaging.

purology features:

  • the hand massager has three soft therapy balls that help reduce arthritis and carpal tunnel by improving blood circulation.
  • it has a 24 hours long-lasting battery that takes 3 to 5 hours to charge fully.
  • its adjustable 6 programs ensure comfortable hand massage with proper density level.
  • automatically shut down after 15 minutes to prevent risk due over massaging.
  • it provides massage on all pressure point that helps to reduce the pain of different body organs.

technical details:

  • dimension: 13.6 x 7.8 x 6.2 inches
  • weight: 3.6 pounds
  • material: plastic
  • charging time: 4-6 hours
  • no of intensity mode: 6

3.best for customization: lunix cordless electric hand massager w/compression

lunix cordless electric hand massager w/compression - 6 levels pressure point therapy massager for arthritislunix cordless electric hand massager comes with finger massager that reduces finger numbness and arthritis pain by improving blood flow and touch sense. its ergonomic design distributes the pressure on the acupuncture point with kneading massage, and the dimples will vanish after 30 minutes. it has an intuitive display that allows you to check the massage combinations.

it has air pressure, and the hot compress method improves the circuiting of blood and reduces muscle pain and stiffness. its adjustable 6 program modes allow you to get the massage according to your needs and comfort. it has 6 levels of intensity that helps to reduce the fatigue of muscles. also, it has dual vibration modes that reduce stress and tight muscles.

the massager shuts off after 15 minutes of sessions, and you can restart again if need. its interior cushion provides extra comfort with a vibrant decoration and shiatsu technology. it weighs only 3 pounds that can be used with a rechargeable li-ion battery. after all, it can be considered as the best hand massager for arthritis.

lunix cordless features:

  • the shiatsu massager comes with a finger massager that relax your hands by relieving arthritis pain and carpal tunnel.
  • its heat massage therapy boosts blood circulation in cold hands and reduces muscle pain quickly.
  • it has 6 programs and 6 levels of intensity that ensure comprehensive hand massage.
  • the dual vibration modes reduce the stress and fatigue from hand and improve mobility.
  • auto shut off after 15 minutes of massaging sessions and can be restarted if needed.

technical details:

  • dimension: 13.46 x 7.87 x 6.22 inches
  • weight: 2.2 pounds
  • material: plastic
  • no of program modes: 6
  • no of intensity mode: 6

4. best lightweight: daiwa felicity hand massagers electric compression massage acu palm

daiwa felicity hand massagers electric compression massage acu palmdaiwa felicity hand massager comes with a set of airbags that helps to relieve sore hands and arthritis pain by improving blood circulation. it is perfect for those hard workers who have a tight and cramped hand. it has heat settings that help to reduce muscle pain and swelling. also, it provides pressure on acupuncture points that stimulate on the palm.

it has 3 levels of intensity that reduce the cramps and soothe the pain by ensuring a relaxing massage. its inflate airbags help to reduce finger numbness and stiffness quickly. also, it has refreshed, recover, and relax massage modes that provide different massaging experience with comfortability. the refresh mode prevents cramping by building tension.

the kneading method provides massage on the palm, wrist, and fingers. it runs with a battery up to 3 hours on a full charge. it automatically shut off after 15 minutes to reduce the risk, and you can restart it again if need. the heat setting needs 10 minutes to warm up with exact heat. for these features, it can be considered as the best electric hand massager.

daiwa felicity features:

  • it has an airbag massage that helps to reduce soreness and arthritis pain quickly.
  • the heat therapy improves the blood flow in the muscles and reduces pain effectively.
  • the digital console shows the massage functions to understand the combination.
  • the 3 levels of intensity help to relieve pain and cramps with comfort massage.
  • its refresh, recover and relax auto massage mode ensure acu massage on palm, wrist, and fingers.

technical details:

  • dimension: 7.99 x 5.98 x 4.02 inches
  • weight: 4.13 ounce
  • material: plastic
  • no of program modes: 3
  • charging time: 4 hours

5. best wireless massager: comfier wireless hand massager

comfier wireless hand massager with heat -massager with 3 levels air compression & adjustable heatcomfier wireless hand massager has soothing heat therapy that helps to promote blood flow and reduce arthritis and finger pain. it is very compact and easy to use at home, travel, and office. it also provides air compression massage on both sides of the hands that helps to reduce carpal tunnel syndrome and numbness of fingers with total relaxation.

it is equipped with a rechargeable li-ion battery and runs up to 80-90 minutes on a full charge. the rechargeable electric massager for hands has 3 massaging modes that ensure different massaging experience. also, it has 3 levels of intensity that provides personalized massaging sessions. the heat therapy has 3 levels of heat setting that helps to reduce pain quickly.

its interior padding provides a vibrant decor with comfort massage. it has an auto shut down feature that is applied after 15 minutes of massage sessions. also, you can restart the power button if you need it. it has an indicator light that shows the activated functions and battery alert with a beep sound.

comfier wireless features:

  • it has an air compression massage that reduces finger and palm muscle pain by improving blood circulation with relaxation.
  • the gentle heat therapy helps to relax muscle tension by reducing numbness and cold fingers.
  • it has a 3 pressure program and 3 intensity levels that provide personalized messages on hands.
  • it is equipped with a lithium battery that has 80-90 minutes run time on a full charge.
  • the indicator shows the level of intensity, on/off signal, and heat levels.

technical details:

  • dimension: 8.43 x 8.19 x 5.24 inches
  • weight: 2.69 pounds
  • material: plastic
  • no of program modes: 3
  • heating level: 3

6. best for stimulation: lunix lx3 cordless electric hand massager

lunix lx3 cordless electric hand massager

it’s hard to draw the line between real-life hand therapy vs. the mechanical one when you are using the lunix lx3 massager. this brilliantly-designed hand massager comes with 6 different levels of massage and intensity option. therefore, that’s how it provides excellent vibration to stimulate a real-life massage session. moreover, whether it’s finger numbness, arthritis or soreness you are suffering from – this one has got your hand – literally!

agan, the best part is, this device uses the age-old technique of acupressure therapy. as a result, it compresses your hands and relives the acupoints. so, this eventually stimulates the blood circulation on these points to make sure your hand’s muscular movement is back to normal.

meanwhile, don’t worry about putting your hands inside of it. in other words, it’s designed with a soft interior cushion that provides superior comfort for your hand. further, apart from these facts, the machine is also pretty mobile. again, you can charge it once and use it for a long time without getting tangled in cords.

lunix lx3 cordless electric features:

  • it has a vibrant display on top to navigate the settings panel with convenience
  • the vibrator has 6 different intensities to make sure the diversity of your hand-pain can be dealt with
  • its 6-different vibration option also plays a huge role in customizing comfort for your hand
  • with a heat function that reaches up to 104-f, you can feel the maximum comfort on your hand
  • it is ergonomically designed so that you can use it anytime, anywhere, without any hassle

technical details:

  • dimension: 13.5 x 7.87 x 6.22 inches
  • weight: 2.2 pounds
  • material: plastic
  • no of vibration mode: 6
  • no of intensity mode:  6

7. best manual massager: roleo hand massager for arthritis

roleo hand massager for arthritis

it’s not necessary for the best handheld massager for arthritis to be digital and mechanical. however, sometimes, it’s the actual function that matters. meanwhile, that’s what you get with the roleo hand massager. that is to say, this one is a complete manual device that provides the same benefit as some of the top-notch devices in the market.

again, the massager comes with a couple of rollers that are placed one upon the other so that you can put your hand in between. so, both the rollers have ridges that specifically target the sore points of your hand. further, with a wide opening and an adjustment knob on top, the device is suitable for most hand sizes.

above all, as for the construction, it’s made from durable plastic and comes with a secured rubber base. again, the suction tube beneath it can be attached to the surface so that you don’t need to use the other hand to balance it. to sum up the best part is, you don’t need to depend on a battery to run it!

roleo hand massager features:

  • manual hand massager with two rollers for ease of operation considering aged users
  • rollers come with ridges to target the specific sore spots of your body for blood circulation
  • it comes with a secured rubber base to stick the device to the surface tightly
  • open-end design allows you to put your hand up to your elbow
  • there’s an adjustment knob on top to place the two rollers in a comfortable position

technical details:

  • dimension: 8 x 5 x 9.5 inches
  • weight: 2.8 pounds
  • material: plastic
  • no of massage mode: 4
  • no of adjustment knob: 1

8. best for customization: softgym lf-101 hand massager machine

softgym lf-101 hand massager machine

there’s hardly any hand massager out there that understands the need for males and females separately. so, softgym lf-101 is one of those rare collections you can find. to clarify, it can optimize its pressure options depending on the hand’s gender. so, if you are looking for the best hand massager for arthritis, you can’t miss this one, for sure!

again, this device works by compressing a number of points on your hands. that is to say, from fingers to palm, hand, and wrist, the device can focus on multiple points up to your elbow. consequently, this method works pretty well in mitigating your muscle tension and pain.

in addition, the massager has 4 different modes that can stimulate relieving massage for your hand. further, another 3 intensity levels, the combination can be multiplied to get different unique feelings. again, the device has a heating option, as well that can heat your hand up to 104-degree f for maximum comfort.

softgym lf-101 hand features:

  • it works by compressing multiple points on your hands to reduce pain
  • the device can identify male and female hand to apply customized pressure
  • lcd touch screen makes it easy to operate and navigate through settings
  • the massager has a heating technique up to 104-degree f for a soothing experience
  • with 4 stimulation modes and 3 intensity levels, you can maximize your massage benefits

technical details:

  • dimension: 14.1 x 7.9 x 5.9 inches
  • weight: 3.95 pounds
  • material: plastic
  • no of massage mode: 4
  • no of intensity mode:  3

9. best overall: ivolconn hand massager

ivolconn hand massagerand we reach the end of the tunnel in search of the best massager for arthritic hands with the ivolconn hand massager. however, although this doesn’t look any different than most of the massagers that we’ve seen till now, it does come with some stand-out features. again, the automatic massage modes option is one of them.

further, in this system, the device will run a ‘refresh, recover, and relax’ mode that will focus on multiple points of your hand. to clarify, from the top of your hands to the bottom of your wrist and palm, the mode can apply pressure on every part of your hand. in addition, it will apply heat therapy, as well, for the best result.

again, the key method that it uses to soothe your hand is to compress the acupoints of your hand. moreover, it comes with airbags inside that can inflate and deflate depending on the mode selected to massage your hand. therefore, as it squeezes your hand, it makes it easy for the nerves and blood vessels to be smoother and freer for perfect blood circulation.

ivolconn hand features:

  • it comes with double airbags to compress the hand by inflating and deflating
  • the massager has 3 different modes for a massage with 3 more intensity option for a customized massage
  • it works on automatic massage mode to make sure every part of your hand is covered
  • this device offers heat therapy for maximum comfort of your hand and wrist
  • it comes with an lcd screen for smooth and perfect navigation through the options

technical details:

  • dimension: 11.93 x 7.56 x 5.67 inches
  • weight: 2.76 pounds
  • material: plastic
  • no of massage mode: 3
  • no of intensity mode:  3

10. best compact massager: cincom rechargeable hand massager

cincom rechargeable hand massager

with 4 massage heads and amazing internal design, the cincom hand massager is necessarily a choice in our quest for the best hand massager for arthritic hand. to clarify, it brilliantly targets the prime acupuncture points of your hand and puts soothing pressure on these spots to reduce fatigue and pain. moreover, the airbags from the top and bottom press against your hand in a noticeable rhythm to take care of your pain.

you can easily move your thumb and other fingers through the openings on edge to make sure you have comfortably placed your hand. consequently, once adjusted, you can use 3 different massage modes and 3 different strengths depending on your fatigue level. in addition, the device also delivers comfortable heat from 104 to 122-f for comfortable heat-therapy.

again, it is powered by a 2500mah lithium-ion battery that gets recharged as fast as you can count. in addition, it provides more than 90 minutes of power backup so that you can easily carry on a massage session being totally cordless. moreover, to save power, it will automatically switch off after 15 minutes of inactivity.

cincom rechargeable features:

  • it comes with two airbags from top and bottom to provide optimum care of your hand
  • the device targets acupuncture points to promote better blood circulation and comfort
  • provides heat of 104 to 122-degree f to deliver comfortable heat therapy
  • 3 different massage and strength modes for customized hand massage therapy
  • 2500mah powerful battery provides 90-minute battery backup with fast-charging capacity

technical details:

  • dimension: 9.06 x 7.87 x 4.61 inches
  • weight: 2.38 pounds
  • material: plastic
  • no of massage mode: 3
  • no of intensity mode:  3

what to consider before buying a hand massager for arthritis?

a hand massager is an effective solution for arthritis. so, you should consider some factors before buying a hand massager for arthritis.

massage method:

the method can be by vibration or percussion, and the choice depends on your personal preferences. remember that each type of massage has its advantages, and you should consider them before choosing one.

with percussion technology:

they are ideal for scar tissue and relieving pain, tension, contractures, and more. many times, many of the conditions that users suffer from requiring this deeper method.

with this massage mode, you can have the experience of kneading that is lived when receiving a professional massage. for some people, it can be a somewhat strong method.

with vibrating technology:

these are among the most popular because they can cover the full hand. it allows you to relax massage to reduce stress and improve blood circulation. also, you can use it for constant therapies since the areas recover quickly.

intensity level:

this is important, and many users complain when the gadgets have a lot of power but do not have various adjustable intensity levels. look for a model with two or more intensity levels.


a massager that you can easily store and carry with you when traveling is very convenient. but we recommend looking for a model that allows you to reach all the areas you want to massage but is compact enough to be portable. avoid heavy, difficult to use, or uncomfortable models.


if you want to take your massager wherever you want, look for a model that you can easily store and take with you on any trip. to do this, look for one with rechargeable batteries and check that it comes with easy-to-store heads as well.

heat therapy:

look for a model with great value built-in features such as the ability to apply heat therapy using a group of airbags and air valves. so you will get a warm massage that will reduce the muscle pain, arthritis pain, stiffness by improving blood circulation.

these are the important factors that will help you to buy the best hand massager for arthritis.

why should you buy a hand massager for arthritis?

hand massagers not only serve to relieve arthritis pain and tension but can also have lots of amazing benefits:

  • if you use the computer a lot, try to massage your hands after working with a hand massager to avoid cramps and pain.
  • if you suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome, hand massager will contribute to improving the range of motion.
  • they are highly recommended for people who have chronic arthritis in hand, and it relieves pain and improves mobility.
  • these massages improve circulation and it also prevents the nerves and tendons from becoming rigid.
  • they prevent the nerves and tendons from becoming rigid and harmonize the mobility of the muscles. it also can relax the area.
  • the hands are connected to various organs and parts of the body, so when you massage them, you get significant relief in the body immediately.

for these benefits, you should buy a hand massager for arthritis. so, you can buy the best one from our above reviewed that will meet your needs.

frequently asked questions

here, we have answered some frequently asked questions about hand massager for arthritis.

are hand massages safe during pregnancy?

taking hand massage is safe during pregnancy. also, it helps to reduce physical and mental stress with better massaging sessions. before doing it, i recommend talking with your doctor about a proper massage plan.

which is better for arthritis ice or heat?

heat therapy is better for arthritis because it helps to relax muscles and joints by boosting blood circulation. if you have inflammation, heat can reduce swelling and pain in the affected area.

is vibration good for arthritis?

vibration helps to improve muscle tone and strength in the affected areas.  also, the method provides immediate relief by stretching tissues in the pain area.

can massage make arthritis worse?

deep tissue massage may worse for severe arthritis patients. if you have had arthritis for 2/3 years, massaging can reduce arthritis pain and inflammation by providing heat therapy.

is a heating pad good for arthritis?

yes, the heating pad helps to relieve the pain of arthritis but doesn’t use it for more than 15 minutes at a time. you can use it twice a day if your doctor recommends it. otherwise, once a day will be perfect for arthritis.

final thought

a hand massager can reduce arthritis pain and swollen muscle by improving blood circulation. but, all hand massagers are not suitable for arthritis. so, we have highlighted the top 5 best hand massager for arthritis. in the meantime, i would like to recommend lunix cordless electric hand massager, which comes with a finger massager that will reduce the arthritis pain and relax your hand.

it has heat therapy that boosts blood flow and reduces pain from muscles immediately. it also has 6 massage modes, 6 intensity levels, and 2 vibration modes that provide personalized massaging sessions. after 15 minutes of massage, it shut down automatically to prevent risk and injuries.

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