The 5 Best Foot Massager for Runners Reviews in 2021

When it comes to keeping your body fit for work, you should consider at least one physical exercise type. Running is one of the best exercises you can do regularly to reap up the health benefits. It improves your overall health condition if you are consistent. As most of the pressure needs to keep on your feet while running, you, as a runner, might experience foot pain, even numbness.

But we are not here to discourage you from running. We suggest you take care of your achy and tired feet properly so that you can continue your way. Therefore, we have come up with the best foot massager for runners based on their build, quality, functionalities, benefits, etc. So, what you need to do is read on!

Best foot massager for runners

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The 5 Best Foot Massager for Runners Reviews in 2021 1

Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine with Heat – Electric Feet Massage with Deep Kneading

The 5 Best Foot Massager for Runners Reviews in 2021 2

CINCOM Shiatsu Foot and Back Massager with Heat

The 5 Best Foot Massager for Runners Reviews in 2021 3

SoleHealers Foot and Leg Stretcher & Massager

The 5 Best Foot Massager for Runners Reviews in 2021 4

Foot Massager Roller Ball & Arch Support

The 5 Best Foot Massager for Runners Reviews in 2021 5

ChiFit Foot Rollers, Plantar Fasciitis Massage Rollers

5 Best Foot Massager For Runner In 2021

We didn’t just type the phrase ‘best foot massager for runners’ and pick them randomly without judging them. We have experienced, read hundreds of thousands of real users’ reviews, and consider their quality and build before placing them in our article. So, you should find any of them worth purchasing if you need one in accordance with your needs.

1. Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine with Heat – Electric Feet Massage with Deep Kneading

Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine with Heat – Electric Feet Massage with Deep Kneading

Searching for a professional foot massager machine` should come to an end when you come across Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine. It provides you with three main health benefits, including forefoot roller kneading, midfoot scraping massage, and shiatsu on the heel. So, if you are after benefits of Shiatsu Massage Therapy, it can deliver you the same treatment as a therapist can offer you.

This handy tool will cover your toes, sole, heel, and instep simultaneously. Its 3-level pressure strength has made it the best shiatsu foot massager for you. Therefore, you can aim at different pressure points and reap the benefits from the massager. The device’s infrared heating feature can emit at 104 degrees Fahrenheit, which enables you to relax muscle stress and relieve pain and plantar fasciitis.

It comes with 3 adjustable modes and intensity that benefit you multiple massage experiences. These modes include shiatsu kneading, scraping, and air compression for P1, followed by air compression for P2 and kneading and scraping for the P3 method. You can also adjust the intensity of the device based on your needs. Starting from the initial intensity level of air pressure should be a wise decision.

Shiatsu Foot Massager Features:

  • It is a professional foot massager that helps relax your muscles after running.
  • Up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit infrared heating function of the massager offers you to get rid of pain, plantar fasciitis.
  • Its 3 adjustable modes and intensity allow you to choose according to your requirements.
  • The device’s auto shut-off feature protects it from overheating and turns off after 10 to 20 minutes.
  • The massager provides three types of massages, including forefoot roller kneading, shiatsu on the heel, and midfoot scraping massage.

2. CINCOM Shiatsu Foot and Back Massager with Heat

CINCOM Shiatsu Foot and Back Massager with Heat

Do you need a massager that can help you to do both foot and back massage? Then CINCOM Shiatsu should be one of the foot massagers that can meet the need of your electric foot massager plantar fasciitis. With its 24 rotating nodes to massage deeply in your feet’ sole, you can get relief from the pain and numbness. Also, it helps you to aim at different acupuncture pressure points.

If you want to remove your tiredness fatigue and make your muscles tension-free, it should be a good one that allows you to knead, roll, and shiatsu massage. Improving circulation flow towards your feet and back helps relieve and foot pain simultaneously. Your tired muscles get rid of pain with the help of its soothing heating function.

You will find it a handy massager in the cold season that provides you with optimum heat to soothe feet muscles after running. The device has eliminated your bending to control the massager as it has come up with a toe-touch control function. To ensure the device’s safety, it turns off after 20 minutes automatically.

CINCOM Shiatsu Foot Features:

  • The massager comes with soothing heat that keeps your feet warm in the cold season to promote better circulation flow.
  • Its two massage speeds allow you to control the speed by pressing the speed button, whether you need low or fast.
  • It has two mode programs that enable you to switch the kneading direction according to your requirements.
  • With the versatile massage device, you can relax your tired feet, reduce muscle pain, improve circulation, and relieve plantar fasciitis.
  • A built-in carry handle helps you to bring the device anywhere you need due to its portable feature.

3. SoleHealers Foot and Leg Stretcher & Massager

SoleHealers Foot and Leg Stretcher & Massager

Unlike other foot massagers out there in the industry, SoleHealers Foot and Leg Stretcher does not have an infrared heating system. But it can be used as your sports foot massager manually, and people find it worth their value. If you have plantar issues for a long time, you should need the best foot massage roller for plantar fasciitis that SoleHealer ensures.

You can stretch, roll, and massage your tired muscles in the feet and legs with the massager. Therefore, it works to allow you to get relief from pain and soreness, and even numbness in the area. Its knobby design will enable you to stretch and lengthen to remove heel and feet pain.

It’s simple design and material have made it durable and long-lasting. It is also easily portable with a carry bag that comes with the product. It also provides you a balance training while massaging with the massager, allowing you to achieve hamstring flexibility.

SoleHealers Foot Features:

  • The device’s numerous knobs on the surface benefit you to receive proper foot stretch, massage for plantar fasciitis, and relieve pain.
  • It allows your plantar fascia ligament to stretch and lengthen so that you can alleviate heel and foot pain.
  • The knobby surface of the massager benefits you with a deep and practical stretch for relieving tight calf muscles.
  • Your healthy and well-aligned toes, feet, and legs are the massaging results with the SoleHealers Foot and Leg Stretcher.
  • A mesh sports bag comes with the foot massager so that you can carry it anywhere you go.

4. Foot Massager Roller Ball & Arch Support

Foot Massager Roller Ball & Arch Support

To improve your mobility and recovery from tired and achy feet, you should consider the best foot massager for heel pain like Foot Massager Roller Ball. It has everything you need to remove pain and numbness in the legs and heel. The massager’s high and low arches come handy to relieve your neuropathy, arthritis, tendonitis, and knee discomfort.

The higher acupressure spikes can target the main pressure point of your feet to soothe the muscles. How much weight you have, the tips do not crush down because of the high-density foam construction. Even these foamy spikes are more pliable and soft than that of plastic or wood. After returning from your daily running session, you can use the thin and supportive arch bands that benefit you instant pain and tired muscle relief.

You can wear these sleeves barefoot, and you are not required to wear socks. The massage roller ball can trigger your target point, stimulating circulation, and good for your muscle knots. If you do yoga exercise regularly, the myofascial ball will relieve pain and stress from your foot, calf, and glutes.

Foot Massager Roller Features:

  • It is a total-body pain relief massager that is compact and portable with its carry-on bag.
  • The foot massager has a more comprehensive 8 inches roller that provides higher acupressure to target the heel, spurs, and plantar fasciitis.
  • The high-density foam of the spikes does not cause harm, instead are more pliable and comfortable.
  • It comes with two low-profile sleeves that you can wear barefoot to get instant relief from pain.
  • Its trigger point provides firm pressure to your tired muscle knots to stimulate blood circulation to the area.

5. ChiFit Foot Rollers, Plantar Fasciitis Massage Rollers

ChiFit Foot Rollers, Plantar Fasciitis Massage Rollers

ChiFit Foot Rollers appears in the market with multiple functions to help you relieve your pain and recover from foot and heel pain. The best foot roller massager can improve your foot mobility because they have a Chifit foot recovery unit. Apart from that, you can also be benefitted in other areas like plantar fasciitis relief, sore feet, and foot arch.

ChiFit is a cheap foot massage machine that does not break your bank but provides the best massage solution. Its ergonomic design allows you to align with the curve of your feet properly. Regular massaging with the massager will help you increase the blood flow towards the whole body. You know that ensuring proper blood flow to the area of soreness and numbness, you can overcome the pain there and remove plantar fasciitis.

The soft and comfortable yet sturdy spikes of the roller allow you to aim the target pressure point. The waterproof feature of the massager has made it durable. Also, it is easy to clean, and you can wash it with detergent powder. You can take it anywhere with you being portable and compact in design. You will also get a high-quality spiky ball that allows you to massage in the calf and hands.

ChiFit Foot Rollers Features:

  • Increasing blood flow to the achy areas, the foot massager helps you to get stress relief.
  • It provides you with many benefits, including plantar fasciitis relief, shiatsu massage, foot arch, and heel pain.
  • The ergonomic feature of the massage roller perfectly fits your feet’s curve for better massaging.
  • The massager is portable and washable, so you can take it to your desired place for massaging purposes.
  • It is a cheap foot massager, yet more functional to meet your massage needs.

Why Need A Foot Massager For Runners?

After an intense running session, your muscles in the legs should feel tired and stressed, and stiff. Therefore, you need something that can come handy to relieve these issues of your legs. It will also help you recover these muscles to get up and start your new session again.

So, runners need a foot massager for numerous reasons, including pain relief, muscle stiffness recovery, muscle tiredness recovery, etc. A good massager should be a good friend of a runner after completing each running session.

Loosens up tight muscles

While running on the road or trail, a runner needs to put more pressure and strain on his legs to complete the session. As a result, you might feel tight muscle or plantar fascia, which is a potential cause of arches and tension.

It would be best if you had nothing but a right foot massager to loosen the tight and tired muscles to handle this situation. Therefore, you will feel tightness free and comfortable after massaging it.

Prevents long-term foot problems

If you do not take care of your feet as a runner, you might experience many long-term foot issues such as flat feet, plantar fasciitis, bunions, etc. These health problems may put you in an uncomfortable state of your legs.

To eliminate these types of problems, you should consider massaging with your foot massager regularly. It needs not only for runners but also for those who have to work long hours standing. It will strengthen your feet muscles and help you to combat pain and numbness.

Promote blood circulation

To recover your injured or tired muscles in the legs, you need to ensure proper blood circulation. Promoting better flow to the feet can be achieved by a right foot massager. Adequate blood flow provides improved nerves and pressure points so that you can get relief from pain.

You can also fight against our muscle soreness by improving circulation to these areas. Therefore, you can experience a quick recovery and betterment in the legs.

Cheaper than a therapist

Think of going to a therapist for massaging. It requires both money and time, right? Also, bad weather may hinder your chance of getting a massage someday. A good massager can help you out in this condition. Having a massager at home, you can do the massaging of your legs at home.

It eliminates both going outside and the need to spend your hard-earned cash. You can take the massaging at home anytime you want, which saves both money and your effort.

Five Tips To Protect Your Foot Massager Properly

As the foot massager helps you in many ways to improve your muscles’ strength relieving pain and tiredness, you should need proper care of the device. In this article, we will share five tips to protect your foot massager accurately.

Examine the device

Before you start using your foot massager, it would be a wise idea to examine the device. It means you have to know about your machine, how to operate, and its intensity level. Also, infrared heat settings should be controlled. Otherwise, you may harm yourself instead of making any improvement.

Select the right speed

Starting from the initial speed and going to the next level is better for anybody. If you can stick to 10-12 cycles per second for the first time, it will be beneficial and not harm. The manufacturer recommends the users to use a foot massager on the flat floor.

Maintain it well

Like other appliances at home, it also requires better maintenance and care. Therefore, you can wash the mesh net insert when you think to do so. Also, you should clean the device after every use. In this way, you can ensure its longevity and proper functioning.

Be careful with infrared and heat massager

The modern foot massagers have infrared and heat settings. If you cannot combine them according to your needs, you may not get the best result. Instead, you may do any potential harm to you. So, before starting to massage with it, make sure you have a proper setting.


When it comes to considering rollers, you should go for a wood roller. They work best in comparison to plastic or other materials. But you have to take care of them. You also need to ensure that it has better traction to the ground while massaging with the foot massager.

Frequently Asked Question

These frequently asked questions will improve your learning about the topic. Also, they will help you get your desired foot massager right away.

Are foot massage machines good for you?

Of course, a foot massage machine is good for me in many ways. After the running session, it will help me recover from pain, remove tired muscles, eliminate plantar fasciitis, and many more.

Can I use a foot massager while pregnant?

Yes, you can use a foot massager while pregnant. But you have to consider the pressure points and the intensity of the machine. It would help if you avoided the uterine contractions while massaging with the device.

Are foot massagers good for your feet?

Foot massagers are a great way to have pain-free, plantar fasciitis-free, tired-free muscles in the legs. After a long run or working standing, you need a foot massager to recover the tired muscles.

Can you use a foot massager too much?

You can use a foot massage multiple times daily. The session of massaging should have a specific time length. Using a foot massager too much may lead you to trouble for your feet and hands.

How long can you use a foot massager?

According to your needs, you can regularly use a foot massager after running or working for a longer time. But it is recommended not to exceed the massaging time, not more than half an hour.

Final Thought

A professional runner always tries to keep his legs in a good state. It helps him run better and consistently. But after an intense running session, you must require a foot massager to soothe your tired muscles and relieve pain. Only the best foot massager for runners can ensure relaxed muscles in the legs.

From our standpoint of research, we recommend you to end up purchasing SoleHealers foot massager. Its surface has numerous knobs that allow your feet to stretch and massage to relieve pain. For a deep and significant stretch, nothing can beat SoleHealers. Also, you can carry the massager with you anywhere you go.

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