The Best Foot Massager for Peripheral Neuropathy (Our Top 5 In 2021)

When the nerves cannot send the real signal to your brain due to their damage or destruction, you can feel pain without or with any cause. Having peripheral neuropathy, you can feel soreness and numbness in your feet. Apart from that, you might experience several health conditions, including a drop in blood pressure, a shocking sensation, weakness, etc.

To improve the health condition and blood flow, you need the best foot massager for peripheral neuropathy. But finding the best one might be a difficult task for you, especially if you are new in the industry. Therefore, we have made it easier for you because we have spent so many hours figuring out the best one for you.

Why Do You Need a Foot Massager?

A foot massager comes with so many health benefits of your feet. Increasing blood circulation throughout the whole body offers you a good feeling in the legs. The numbness and weakness in the legs may be overcome using a foot massager regularly.


It would be best if you had a foot massager for several reasons that ensure your good health in the legs and arms. If you can use it daily just for 15 minutes, you can lower your blood pressure. Those who have diabetes can find a foot massager worth buying because it can help them control their blood sugar. Also, it allows you to get rid of stiffness and muscle weakness.

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The Best Foot Massager for Peripheral Neuropathy (Our Top 5 In 2021) 1

Cloud Massage Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine -Increases Blood Flow Circulation

The Best Foot Massager for Peripheral Neuropathy (Our Top 5 In 2021) 2

Miko Foot Massager Shiatsu Machine With Multi-Pressure Settings

The Best Foot Massager for Peripheral Neuropathy (Our Top 5 In 2021) 3

Mym Foot Circulation Device, Nerve Muscle Stimulator

The Best Foot Massager for Peripheral Neuropathy (Our Top 5 In 2021) 4

Daiwa Felicity Foot Vibration Massager for Blood Circulation Footvibe Series (PRO(w/Rubber Mat))

The Best Foot Massager for Peripheral Neuropathy (Our Top 5 In 2021) 5

Belmint Shiatsu Foot Massager with Heat

The Best Foot Massager for Peripheral Neuropathy (Our Top 5 In 2021) 6

Snailax Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine with Heat

6 Best Foot Massager For Peripheral Neuropathy Reviews 2021

When you head over to the market to find a foot massager for you, you may get confused. This is because the market has already been flooded with so many brands and related products. Yes, it can help you save your hard-earned money and time as you don’t have to go to a therapist. That’s why; we are here for your benefit to make a list of 6 best foot massager for peripheral neuropathy.

1. Cloud Massage Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine

Cloud Massage Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine -Increases Blood Flow Circulation

The deep kneading shiatsu foot massager comes with adjustable comfort that you can adjust according to your requirements. If you want to get relief from your foot pain or other health issues, it should be considered the best foot massager for neuropathy. Its multiple settings allow you to massage appropriately.

With the device, you can get rid of pain from different body parts, including toes and ankles, feet, legs, calves. The machine can do them by air compression pressure and vibration. Its design is compact and lightweight, so you can carry the device where you want to go. The foot area is five inches wide that can fit any foot sizes for males and females.

Starting from the initial intensity will be a great idea to start first. After using the device multiple times, you can increase the device’s intensity depending on your needs. Then you can find an improvement for the pain or numbness in your legs. Also, you can control your blood pressure using the device consistently.

Cloud Massage Shiatsu Features:

  • With the foot massager’s adjustable bar, you can receive the best massage for your legs and comfort.
  • Its multiple heat settings allow you to get rid of your pain in the feet, legs, calves, and toes and ankles.
  • 5-inch foot area allows you to fit any foot sizes, including men and women.
  • The device can be a good fit for you, starting from the lowest setting to the highest.
  • It should be suitable for relieving pain from feet, calves, toes, and ankles.

2. Miko Foot Massager Shiatsu Machine With Multi-Pressure Settings

Miko Foot Massager Shiatsu Machine With Multi-Pressure Settings

Miko foot massager should be your best shiatsu foot massager for foot, leg, ankle, heel, and calf. The versatile foot massager comes with 4 air pressure pads that help you to massage your legs well. Not only that, with the massager, but you can also target your deep tissues having 5 adjustable pressure settings. It eliminates your hassle to go to a therapist for the job.

It ensures proper vibration, kneading function, and appropriate heat that will help you relax your feet muscles. You will also find it the most preferable for your plantar fasciitis due to having its rolling features and increasing your blood circulation to the feet and where your target reduces the pain and numbness in the area.

Using the device for 15 minutes each day at pressure level 1, you can say goodbye to pain, muscle tension, and chronic pain. Instead, it would be best if you increase the pressure point’s level slowly one by one. When it needs cleaning, you can clean it easily by removing the nylon footpads.

Miko Foot Massager Features:

  • The device comes with 4 air pressure pads and 5 adjustable pressure settings to help you relieve pain and numbness from feet, legs, calf, etc.
  • It provides proper vibration and deep kneading function to target your pressure point accurately.
  • The rolling massager is ideal for muscle tension, recovery, neuropathy, and so forth.
  • The use of leather accents, wireless magnetic remote, and intense heat have made the device more functional.
  • You will discover 3 different massage modes to start from the first step to another.

3. Mym Foot Circulation Device, Nerve Muscle Stimulator

Mym Foot Circulation Device, Nerve Muscle Stimulator

Mym foot circulation device is a neuropathy massage machine you can rely on to remove your muscle’s stiffness, numbness, and pain. It is a clinically certified massager that allows you to get relief from swollen feet and legs, too. Its triple medic technology has made the device a unique and versatile massager. These three technologies include Electrical Muscles stimulation (EMS), Electronic Pulse Therapy (EMT), and Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve stimulator (TENS).

To improve your blood circulation, which is considered the best way to improve your health condition, it offers you 25 targeted stimulation modes. According to your needs, you can adopt any of them to start relaxing your muscles and tension of the nerves. This handy massage device benefits you to get 99 intensity levels to adjust based on your comfort zone.

The large LCD monitor allows you to see and adjust the settings using a wireless remote that comes with the device. The microcurrent impulse that the tool sends to your muscles is clinically safe and effective. The device provides you with no shiatsu, vibration, yet it works well. That’s why; its popularity is increasing among people all across the globe.

Mym Foot Circulation Features:

  • You can eliminate your swollen feet and legs using the Mym foot circulation device at home.
  • Its triple medic technologies, including EMS, EPT, and TENS, relax your stiff muscles and increase blood circulation.
  • You can aim the pressure point with the massager’s 25 targeted stimulation modes to relieve pain and reduce aching muscles.
  • With 99 intensity levels, you can increase the level of your intensity based on your endurance.
  • The microcurrent impulse that provides the device is clinically safe and effective for your muscles.

4. Daiwa Felicity Foot Vibration Massager for Blood Circulation

Daiwa Felicity Foot Vibration Massager for Blood Circulation Footvibe Series (PRO(w/Rubber Mat))

People having diabetes should find Daiwa Felicity foot massager for diabetic neuropathy and help to control their diabetes in a number of ways. The powerful device can provide you three different treatment types, such as healing, boosting circulation, and soothing pain from your muscles. Its infrared light treatment improves your body’s blood circulation to remove the problem.

Both acupressure and high-frequency vibration provide your feet and hands a brisk curative treatment. Its unique design and easy-to-handle control panel allow anybody to use the device for legs, calf, and thigh. Your circulation issues should come to an end utilizing the massage device that can prevent you from injury and suffering from your diabetes neuropathy.

The device provides you with 12 vibration speeds that you can utilize according to your needs and comfort zone. The foot massager is only 10.6 lbs, which increases its portability. Its compact design also benefits you to store the device anywhere in your home. The timer of the massager can be set for 15, 10, or 5 minutes for auto-shutoff.

Daiwa Felicity Foot Vibration Features:

  • It is a versatile massager that allows you to relieve pain from feet, hands, calf, thigh, etc.
  • The device’s high-frequency vibration benefits you to increase blood circulation to the sore area of your legs and hands.
  • Its 2 program settings, including auto and manual, enables you to choose according to your requirements.
  • The device has 8 levels of infrared lights that increase blood circulation can be set depending on your comfort level.
  • It improves diabetes neuropathy and helps to fight against any injury and circulation issues.

5. Belmint Shiatsu Foot Massager with Heat

Belmint Shiatsu Foot Massager with Heat

If you are here to find the best foot massager for plantar fasciitis, you should discover Belmint Shiatsu Foot Massager worth purchasing. It does the exact thing you need when it comes to massaging your feet at home. Saving your hard-earned cash and time, you can do it home without going to a therapist for the same job. The foot massager offers you 5 pressure settings according to your needs. So, you can target the pressure point on foot top, foot tip, arch, plantar area, and heel.

The device emits infrared lights so you can feel warm. It also benefits you to loosen and tighten your knots, improve blood flow, and even promote oxygen circulation throughout your body. It’s easy accessible buttons allow you to control the device comfortably. With them, you can control the pressure by seeing the LCD of the device.

A wireless remote is included with the device for a better user experience. It allows you to control the panel with the remote sitting while massaging your feet. You will find a removable mesh insert that you can wash after a few uses. Not only that, but it is also sweat-proof that does not encourage your feet to sweat due to having a breathable fabric.

Belmint Shiatsu Foot Massager Features:

  • The massager’s powerful deep-kneading feature helps you provide plantar fasciitis, chronic pain, muscle tension, and improved circulation.
  • An optional heat function is included to release tight muscles, ease muscle tension, and provide comfortable warmth.
  • Its compact and sturdy design makes it portable and easy for storing, so you can bring the device with you anywhere you go.
  • The removable mesh insert is breathable that does not allow your feet to sweat and easy to wash after removing.
  • The wireless remote prevents you from bending to control the device while massaging.

6. Snailax Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine with Heat

Snailax Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine with Heat
People with neuropathy issues should find that Snailax Shiatsu is one of the preferable foot massage machines for neuropathy out there in the competitive market right now. It comes with all the beneficial features that a massager should have to eliminate your muscle’s issues. The foot massager does the thing as you pay. So, you can consider it the best cheap foot massager without compromising its functionalities.

Your sufferings for cold feet, a lady wearing a high heel, and long-time standing or walking come to an end using the foot massager regularly. A handle is attached to the egg-shaped device for easy carrying. The foot sleeve you find in the device is removable, and you can wash them when you think so.

Three intensity settings of the foot massager allow you to set them according to your needs. The heat therapy of the device benefits you to relax tired foot muscles and painful areas. Improving blood circulation and reducing body fatigue offers you a deep sleep at night.

Snailax Shiatsu Features:

  • The foot massage device relaxes the whole foot with its air compression, rolling and shiatsu with rotation balls.
  • The heat therapy of the device benefits you to relax and make your tired muscles tension-free.
  • It improves your whole body’s blood circulation so that you can have a better sleep at night.
  • The device is cheaper than others in the market, yet provides you the best foot massage at home.
  • You can set the massage mode as it has 3 auto massage settings with different air pressure and rolling shiatsu.

How Does Foot Massager Help Peripheral Neuropathy?

When something hurts or causes pain, it sends a signal to the brain, responding to it. So, the nerves of your arms, hands, feet, legs, internal organs, mouth, and face are connected to the brain and the spinal cord.

When these nerves do not work properly due to damage or destruction, they send signals that are not correct. Maybe, they send signals of pain though there is no pain. It is called peripheral neuropathy. To improve the health condition, a foot massager should come handy in action.

Relief of pain:

When you suffer from peripheral neuropathy, you should experience pain and numbness in the feet. A therapist can help you out by massaging your feet’ right area and aiming for the target point. After massaging for a few minutes each day, you can improve the condition of your pain and numbness.

The vibration of the device allows your feet to vibrate also. It causes you to improve the soreness, and you can get rid of the pain. The machine’s rolling ball allows your feet to increase their oxygen flow to help alleviate the pain.

Improve circulation:

The more blood circulation towards soreness you can ensure, the more you can feel better. A foot massager should come into play because it allows blood circulation to increase. You already know that physical exercise or walking can do the same thing for you. While taking training, your heart pumps more blood to your body, which improves your overall health condition.

Relax tired muscles:

A foot massager comes with heat pressure and infrared lights that benefit your feet’ tired muscles to relax. According to your comfort zone, you can change the setting from initial to high intensity. Starting from the initial point is wise before you shift to the high intensity of infrared light emission.

Frequently Asked Question

These frequently asked questions are related to finding the best foot massager for peripheral neuropathy. So, we think that they will help you do so and enhance your knowledge regarding the topic.

Do foot massagers help neuropathy?

Of course, foot massagers help neuropathy in many ways. They improve your blood circulation, help relax the tired muscles after walking for a long time or standing. So, using a foot massager, you can get relief from neuropathy.

Are electric foot massagers good for you?

Electric foot massagers are beneficial for you as they can relieve aches and pains, promote better sleep, help relieve stress, and the feeling of depression and anxiety, improve your blood circulation.

How often should I use a foot massager?

You can use a foot massager several times a day. But you should make sure that you are not using the foot massager in the same area for a long time. You should not exceed 15 minutes in one area.

How long should a foot massage last?

Based on your treatment purpose, a food massager should last for 30 minutes. But if the condition requires more than that time, it can last not more than an hour, and it is the highest amount of time.

Can reflexology help neuropathy in feet?

Yes, reflexology can help you combat neuropathy in feet. It promotes oxygen flow and assists to calm muscles and stress. Therefore, you can be benefitted from reflexology in your feet.

Final Thought

The best foot massager for peripheral neuropathy helps you in many ways to improve pain, numbness, and weakness in the feet. Promoting the blood circulation, it can enhance the soreness in the feet. But finding a good one may confuse you as there are so many brands and related products out there.

Mym Foot Circulation Device should be our recommendation from our standpoint. It is because we find it worth eliminating your swollen legs, and you don’t need a therapist. It has EMS, EPT, and TENS that help you relax your tired and stiff muscles, improving the blood circulation.

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