10 Benefits of Hand Massage (Therapy For Your Hands)

Hand massage is a form of reflexology that relaxes your hand and improves your general health. The main aim of having a hand massage is to eliminate pain, do away with scarring, and enhance relaxation.

The benefits of hand massage are numerous, including decreasing tension and reducing hand swelling.  A professional massage therapist can perform an excellent hand massage that provides you with immeasurable health benefits.

Why does a hand massage feel good?

A hand massage often feels good because it focuses on specific areas while applying pressure to various points on the hands to relieve tension. A hand massage is known to be quite effective in eliminating pain and any other form of ailment. People who benefit from a hand massage are manual workers and office staff because of the tension building up in hands.

Benefits of Hand Massage

It may seem like a simple massage to perform, but a hand massage entails a lot because of the many great benefits it delivers, especially health-wise. What a hand massage does is to increase flexibility so that your hand keeps performing exceptionally well. Apart from that, a hand massage feels good because it decreases tension accumulated when muscles contract hence not relaxing. That is where a hand massage comes in to loosen and relax the contracted muscles giving you quite a relief.

10 Benefits of Hand Massage

Our hands are probably the ones we use most in a day than any other part of our body. That is why hands end up getting injured or build up tension due to the many tasks’ hands undertake. Whether you are younger or older, there are reports of pain in the thumb, hand, and shoulder area. Receiving a hand massage is essential for it provides a lot of health benefits, whether old or young. Here are the ten benefits of hand massage;

Pain relief

If your hands are experiencing pain, then the only way to relieve that pain is by having a hand massage. What hand massage does is to do away with the pain while releasing extra energy to help your hand regain strength. It would help if you took some time off to have a hand massage therapy so that you take away all the pain. You will feel at ease once the pain troubling you is eliminated; that is why a hand massage is crucial.

Range of motion

When undertaking tasks that require repetition, your hand’s muscles end up getting tightened up hence causing hands immobility. The pain that you will face if your hands cannot move properly is intense; that is why you need a hand massage to loosen your hand muscles. Besides that, hand massage will also minimize adhesions and scar tissue that cause wrist mobility hence affecting the entire hand. If you want hand motion to improve and become more flexible, consider having a hand massage.

Blood circulation

One of the signs that your blood is not circulating correctly is the feeling of numbness and tingling. If this happens, then it means you are not getting an adequate supply of oxygen. People who frequently experience these are those that work in offices. It is, therefore, vital that you regularly go for a hand massage to increase blood flow. Better blood circulation will occur once you indulge in having a hand massage therapy regularly. Poor blood circulation causes discomfort, while good blood circulation encourages the supply of rich blood filled with oxygen.

Easing Carpal Tunnel symptoms

The passage extending from your forearm passing through your wrist to the palm of your hand is what is referred to as Carpal Tunnel. That narrow canal is the same width as your thumb and comes with nine tendons plus one nerve. Now, if this nerve is triggered, then your hand will experience some pain.  You will start experiencing pain on the thumb side of your palm, with numbness extending to your thumbs hence affecting your dominant hand. Incidences of carpal tunnel syndrome move to be quite tricky; that is why professionals recommend hand massage therapy because of its effectiveness.

Lack of sleep

Hands are a part of your body, and if your hands are not in their right condition, then the entire body is affected. When your hands suffer, your whole body suffers; that’s why you may have trouble falling asleep. Considering a hand massage is imperative because it offers relaxation not just to the hands but also to the entire body leading to a peaceful sleep. Hence, if our hands have been painful, it means your night has been a nightmare due to lack of sleep. Consider having a hand massage therapy so that your nights are restful and peaceful.


Many people may wonder how a headache is connected to the hands. Well, you may not know this, but specific reflexology points found in your hands create a link to several spots in your head. Therefore, once light pressure is applied to these reflexology points through a hand massage, a headache can be eliminated within no time.


Hand high muscle tone can be achieved by having a hand massage. Low-level contraction of hand muscles can cause hand imbalance, which can be reversed by having a hand massage. Getting a hand massage therapy regularly goes a long way in toning your hands, resulting in improved mobility.

Reduce anxiety and improve mood

Nothing is relaxing as having a hand massage done by a professional; it works wonders.  The positive results produced from this massage eliminates depression, stress, and anxiety that has pilled. The techniques used on your hands to relax the muscles are exceptional, which lowers your heart rate, replacing that with a calming effect.

Arthritis relief

People dealing with arthritis pain can have relief by indulging in hand massage therapy. Those who have received this therapy can attest that they have experienced decreased pain hence an increase in mobility. This makes hand massage a useful technique in eliminating hand pain mostly triggered by arthritis.

Trigger finger

When you have limited motion in your fingers, that is when a trigger finger occurs. This is mostly due to tendon issues that bring about a lack of finger mobility. If you have challenges extending or retracting your finger, then you may have trigger finger issues. This can be relieved by having a hand massage that prevents your finger from catching hence unlocking it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a Hand Massage Relieve Tension?

A hand massage works to relieve tension by easing muscle tension as well as reducing pain.

Is massage good for arthritis in hands?

Massage works effectively to ease pain caused by arthritis in hands.

Does hand massage help arthritis?

Hand massage is a useful technique that can be used to eliminate the pain caused by arthritis.

Is massage good for arthritis in hands?

Massage is good for arthritis in hands, for it reduces hand pain significantly.

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Final Thoughts

The bottom line is hand massage is crucial if you are focused on eliminating pain surrounding your hand. Hand massage therapy also works to improve your body’s general health and treat other conditions. You must invest in having a professional hand massage regularly if you are keen on improving your overall health.

The benefits of a hand massage are immense, especially to your entire body, because this therapy does not just focus on your hands. If you are an office worker or a general laborer, you can benefit significantly from a hand massage. The elderly and other people suffering from some health conditions can eliminate that by hand massage therapy. I hope you will consider having a hand massage if you want your whole body to relax and free from tension.

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